Monday, January 31, 2011

It started a looooong time ago...

All you moms know exactly what I am talking about.   The day you stopped wearing makeup, drying your hair when you got out of the shower and started pulling on those ever so comfortable yoga pants and tank tops.  It's the SAHM uniform.  Every one of you have done it... "excuse my appearance today, I just got out of the gym" and you haven't seen the gym in weeks.  You are too far over your head in laundry and soaked in applesauce to make it to the gym let alone throw on something cute.   If you got a good husband like me, he will still tell you that you look beautiful everyday.  Even though you want to believe him, you just don't.  Nothing makes you feel as good as spending the time to get ready in the morning and heading out the door with your head held high, your pearls sparkling in your ear lobes and those cute new Target flats hitting the pavement.   The Coach bag your hubby bought you last minute at Christmas doesn't hurt either. Oh, that's just my house? Woops.

So, I promised myself I was going to get "dressed" last week.  Without spending a dollar on anything new {I did try to cheat and get Amanda to go to Old Navy...I was thinking cheap} and just wearing things I had in my closet.  By doing this I thought I could accomplish two things.  The first being, weed out all the stuff that needs to go to Goodwill and the second being, taking inventory of what I have and making mental notes of things I need to get.  

There once was a time where my wardrobe was nothing to laugh at.  The years have gone by and the bright colors have turned to neutrals, mostly black and greys and the silks and tweeds have turned to jerseys and spandex.  Side note: Spandex is a girls best friend. Who made that crap up about diamonds? 

Last Sunday night, I started rummaging through my {shared} closet {another problem for another day} and my dresser for some inspiration.  I was surprised at how many things I had forgotten about and overwhelmed at how much stuff I have that I don't think suits my style anymore.  What is my style you may wonder?  I don't know EXACTLY. This is what I do know, jeans are a must.  Probably every day until summer where dresses will come in.  I still want to be comfortable without looking totally comfortable.  I AM STILL A MOM.  Monkey Joe's and Chick fil A are a huge part of my life.   There was a little motivation behind all of this.  My hubby has promised me some extra cash this week to buy some new stuff for myself if I got my closet cleaned out and proved to him I would actually wear new stuff.  And there was that promise I had to make that nothing I bought could be worn to bed and then out for the day.  Don't judge me, I've done it.

Here are pictures of outfits I wore last week:  
Don't laugh. I need clothes sooo bad and a new floor length mirror. 
Jeans/Cardigan: Gap
Grey Tshirt: Target
Flats: Target
Ring: David Yurman

Sweater with button sleeves: Banana Republic { I now realize I hate this sweater}
Black Tank Top: Liz Lange Maternity for Target {you do not have to be pregnant to appreciate the length of maternity tops}
Jeans: Gap
Ruffle Flats: Gap
Chipping Nail Color: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
Hat: Banana Republic
Vest: Gap
Long Sleeve Black Tee: Liz Lange Maternity for Target {I buy them because they are so long}
Jeans: Gap
Flats: {Can't see them} but Target
Pearls: Hand Picked Charlotte
                                     Small child in bottom left hand corner: Hand Made by ME!

Long Sleeve Tshirt: Target
Black Cords: Gap{Loving these. Glad I found them}
Scarf: Target {Who else has like 20 of these?}
Cheetah Flats: Target
Ring: David Yurman
Nail Polish: Turquoise color I found in closet. Probably 12 years old.
Sweater: Gap {I was burning up in this. It's been hot}
Long Sleeve TShirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap
Black Pumps: Nine West
Ring: David Yurman
Peacock Earrings: Forever 21 {You can't even see them}

So, there you have it! Outfits for a week. Nothing overly exciting huh?  I'm just happy I got it done.  I have to tell you, by Friday I was over it. I was dying for my yoga pants back. I wore my real clothes until about 2pm and then had the worst migraine so I threw on some leggings and got in bed.

This week I am headed to Boston but before hand I'm going to pick up a few things.  I'll let you know what I find!

Happy Monday Y'all!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

If You Let Aidan Stay Up Five Minutes Past Bedtime

If you let Aidan stay up five minutes past bedtime in your bed,
he will ask you to fluff the pillows,
you will fluff the pillows and then he will remember he likes his own pillows better.
He will get his pillow with the firetruck pillow case and he will remember he was looking for one of his fire trucks earlier.
He will start looking for his firetruck everywhere and then notice the pretzels in the jar on the counter.
You will tell him he can have 1.
He will ask for four.
You compromise at 3. 
He will drop one in half on the floor and then you have to give him the fourth one anyways.
He will say he needs a napkin. 
You will get him a napkin.
He will remember he forget to ask you for a napkin to get the tomato that fell out of his sandwich at lunch and under the day bed in the playroom.
He will take you to see it.
There will be a quarter next to the tomato.
He will remember he needs to collect all the the change he dropped on the living room floor earlier and put it in his piggy bank. 
He will go to get all his change and he will smash his pretzels in to the carpet.
You will ask him to help you get the vacuum. 
Next to the vacuum is the firetruck he was looking for earlier.
He will remember his fire truck pillow and go back to your bed to watch five minutes of cartoons before he has to go to bed. 
You will realize it has been 30 minutes and he wins again!
If you let Aidan stay up five minutes past bedtime in your bed.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We Make Plans and God Laughs at Them

Disclaimer: This saying does not apply when you are explaining to your parents you are unwed and pregnant. TRUST ME.

Anyways, I'm sick.  Like I might need a new sofa cushion because I a have been sitting in the same spot since Sunday, sick.  It's horrible.   I am never sick.  Ever. This year I have caught every sickness and it's sister. I swear. 

I have a piece of tissue rolled up and stuck in my nose right now because the left side of my nose will not stop running and all the wiping was causing my upper lip and nose to be chapped. Glamorous huh?  I took a picture to show you, but Adam said it was really bad. So no picture for you.

So, the point is.  I haven't been able to work on the "List" at all. Can I just tell you that's driving me crazy?  I feel like I have a million and one things to do.  In fact, I will probably have to add to the list after being sick because my house looks like it is turned upside down.  My husband, bless his heart, has been amazing, but come on, y'all know how it is, nobody cleans up your house like YOU do.  So, it's not really bad. 
I bought this rug for the play room this weekend and there is already a fruit punch spot on it. Go figure, I get sick and food and drink slip by me in to the play room.  And the fruit punch? Who gives a 3 year old fruit punch?  Aidan has thanked me one million times for the purchase.  "I weely like that zebra rug mommy. its soft".   I am getting to the point here. I don't have the energy to get down on my hands and knees and spot clean it right now.  Adam will scrub it until there is no fiber left where the spot is if I let him.  And so the list will grow.  I have always changed my mind about painting stripes on the wall.  Adam wasn't really feeling it, so I came up with some other things we could possible do and we have decided on board and batten.  Hopefully we will get it started this weekend. I am so excited. Then it will be china cabinet order time.  Woo hoo! I can cross that off!

I had imagined getting a ton of stuff done the first few days of this week and low and behold God laughed at those plans and here I sit.  I am 25 seconds away from starting to shop online.  Hope your having a great day! xoxo

Conversations With a 3.5 Year Old

We are now in the phase where Aidan tries everything in the book to stay up later at night. I don't know where the energy comes from.  We have cut out his nap during the day {that may change} so he will be exhausted come 8ish but NO! he is still full of energy. 

Tonight I put him to bed at 8:30 {go me} and he cried from his room for a solid 45 minutes. 

Aidan:  Mommy!! I am scared.

Me: Of what?

Aidan:  My room.

Me:  There is nothing to be afraid of.

Aidan: Mommy!!  I has a boo boo.

Me: Do you want a band aid?  {He hates band aids}.

Aidan: Nooooo.

Me:  Close your eyes and please stop yelling.

Aidan:  But, but, but Mommy! I is sick! I sick. 

Me:  What's wrong. I don't think you are sick. 

Aidan:  Yes I am! I am running a beaver.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

The "List"

In one of my posts last week, I mentioned a list I had made of a ton of things I wanted to get done in the next couple of weeks {I should have said MONTHS} and Adam thinks I am nuts.  Just to prove a point, I am going to put the list here, and come back and cross things off as I go.   Wish me LUCK! I obviously need his help on a lot of these things so maybe I should say WISH US LUCK!

**Update: Adam is now referring to me as Wonder Woman**

Projects 2011

Buy Chalk board pen-Who knows where I can find one of these?
Take down last of Christmas Lights/Put Bins in Attic
Return ladder to neighbors
Take chairs to dump
Junk beside the shed to dump or put on Craigs List
Make room for air compressor in storage room/store it there!
store 4 wheelers

clean outside lanterns
buy new filter for under house/call for service
Paint all interior doors
Replace door hardware
Paint door frames and moulding/whole house [Adam]

{Laundry Room/Kitchen/Closets}
Buy and paint storage for Laundry Room
Buy counter top for laundry room/install
finish last little bit of tile in kitchen
organize all our closets/get ready for yard sale/trash
paint file cabinet and move to laundry room/new hardware

{Aidan's Room}
Sand & Paint Baseboard in one area
slipcover or store wingback chair
make yarn balls to hang above dresser
install new chandelier
store easel in the attic
new rug/black&white ikea
build plywood shelving in closets
buy tubs for toy storage/wal mart
install reading light above his bed
replace last socket cover behind bed
cut & hem drapes
buy bolster/ cover it in fun fabric
work on new art for his room/spray paint some frames

{Playroom/Guest Room}
New Rug

{Dining Room/Living}
Board and Batten Wall Treatment
order china cabinet
fix floors where wall was taken out
buy candles for the fireplace
re arrange family photos/purchase new artwork
make subway art for dining room
Spray paint curtain rods/small white frames
decide what I am doing with birdhouse
new chandelier
take large shelf to Kelly to finish
Send barn painting to framer
steam clean rug
order the last of pillow covers or make them
take down all blinds and soak
bring large window from attic and hang above brown console table

{Master Bedroom}
Floor Length Mirror For Bedroom
Clean Out my Dresser
Buy neutral fabric to make runners for nightstands/seam then send to monogram
hide TV wires/buy shelf for components
possible new light fixture

Totally reorganize
*get rid of old towels
*toss toiletries that haven't been used in 6 months
Finish paint job
Hang new shower curtain
Get second quote on tile and pick up samples
have Dad order new vanity

Saturday, January 22, 2011

So Much To Write About

I have so much I need to tell you {nothing wicked important} but none of it is long enough to write an entire post about.  Isn't that sad?  So this is how we'll do it!...

I don't know about y'all but I am seriously ready to find out who is going to win this $100 gift card! It'll be like Christmas for that person all over again.  Or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or the holiday that person celebrates.   I check in every day looking for good ways to better myself this year and there are some really creative ideas!!!

Adam says the blog is way too happy. I need to let you know that we fight sometimes.  Yup, we're totally normal. We have red neck blow outs {Natalie help me here} about things like the Christmas lights are still up in one of our trees.  So there's some real.  I thought I was being real when I said I wanted he and Aidan to get their own place in my last post but apparently that won't be real until they do. Ha! Over. My. Dead. Body. Love. Them. Too. Much.

I give up on leggings. I tried, I really did.  My legs look like whole hams in some areas.  I now have three pair.  They have moved in to the pajama drawer.  Adam says my butt looks good in them {I would like to note, his vision is terrible} so I can at least wear them around the house.

Next item up for discussion.  Our cat Spike Jones, aka Spikey, aka SJ has the longest fur ever and while we love it, right now it seems everything in the world is getting stuck to it. Is it appropriate to shave a cat in the winter?  Will he freeze? Do I need to sadate him first?  Any help in this area would be appreciated by me and my Pottery Barn bedding that is always covered in mulch.

What else? Oh! I am going to see my girlfriend Natalie any day now. I say any day now because I am waiting to find an amazing deal on plane tickets and then just leave.  She's in Boston. You remember.  Having a baby, girl, Scarlett, nursery not finished.  Yup that's the one.

Adam has taken up singing. Maybe songwriting? Seems like everything is sung these days. I am the crabbiest in the morning but I can't help from cracking up when I hear " wheeeeereeeeee are myyyyyyy shooooooeeees deeeeeaaaaarrr"  coming from the kitchen.  That man, I swear.  I got a good one.

I really want a king size bed.  Like really, really bad.  I think we would have bought one by now but the ANXIETY that comes with the possibility of choosing the wrong one is so over bearing.  I don't want to haul a mattress all the home then all way back to the store because 90 days later I realize it's not the one.  Anyone have any good suggestions?  Are Ikea mattresses any good? 

I am in the midst of an overhaul around here.  I made a list of about 100 little things that need to be done or that I want to do in the next couple of weeks.  Things on the list include anything from buying pillar candles to fill the fireplace {since we now have a TV above it} building shelving in Aidan's closet to finally making the slipcover for my wingback chair.  I have crossed one thing off the list since making it last week. I really need to get a move on it!

I think that covers all the little things I wanted to talk about.  It probably just makes me look like a spaz! OH! My mother is in Martha's Vineyard for the weekend and I am J-E-A-L-O-U-S.  Even if it is below 20 degrees there! 

Have a great weekend! xoxo

Friday, January 21, 2011

This is my life...

Every night before I get in bed, I get in crazy Mary Lemoine mode {some of you will get this, some of you not} and clean my whole house. 

Every morning I get out of bed last and the house is a disaster again.  I'm not going to pretend it doesn't make me want to ask my husband and son to get their own place.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

American Idol

I have never been a fan.  I just didn't have the patience to watch and I always felt like if I stopped on it accidentally while channel surfing, Simon Cowell was smashing some poor kids dreams. 

Well tonight Julie was here for Wednesday night dinner club and she insisted we watch.  I wasn't thrilled and Adam...well let's just say he was not thrilled either.  But I ended up being pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  I think partly because Jennifer Lopez was so down to earth and super cute and the stories behind the kids on the show were so heartwarming and partly because there really was such a difference between the good and the bad. I think everyone was fairly judged.  I ended up in tears most of the show and Adam and Jules laughed at me.

I especially loved the little girl from Lumberton, NC.  Not just because she was from NC {although it helped} but her accent and enthusiasm were so sweet.  


I can't lie, I probably won't keep up with the rest of the season but it was fun to watch this once.  I may check in every once in a while to see how my favorites from tonight ended up and to spend a little bit more time with JLo and Steven Tyler.  They are refreshing to watch.   And that Ryan Seacrest, he is such a hugger.  Who knew?  Did you tune in?

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conversations With a Three Point Five Year Old

When we put Aidan to bed at night he is always looking for an excuse to prolong the sleeping process.  He knows that he is not allowed to have anything to drink because if he does, he most likely will wet the bed and no one wants that to happen.  BUT, his father is a little weak sometimes.

Tucking Aidan in Tonight

Aidan: Mommy?

Me: Yes, baby?

Aidan: Can I has a weally big hug and a weally big kiss and {saying very quickly} some appew joosh. 

Me:  You can have all the hugs and kisses you want but no apple juice. 

Aidan: Ok. 

{I leave the room, 5 seconds pass}


{Adam goes in}

Aidan: {in what he thinks is a whisper} Can you get me some appew joosh? I won't tell my mommy. 

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aidan Sings "Hey Soul Sister"

I just learned how to upload our videos to You Tube {I know, I am so behind the times} and so there will probably be videos on the blog all the time now! It's so much easier than just transferring them from camera/our phones straight to the computer.  Plus, on You Tube I can rotate the videos that are sideways on my camera! Woo hoo!! 

Sorry for the quality of this video, it was shot in the dark on Adam's phone.  You have to listen pretty closely to hear Aidan but he knows every word to this song! You should probably pause my music at the bottom of the blog as well! Happy Listening!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Not So Fun Day?

Sunday really did end up to be a Fun day but watching the Pats loose was kinda rough around here.  I guess it's fair the other teams get a chance to go to the Super Bowl once in while.  That Tom Brady is a hottie though isn't he?

We started our day out with breakfast at a neighborhood spot Greystone.  Adam grew up eating there with his family and up until they re modeled it recently, I refused to step foot in there.  The new owner is the grandson of the previous owner.   The restaurant is less than half a mile from our house so that's nice. 

Aidan had pancakes and bacon. That's typical for him.  So is having half his meal on his face and then wiping it on his sleeve.
 I had a bacon, egg and cheese sandwich and didn't take a picture.  Adam had a pancake, eggs, bacon, hash browns and this disgusting stuff. LIVER MUSH.  I swear if it didn't look like the two squarest pieces of pumpernickel toast, I wouldn't be able to look at it.  Gross!  He is so country.

After breakfast/lunch we headed to my parents and watched some of the Bears game and then some of the Patriots game.  We came home and I fell asleep at half time and woke up to a very grumpy husband watching our beloved Pats loose the game.  Uh oh.  We went out for
Japanese Express to take his mind off of it.

This morning when I rolled out of bed, Aidan immediately noticed I had cupcakes on my PJS {thank you Victoria Secret pink collection} and he looked up at me and said "Mommy, those is, those is, those is CUPCAKES on your shoorts."  "Is it your birfday?" 
So, we were telling Adam the story at dinner and of course that made Aidan and I want a cupcake.  To Dean and Deluca we went. 

I had a Pink Champagne Cupcake.  TO DIE FOR.  I ate half and brought the other half home. Yummo.

Aidan, surprisingly opted for the $1.95 Polar Bear cookie instead of the $6.00 cupcake. Isn't he a nice boy to Daddy's wallet?  The consumption of the cookie went like this"

Aidan: Oh noooo. I ate his ear. 
Oh noooo. I ate his nose.
Ohhhh nooooo. I ate his scarf.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo. I ate his arms.
Mommy, I feels so bad I ate that Powa Bear.
{I would like to add, Aidan is totally used to having his food photographed and set this guy right up before he even thought about taking a bite}

Adam went with a slice of Red Velvet Heaven Cake .

We came home and snuggled while Aidan watched his 30 minutes of cartoons before he went to bed. 
It was a Sunday Funday after all.

Golden Globe Looks 2010

2011 Golden Globes
Best and Worst Dressed
April Harvey edition

First, I gotta say Giuliana Rancic, she's my girl big time.  Looked AMAZE BALLS tonight Hunny.  Love the hair too!

                                                                       Dress: Zac Posen

These were the Worst {FOR ME}...

JLo.  This looks like a bad, bad, bad David's Bridal ensemble.
Dress: Zuhair Murad

Michelle's not the dress, it's the daisy's.
Dress: Valentino

Oy Vey.  Enough Said.  Tilda Swinton.
Top and Skirt: Jil Sander

Helena.  I can't even...I don't know. It's her? 
   Who would have thought Vivienne could have made this masterpiece and then this. 
Dress: Vivienne Westwood.
  I haven't seen this from the side yet but isn't that a big belly?  I just loathe that rose detailing.   I still love you Nat. 
Dress: Victor and Rolf

Eva. Get it girl.  Her body is the BOMB. If my boobs looked like that, my life would be complete.
Dress: Zac Posen

Anne Hathaway...I can just see Brad and Rachel sitting on a sofa right now screaming "I die, I just die. She looks bananas."   Agreed.
Dress: Armani Prive

I love the little bit of somethin' here and a little bit of somethin' there about this dress.  It's just enough.   Jules, good choice.  My mom wore Tadashi to my rehearsal dinner and its one of my favorite dresses of all time.
Dress: Tadashi
Kyra Sedgewick.  I bought a top in this color the other day and it was totally different for me so I feel obligated to love this dress. 
Dress: Pucci

Her expression matches my feelings about this dress.  It's gorgeous number 1.  The color is adorable number 2.  And 3rd, she rocks it with that hair and skin tone.  It is also the epitome of de la Renta.
Lea Michele
Dress: Oscar de la Renta
Oh remember the days when you were on the OC? You've come a long way sister.  Love this!  I love Olivia's simple hair with it too.  Can I pull off those bangs?
Dress: Marchesa

Are you ready for tonight's favorite???
Sofia Vergara
Someone loves you.  The color, the sash, her boobies, the hair, the jewels.   
Dress: Vera Wang. 


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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Remembering Funny Things People Say

Family Friend Kelly:  April, I was totally going to invite you to the race this weekend but your Dad told me you were as big as a house {I was preggo}.

Later that day...

Me: Dad, You told Kelly I was as big as a house?

Dad: I did not. I said you were as big as a one bedroom studio apartment. 


You have to watch this vlog.  It's hilarious.  I love CJane. I don't think I am typing that right but I tried.  Anyways...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Weds. Night Dinners

I don't ever spell out Wednesday because I don't know how.  I consider myself a pretty good speller but that Wednesday get's me every time!  If spell check were a real life person, they would probably start charging me for as many times as I have spelt it wrong. {I am SURE something will be spelt wrong in this post because I consider myself a good speller}.  

ANYWAYS,  we have started a little thing with one of our family friends, Julie.  We are hosting dinner and a movie every Wednesday night at our house.  It's just Jules, Me, Adam and Aidan and we love it!  Next week will be our 4th week doing it, and I think all four of us thoroughly look forward to it each and every week.    Last night we had breakfast for dinner and it was soooo good.

We thought signing up for a Netflix subscription would be a great way to pick a movie each week. BOY WERE WE WRONG.  Who out their has Netflix? Don't you just hate it?  We thought it would be cool to stream movies straight through the PS3 but nothing good is available. Everything has to be ordered online and then takes two days to get here. How does that help me on a Wednesday night?  

So, we have made the decision to theme our Wednesday nights so we can have a meal and a movie already picked out.  I use the term theme very lightly.  Example:  Next week we are going to make pasta and watch a movie like The Godfather.  Haha.  Get it?  Silly. But so much fun.

I had suggested inviting more people to our dinner and a movie nights but Julie and Adam weren't having it!  They like to team up on me much like Adam and Amanda do.  I often wonder if anyone will ever be on my side about anything?  Hello?

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flooding in Australia

Have y'all been reading about all the flooding in Australia? It's just terrible.  Between that and the shooting in Arizona we are just a mess around here! 

I read this story today about a little boy who sacrificed his own life to save his younger brothers. I CANNOT EVEN IMAGINE.   What a brave little guy.   You have to read his story. He's such a huge HERO. 

Here's the story via AOL News.

I was balling thinking about this 13 year old and his mother.   My heart has been so heavy with all the things I am reading these days.  Pray, pray, pray. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, Snow, More Snow and Ice

I know I should have a hundred things to blog about by this time this week but you are going to have to deal with hearing about the snow because well, that's all I have to talk about since we can't really go anywhere.

Sunday night BS {before snow} we made the brilliant decision to drive an hour and a half to visit some friends in the mountains.  We were just seeing their new house for the first time and it was great to catch up!  We woke up to a ton of snow.   Being snowed in at someone else's house panic attack ensues.  We decide that we should cut our trip two days short and head home in case the conditions only get worse keeping us there for the week.  Boo.  I literally think my hair turned grey on the trip home.   I was TERRIFIED. The roads were already terrible.  Luckily, we only spun out once {but it was BAD} and I prayed the entire drive home.  I think Adam was sooooo ready to get out of the car when we reached Charlotte.  Adam of course wanted to head right to my mom and dads to decompress.  My dad's personality has that effect on people.  My mom of course whipped up some chili and my dad baked a cake and we were all better.  They really wanted us to spend the night and Adam and Aidan were dying for a sleepover but I was missing my bed so we drove the 7 blocks home.  By this point all snow in Charlotte had turned to ice. 

Snow in the Mountains.
on the car
Friends house with all the snow!

The road out...

Family snow picture

The kid had the best time!

Today we woke up {Adam and Aidan around 9, me 10:30...they ventured out for coffee in bagels. Have I told you my hubby wakes me up EVERY day with coffee on my nightstand and a big smooch. Told you he was the best.}   and the city was covered in ice.   My solution, sled.  Randomly we had two sleds that my Dad had found in the house he bought next to his when they were cleaning out the garage and of course, sent them for the kid.    Adam suggested we head to my parents {surprise, surprise he loves them} because we could have some more chili, cake and a do a little sledding on the hills in the park near their house.  Aidan had the best time.   Here's a little tip...don't try to sled in Uggs. They have no traction and getting from the bottom of the hill to the top is near impossible.   Never the less, we all had a great time. I chose to leave the camera here because I was having visions of busting my butt and it smashing in to the pavement.  So, sorry no picks of sledding. 

Here is a little video of my mom on the 6:00 news tonight. She was mortified.

We said bye to the rents and ventured back to the hood.  Aidan headed next door to play on the Wii with the kids, Adam took off to see some friends and I finished painting my bathroom. Of what...I forgot to tell you, I am painting my bathroom.  HOLY POST IDEA. I'll do that next. 

Playing at home.

It's almost 10PM now, we've just finished off some delivery, Aidan and I are dancing to the music on my blog, Adam is scanning through movies on our new Netflix membership via PlayStation, the cats are all snuggled up on the rug in the kitchen and all is well in the Harvey house.  Happy Snow Days to you!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Going Crazy Over Here

One of my besties Natalie is due to deliver a baby girl in May.  Less than 5 months now.  Her nursery is still her guest room.  OK OK, I get it, not everyone runs out to the baby store after they pee on the stick {someone tell me, I'm not the only one} but I am dying for some progress up there in New England and the girl text me tonight and she is painting her BATHROOM.   Wrong room sister.  She is either going to give me a heart attack or I have really bad heartburn.  Months 8 and 9 she is not going to want to be slaving over this room.  I've been trying to help her out and we've made some baby steps but I think I'm going to have to show up on her doorstep to get this ball rolling.   

Hopefully I will have some pictures of progress in the coming weeks {days??} that I can show off.  And I really am trying to get up there in the next couple of weeks to help knock out some projects!!!

and how cute is little Scarlett?
I just die when I see this picture of her.  Her belly and her hands behind her head just melt me. Can't wait to get my hands on her!

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why I love Amanda

I  haven't spoken with my BFF Amanda in three days now. Everyone knows in best friend time, that is an ETERNITY!  We have been playing the worst game of phone tag ever.  Mostly my fault because I forget to turn my phone off of silent and she calls and I call her back and she is busy.  So, Aidan and I are sitting here and we got to thinking about why we love Amanda. These things will keep us going until we can talk to her again! Haha.

1.  She is the world's best shopping buddy. 
Me:  Does this look good.
Amanda: No, ewww, terrible. Take it off. Makes you look fat.

2.  She is ALWAYS willing to break our "eating healthy binges"  for frozen yogurt. 

3.  She allows Aidan to call her Aunt Amana, Manda, Amanda, Candace and Mommy. 

4.  I can call her and vent to her about anything and before I get my first two words out she is already on my side.

5.  Unless it's about Adam, she always takes his side.  Second wife syndrome. I guess.

6.  When I am parenting Aidan, she laughs and agrees with everything. The laugh is very important.

7.  The two of us together can solve any mystery pregnancy, marriage, divorce, vacation in about 5 minutes via Facebook and our "reliable" resources. 

8.  We totally agree on the most important things, like getting your nails done at a salon that serves FREE, ENDLESS wine, is an absolute must.  Speaking of which, do you need a mani?

9.  Because when I have been rained on, puked on, pooped on, spit on and yelled at, I can call her and in five minutes she has me laughing.

10.  She will read this and get it all!!!  Love you girl! Now call me!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


For Christmas my parent's gifted us with the greatest gift of all.  A Costco membership. It's like the gift that keeps on giving in the form of saving money on bulk items.  Except who has enough people in their home {Michelle Duggar to not reply to this post} to need a 75 lb bag of beans.  And where do you store it all?  Yesterday I bought 12 rolls of paper towels, 50 juice boxes, 2 seedless watermelons, 24 tangerines, 1 Giant tub of Muscle Milk and I had to clean out every closet in my house to find places to put these things.

So again, who buys this stuff, where do you live and do you have extra room to store 6 rolls of paper towels?

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Holidays Are Over

For the past month, Aidan has been running around saying "It's the Holidays" to everyone he can get to pay him some attention.  Well Bud, the Holidays are over.  And I'm kind of excited about it.  I'm not sure if I told you already but I took my tree down the day after Christmas.  The second Adam gave me the OK I started slowly taking the ornaments off and before I knew it, the Christmas decor in it's entirety was gone from our home. 

I spent the week between Christmas and New Years trying to get my house in order.  Aidan aquired so much new stuff that there is just not enough space for everything anymore.  It's driving me crazy.

New Years came and it really didn't even feel like New Years this year. I had been sick most of the week and by 11 I was ready to come home.  Adam was grumpy so Aidan and I smooched at midnight and we just stayed in bed all day New Years Day.

Aidan is supposed to go back to school tomorrow but he had been a little under the weather in the constipation department so I will probably keep him home one more day and pump him full of water and fruit in hopes he can get some relief. 

I have made a long list of things I want to get accomplished in the first few weeks of the New  Year and I am starting on it tomorrow.  The Holidays are over and I am so anxious for us to get back in to our regular routine and start and finish all the projects I wanted to get done before the Holidays or the ones I started mid way through that just fell to the way side because I was too busy last minute shopping or baking something. 

I am sure by the time the Holiday season comes around next year, I will be thrilled but for now...I was happy to see them go. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

5 Years...

The only thing getting old about us...together.  I love you.

Ten Best Moments of 2010!

Happy New Year to you All!  The Harvey's hope 2011 is your best year yet!! We can't wait to see what the New Year has in store for our little family and all of you great You, Me & The Kid followers!!! 

To end this year we are listing the TOP TEN BEST MOMENTS IN 2010 {in no particular order}

1.  We celebrated three years of marriage!  Being married to your best friend and waking up happy every day is a huge accomplishment!

2.  Aidan turned 3!   We are so so lucky to have this guy in our lives!

3.  This guy was born!  This little girl was born, and we found out we will be meeting this little one in the New Year!

4.  Spike Jones became a member of the family! and Ruby had kitties.

5.  We took a trip to Boston to see great friends!

6.  Adam was employed the entire year!!!  During a time were job stability is a little sketchy, we are so blessed to have his job!

7.  Aidan went to school and he didn't cry this year.  Leaving me in tears.

8.  Adam's parents moved back to the Queen City.   We are happy to have them back and closer to our family. 

9.  My best friend Mare came to visit me. 

10.   Adam and I had been together for 4 years on this day.  Now it's 5!  Time really does fly when you're having fun!

Happy New Year Y'all!!! Cheers!

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