Saturday, January 22, 2011

So Much To Write About

I have so much I need to tell you {nothing wicked important} but none of it is long enough to write an entire post about.  Isn't that sad?  So this is how we'll do it!...

I don't know about y'all but I am seriously ready to find out who is going to win this $100 gift card! It'll be like Christmas for that person all over again.  Or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or the holiday that person celebrates.   I check in every day looking for good ways to better myself this year and there are some really creative ideas!!!

Adam says the blog is way too happy. I need to let you know that we fight sometimes.  Yup, we're totally normal. We have red neck blow outs {Natalie help me here} about things like the Christmas lights are still up in one of our trees.  So there's some real.  I thought I was being real when I said I wanted he and Aidan to get their own place in my last post but apparently that won't be real until they do. Ha! Over. My. Dead. Body. Love. Them. Too. Much.

I give up on leggings. I tried, I really did.  My legs look like whole hams in some areas.  I now have three pair.  They have moved in to the pajama drawer.  Adam says my butt looks good in them {I would like to note, his vision is terrible} so I can at least wear them around the house.

Next item up for discussion.  Our cat Spike Jones, aka Spikey, aka SJ has the longest fur ever and while we love it, right now it seems everything in the world is getting stuck to it. Is it appropriate to shave a cat in the winter?  Will he freeze? Do I need to sadate him first?  Any help in this area would be appreciated by me and my Pottery Barn bedding that is always covered in mulch.

What else? Oh! I am going to see my girlfriend Natalie any day now. I say any day now because I am waiting to find an amazing deal on plane tickets and then just leave.  She's in Boston. You remember.  Having a baby, girl, Scarlett, nursery not finished.  Yup that's the one.

Adam has taken up singing. Maybe songwriting? Seems like everything is sung these days. I am the crabbiest in the morning but I can't help from cracking up when I hear " wheeeeereeeeee are myyyyyyy shooooooeeees deeeeeaaaaarrr"  coming from the kitchen.  That man, I swear.  I got a good one.

I really want a king size bed.  Like really, really bad.  I think we would have bought one by now but the ANXIETY that comes with the possibility of choosing the wrong one is so over bearing.  I don't want to haul a mattress all the home then all way back to the store because 90 days later I realize it's not the one.  Anyone have any good suggestions?  Are Ikea mattresses any good? 

I am in the midst of an overhaul around here.  I made a list of about 100 little things that need to be done or that I want to do in the next couple of weeks.  Things on the list include anything from buying pillar candles to fill the fireplace {since we now have a TV above it} building shelving in Aidan's closet to finally making the slipcover for my wingback chair.  I have crossed one thing off the list since making it last week. I really need to get a move on it!

I think that covers all the little things I wanted to talk about.  It probably just makes me look like a spaz! OH! My mother is in Martha's Vineyard for the weekend and I am J-E-A-L-O-U-S.  Even if it is below 20 degrees there! 

Have a great weekend! xoxo

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