Monday, March 1, 2010

CONFESSION & Mariann's Weekend

We did not take one.single.picture this weekend. Isn't that horrible? It would be except we were just too busy having so much fun we forgot.

We started out the weekend being almost an hour late picking up Mare from the airport. Oops! First of all, Mare told us her flight came in at 1:30 when in actuality if I had looked at her itinerary I would have known that it came in at 1:01. I let Adam take my car (because he had Aidan) and run some errands because Amanda was going to come get me when she got off of work at 1 (5 minutes away). You can imagine my freak out when I got online to check Mare's flight and it was IN @ 12:45!! Eek! I had no car and Amanda wasn't even getting off until 1. I called Mare and she was sweet enough to just slowly walk to baggage claim and get her suitcase so it didn't seem like she was waiting forever!!

Amanda and Mare both wanted to hang out with Aidan for a little bit so we came home to see the kid and Mariann brought him a paint set that he loves. You can only paint on special paper which is WONDERFUL because it is mess free. Mare is so smart.

We had dinner and went out for the night. You could tell I never go out anymore because come 10:30 I was exhausted. If it wasn't for all of our friends that came out to see Mare, I never would have made it until 2am. Saturday morning some of us were hungover but we picked Aidan up from my parents and we shopped at Southpark for the afternoon. The CIAA tournament was in town so the mall was packed but Mare and Amanda both got gorgeous new bags. Saturday night we had dinner and came home and the four of us (Amanda, Adam, Me and Mare) climbed on to the sofa (thank goodness for our sectional) and watched "Legend's of the Fall". It really was nice to just sit around with Mariann like we used to and do nothing. Her company is really all we needed! Sunday we were up and at em' and headed to the Pancake House for breakfast. Afterwards we went to Polished Nail Bar and had manicures and pedicures. It was dreamy. The best part? Free wine. Before we knew it, we were standing outside the airport with tears running down our cheeks saying our goodbyes. Every time Mariann leaves Amanda and I have a little mini breakdown on the way home. She is such a sweet friend and we just don't get to see her enough. It was a great weekend and I'm always depressed for weeks after she leaves.

I think I will start planning our next trip to visit her in Boston now.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. xoxoxoxo

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