Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday Night

You know you are getting old when your best friend travels 600 miles to see you and you get too drunk the night before (and by drunk I mean 3 beers) to do anything the second night she is here so you are watching "Legends of the Fall" with your best friends and husband.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mare Bear

One of my very best friends Mariann is flying in tomorrow for the weekend!! I couldn't be more excited. I am sad to report that I have not seen her since the week after my wedding last October! Scary. We are OBSESSED with her boyfriend Mike Arena (also known as Macarena and we do the dance) so we will be sure to visit them up North this Spring. Cannot wait already.

I digress. So she comes in tomorrow, Amanda, Aidan and I are picking her up from the airport and the festivities begin! Our weekend looks like this:

1:30: The eagle lands
2:00-5:00 Hang out at the house, feed Mare a late lunch, catch up (like we need to) let her unpack.
6:00-Dinner at home by Chef Adam
7:00-Being the process of getting ready to go out. Three girls getting ready in one bathroom can be a looooong process.
9:30-Head to Tyberpalooza. A music festival being held at our favorite neighborhood bar this weekend. Was also the location of our Engagement Party.
2:00am-Home to bed.


10-5 Eat, Nails, Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop, Eat, Shop...
6:00-Dinner Out...who knows where yet.

(I have Friday pretty down pat. Saturday will get figured out...right??)

Sunday-Mare goes home...sad.

I'll take some goods pics of us partying like it's 1999. Don't you worry!!!!

Hope everyone's weekend is great!!! <3

Monday, February 22, 2010


Adam: Greatest idea ever babe.

April: What is it?

Adam: When Mare is in town this weekend, I'm going to fire up the smoker and start backyard BBQ season.

April: I cannot wait. I have been missing the patio and having everything grilled.

Adam: Mare is going to love me even more after she has some of my grilled perfection. I'm thinking wings and steaks, maybe shrimp rolled in sliced filet with cream cheese and jalapenos (LOVE BTW) maybe I'll even get crazy and try out a new rub on some ribs.

April: Sounds good...Except Mare's a vegetarian.

Adam: DAAAAAMN It! I always forget don't I? Well, not to worry, I will grill her up the best veggie burger I can find in a box.

MY BFF is going to be here in T-Minus 4 days!!!

Keepin' It Southern

We have a saying around here..."Keepin' it Southern". Used in a sentence..."Hey man, love your bow tie, way to Keep it Southern". OR "What's up for tonight guys?"..."Just smoking some Boston Butts in the backyard and throwing back a few cold ones, you know, Keepin' It Southern." You could say, we are stereo typing ourselves. Get it? Got it? Good. On to my story...

My youngest brother Jordan is a Soph a Clemson and is dating the sweetest girl from Seneca, SC. Basically Clemson. Her dad trains law enforcement officer's how to properly use Glock's. Yes, the gun.

So, we had my dad's birthday dinner ( his bday letter) Saturday night and Jordan and Hannah were in town. Over dinner we were talking about some of Jordan's classes he has taken since being at school. One of which was rifle-ry . So, my dad says to Hannah "Hannah, do you know how to shoot a rifle" and she responds (serious as a heart attack) "Oh no Sir, I wouldn't know what to do with a rifle, I can only shoot a Glock". Hannah, way to Keep it Southern Sister.

Friday, February 19, 2010


Anyone seen the previews for the new show Parenthood coming on Tuesdays after the Olympics?? Talk about a tear jerker. I don't know if it's the Forever Young song playing in the background or when Lauren Graham hugs that kid but I am all over it.

Series Premier is March 2 @ 10/9 c on NBC!!!

Friendly Conversation

Adam: What's wrong babe?

Me: She stopped talking to me.

Adam: What did you do to her?

Me: Nothing!! Nothing at all. Why would you assume I did something?

Adam: She never stops talking to me.

Me: I don't think she's ever going to talk to me again.

Adam: I think sometimes you hurt her feelings. You need to know how to handle her.

Me: She drives me crazy sometimes.

Adam: I wouldn't want to talk to you if you treated me that way sometimes either.

Me: I am nothing but nice to her.

Adam: Well, I really hope you guys can work it out. You know I love that girl, and if she doesn't ever talk to ME again, I am going to be pretty upset. I mean I don't know if I could live without her.

Me: Are you sleeping with her?
An ENTIRE conversation about the English speaking woman on our navigation system in the car.

We road tripped it with Adam yesterday to Greenville. We had this dreamy idea that we would get a hotel, take Aidan to run around ECU's campus, stop at every new county sign?? and take pictures. It ended up Adam got all his work done early so we just drove there and came home a few hours later. If anything, it was an incredible marriage tester that we made it through and Aidan finally pooped after three days of not. It was a grand time.

Keeping It Real...

So, I read this great blog. {RAGE against the MINIVAN}. It's written by an OC mom and she has four kids. One of which just came home from Haiti. Honestly, I love her blog because she well, keeps it real. So I decided I would participate in her first ever blog hop. Well I think it's the first ever anyways. She is encouraging us to keep it real. Which leads me to my post that I would never have shared with you otherwise. It was embarrassing enough the first time.

Two days ago, Aidan and I were at our home away from home (TJ Maxx where else) and we had just finished lunch. It's not really a secret that I'm addicted to Diet Pepsi and I had just finished a huge one. I had to use the ladies room sooooooo bad. We weren't in our neighborhood TJ Maxx so I stopped a saleswoman to ask her where the restroom was. "We don't have a public restroom but if you walk all the way to the corner of the Men's department there is a door that says EMPLOYEES ONLY, you can walk through there and it's the third door on the right". I thanked her and took off (legs crossed).

Mission accomplished we left the bathroom and headed back to our shopping cart that we left outside the door. When we got out there I was surprised at how many men (and there friends, brothers and uncles ) were shopping. The nice woman that directed us to the bathroom walked up and asked if I had found it. Before I could even get a word out Aidan screamed "Mom pooped". I am pretty sure every person in the store stopped to look up at me.

I thought about explaining that Aidan is being potty trained and he thinks everything is pooping and that was not actually what had occurred but then I thought "If I were these people I would consider that the world's worst cover up". So, I just tried to shake off my BODY BLUSH and continue my shopping (as the poop girl).

Monday, February 15, 2010

Baby Itch

You know you have the baby itch bad when you are jealous of the girls on MTV's 16 and Pregnant.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Reality of Valentine's Day Around Here

I haven't ever really been a fan of Valentine's Day, because I have been the single girl before and honestly, it's not fun. Since I have been married to Adam though, he shows a lot of his love through buying me things. He isn't trying to buy my love (he has it no matter what) he just does better giving me gifts than he does just straight up telling me how much he loves me sometimes. Needless to say, we have had some pretty extravagant Valentine's the past few years. This year hasn't been as crazy and it did start off a little different.

Today, I woke up fighting with my Valentine. When he was leaving to get coffee this morning, I didn't even kiss him goodbye. I was just in a bad mood. I kept saying to myself over and over in my head, "You should be in a good mood because it's Valentine's Day" but really do I have to? I love my hubby everyday and we are going to be together FOREVER, I highly doubt every Valentine's Day is going to be perfect.

I was still grumpy when he came home with 2 dozen long stem roses that were gorgeous. Amanda picked me up and we headed to the mall for a couple hours of Aidan free shopping (which did us no good because he didn't get the big dressing rooms without him) and I was starting to come around by the time we got home.

Adam and I had agreed we weren't going to exchange anything this year so Aidan surprised me with the wine tower I have been wanting from Crate & Barrel and they both had super sweet cards for me and we just got home from dinner at Sullivan's.

It was a great day but honestly, I am so lucky to have a hubby who really is this good to me everyday. I know all of you have someone in your life that loves you today, they may not have been there to bring your flowers and take you to dinner, but everyone is loved and that's what the day is supposed to be all about. So happy Valentine's Day. I LOVE You all for reading my blog everyday!!! xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's for Aidan's Class

I finally finished Aidan's Valentine's for his party at school tomorrow. We are going to decorate shoe boxes for Valentine's mailboxes (remember those days) and exchange. I think it will be a good time. That is if my child doesn't throw a fit because we are giving away what he currently believes to be all of his (MIIIIINNNNEEEE) Valentine's. I took some pictures to show you all. I think they turned out sweet.

Since you are probably wondering what's in the bags...They are snack size bags of Teddy Grahams.

The tags say "A Bag Full of Bear Hugs, Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Aidan". The opposite side has each child's name on it. I tied them with some red ric rac ribbon and added a heart ring.

And just because...A picture of the cutest kid EVER.

Project Numero 5679090909

Just finishing up my kitchen...



I had to hang them a little high on the wall to keep Mr. I Touch Every THANG for grabbing at the plates. I bought all the plates and the silver platter at TJ Maxx. Everyone knows I love TJ's. The polka dots were $1, the Zebra print were $3, and the Paris & Rome plates were $3 as well. The platter was on Clearance for $10 and I am thinking about painting it with chalk board paint in the center. I bought the iron piece at the top at Hobby Lobby last night on sale 50% off so it was $7. I don't know if I love it yet.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Geaux Saints!!!!

I am so excited for the New Orleans Saints!!! It was a great game and I think the perfect team won! And how about Drew Brees at the end holding his son??? I was bawling. I guess it's a mom thing, but then again I did see a few tears in Adam's eyes. Waaaa? Did I say that out loud?

We had a really nice party again this year. I think this is our third annual Super Bowl Party. Yup. In the past, we have always done wings as our main dish but this year we did mini burgers (sorry I hate calling them "sliders") and I made pigs in a blanket ( a staple football party item in the south), a veggie platter, shrimp cocktail, a cheese ball, and I usually make a 7 layer Mexican dip but I opted to try just doing Velveeta and Rotel in the crock pot and it was a huge hit, and we ordered turkey roll up sandwiches from Costco and I think everyone was really happy. It was a success!!! I swore all day I was going to actually take pictures of our friends tonight to post on here and surprise, surprise I was too busy being the hostess with the mostest to even get the camera out!!!

Valentine's Day is a week from today. I need some good ideas for my hubby if anyone has some. We always say we aren't going to make a big deal out of the holiday but if anyone knows Adam, he goes all out for everything. Aidan's class is having a Valentine's day party on Thursday. We get to go to school with him and decorate a shoe box for him to put his Valentine's in. I came up with a cute idea for his Valentine's. I bought Teddy Grahams and Valentine's Day themed cellophane bags. I am going to put the Teddy Grahams in the bags and tie them off with a ribbon and a tag that says "A Bag Full of Bear Hugs, Happy Valentine's Day, Love, Aidan." I also bought little heart shaped rings to attach to the ribbon. I think they will be cute and appropriate for two year olds. What's everyone doing for the holiday???

I hope everyone had a great weekend!! xoxoxo

Sunday, February 7, 2010

J $ is the BIG 20!!!

It's my youngest brother's birthday today!!! He's 20! Craziness!!! For you J...

Jordan Michael,
Holy Smokes you are 20 years old today!!! This may seem crazy but I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday. In our house in Massachusetts we had a table set in between two windows at the front of the house and on that table was our phone and on either side of that table there were two plaid wing back chairs. I remember Nana sitting in the chair to the right of the table the moment we got the phone call and she yelled “It’s a BOY”!!! And then there were three. Bobby and I had a new addition to the pack and we couldn't have been more thrilled! I was so in love with you. Mom and I used to fight over you. You were the cutest kid ever. You had so much spunk and you have made me laugh so much over the past 20 years. You have grown up in to such a great young man and I am proud of you every day. You are a great brother, brother in law and uncle. We love you very, very much and we hope you have had the best birthday you could have asked for. Sorry we weren’t able to make it to see you this year, but rest assured next year when you turn the big 21…we will all be there with bells on!!!! Happy Birthday to my youngest brother, welcome to adulthood!!! Love, Ape

Friday, February 5, 2010

Simple Pleasures

I have seen some posts circulating about "Simple Pleasures". I thought it would be fun to join in and do one myself. So here they are, in no particular order:

The way Adam smells. The way he smiles at me.

Hearing Aidan say "I love you Mommy" when I haven't said it to him first.

Watching the boys together. Watching them learn new things together.

The look on my dad's face every time I kiss his cheek.

Laughing with my mom until we cry.


A night on the porch at the beach house.

A day on the beach with my family.

That time at night when Aidan is in bed and Adam and I have the whole house to ourselves and we can dream about our future together.

A clean car.

A pedicure.

The perfect weather at the end of the Spring right before the summer heat.

BBQ's in our backyard with friends.

Corn hole tournaments until 4 am.

Boston. Fenway Park. Red Sox Games.

Singing at the top of my lungs in the car.

Being the BIG sister.

Making my husband happy.

Being lucky enough to see my parents still so in love.


I could go on and on and on...
I guess it really is all about the simple things.

More Decorating & Some Pictures of Aidan

I finally have window treatments in my kitchen and I made them myself. I couldn't be happier with them (because I made them myself). My Nana would probably roll over in her grave if she could see me now. Making window valances. Out of Rooster fabric. Gah things have changed. So here they are...

I am not crazy about the "LIVE" sign above here but it was already there so I just left it for the time being.

The other window.
You might notice that I did finally paint my kitchen green too!! I love it!

I wouldn't mind a new lighting fixture.

A close up of the Rooster's. I was surprised with myself that I picked this fabric but I really do like it. FYI, I will not be decorating my entire kitchen in Roosters.

After Aidan came home from school today, he stripped himself down to his diaper and climbed up on to the day bed in his TV room, grabbed a blanket and cuddled up.
He fell asleep minutes after these pictures and had the best snooze.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dinner Time

Adam: Babe, will you make me a plate.

Me: Really? I just sat down.

Adam: I made dinner, the least you can do is make my plate.

Me: Adam, you ordered a pizza.

Adam: Hahahaha. So no?


Have you seen my new wreath???

I don't really know how I was supposed to hang this wreath because there was no hanging apparatus in the box BUT crafty ole' me, tied a ivory grosgrain ribbon to it like so and "Voila" a new wreath. I love it.