Monday, January 31, 2011

It started a looooong time ago...

All you moms know exactly what I am talking about.   The day you stopped wearing makeup, drying your hair when you got out of the shower and started pulling on those ever so comfortable yoga pants and tank tops.  It's the SAHM uniform.  Every one of you have done it... "excuse my appearance today, I just got out of the gym" and you haven't seen the gym in weeks.  You are too far over your head in laundry and soaked in applesauce to make it to the gym let alone throw on something cute.   If you got a good husband like me, he will still tell you that you look beautiful everyday.  Even though you want to believe him, you just don't.  Nothing makes you feel as good as spending the time to get ready in the morning and heading out the door with your head held high, your pearls sparkling in your ear lobes and those cute new Target flats hitting the pavement.   The Coach bag your hubby bought you last minute at Christmas doesn't hurt either. Oh, that's just my house? Woops.

So, I promised myself I was going to get "dressed" last week.  Without spending a dollar on anything new {I did try to cheat and get Amanda to go to Old Navy...I was thinking cheap} and just wearing things I had in my closet.  By doing this I thought I could accomplish two things.  The first being, weed out all the stuff that needs to go to Goodwill and the second being, taking inventory of what I have and making mental notes of things I need to get.  

There once was a time where my wardrobe was nothing to laugh at.  The years have gone by and the bright colors have turned to neutrals, mostly black and greys and the silks and tweeds have turned to jerseys and spandex.  Side note: Spandex is a girls best friend. Who made that crap up about diamonds? 

Last Sunday night, I started rummaging through my {shared} closet {another problem for another day} and my dresser for some inspiration.  I was surprised at how many things I had forgotten about and overwhelmed at how much stuff I have that I don't think suits my style anymore.  What is my style you may wonder?  I don't know EXACTLY. This is what I do know, jeans are a must.  Probably every day until summer where dresses will come in.  I still want to be comfortable without looking totally comfortable.  I AM STILL A MOM.  Monkey Joe's and Chick fil A are a huge part of my life.   There was a little motivation behind all of this.  My hubby has promised me some extra cash this week to buy some new stuff for myself if I got my closet cleaned out and proved to him I would actually wear new stuff.  And there was that promise I had to make that nothing I bought could be worn to bed and then out for the day.  Don't judge me, I've done it.

Here are pictures of outfits I wore last week:  
Don't laugh. I need clothes sooo bad and a new floor length mirror. 
Jeans/Cardigan: Gap
Grey Tshirt: Target
Flats: Target
Ring: David Yurman

Sweater with button sleeves: Banana Republic { I now realize I hate this sweater}
Black Tank Top: Liz Lange Maternity for Target {you do not have to be pregnant to appreciate the length of maternity tops}
Jeans: Gap
Ruffle Flats: Gap
Chipping Nail Color: OPI Lincoln Park After Dark
Hat: Banana Republic
Vest: Gap
Long Sleeve Black Tee: Liz Lange Maternity for Target {I buy them because they are so long}
Jeans: Gap
Flats: {Can't see them} but Target
Pearls: Hand Picked Charlotte
                                     Small child in bottom left hand corner: Hand Made by ME!

Long Sleeve Tshirt: Target
Black Cords: Gap{Loving these. Glad I found them}
Scarf: Target {Who else has like 20 of these?}
Cheetah Flats: Target
Ring: David Yurman
Nail Polish: Turquoise color I found in closet. Probably 12 years old.
Sweater: Gap {I was burning up in this. It's been hot}
Long Sleeve TShirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Gap
Black Pumps: Nine West
Ring: David Yurman
Peacock Earrings: Forever 21 {You can't even see them}

So, there you have it! Outfits for a week. Nothing overly exciting huh?  I'm just happy I got it done.  I have to tell you, by Friday I was over it. I was dying for my yoga pants back. I wore my real clothes until about 2pm and then had the worst migraine so I threw on some leggings and got in bed.

This week I am headed to Boston but before hand I'm going to pick up a few things.  I'll let you know what I find!

Happy Monday Y'all!


Katie A. said...

Girl, you don't have to be a Mom to only wear comfy clothes. I quit apologizing for what I wear a long time ago, knowing that other women WISH they were in their comfortable clothes as well, ha! My office is very laid back and I could pretty much wear my PJ's to work...and I might have done just that a time or two... I'm doing my best this year to wear something nice at LEAST one day a week. I definitely feel better when I take the time to get dressed up and fix my hair and make-up, but I'm so NOT a morning person, so trying to do this at 5:00 AM so I can leave for work by 6:00 AM is not always an easy task...

Kate G. said...

I love this blog!! Why is it so hard to put together outfits sometimes?? I have plenty of junk in my closet, that's for sure... You inspired me.

I'll come on board with yoga pants being a girl's best friend, but I don't know if I can commit to the statement "Spandex is a girl's best friend." I generally think of it as my nemesis...