Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorry Fellow Readers!

Sorry everyone for being such a bad blogger recently. I know I promised in the beginning of this whole thing to keep it up. I promise to work harder. The summer has been crazy for us. If anyone knows what happened to the last 3 months please call me and let me know!
So, I will try to update you as much as a I can. We of course had Aidan's 1st birthday at the beginning of June and since then life has been crazy. We headed to Folly Beach for the 4th sans the little guy (who stayed with Nana and Grandpa) for our last weekend there until next August. My dad decided to rent it out this year so we could explore our options of a possible new beach house at a new beach. Don't know how excited that makes me, considering I have fallen in love with Folly and am just know totally comfortable getting around there and Charleston. The trip was nice but not at all relaxing. I think as we get older (not old) and as we are growing as a family and not just as a couple, the things that used to be important to us aren't so much anymore. So needless to say not everyone wanted to do the same stuff on the beach trip as us. I think our idea was 3 days without the baby...let's lay on the beach and drink beer and talk about our hopes and dreams together whereas everyone else, just wanted to party. Well it was the last beach trip for a looooooong time so maybe next summer we will all be back on the same page. I won't keep my fingers crossed.
At the end of sweet sweet boy took his first steps. My dad, Jordan, Adam and myself were all there. We were standing in the kitchen joking about my mom overeating (AGAIN) and Aidan just stood up and took about 4 steps and sat back down. He laughed the hardest I've probably ever seen him and I think everyone but Jordan cried. It was great, such a milestone in his little life. That same weekend we had my bridal shower. It was wonderful. Pink and chocolate everything! I got great gifts and had a magnificent time with all my friends and family. Adam's mom came in town and we really got to spend some quality time with her.
August rolled around and I turned the big 25 on the 4th. Adam invited some of my friends out for sushi and it was so much fun. The band Journey was there and one of the guys from Extreme Makeover Home Edition was as well. Quite a celebrity hot spot that night. My birthday came and went and here we are now two months away from wedding time and we still have so much to do! That reminds me, I better call the wedding planner. Love you all!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Laundry Basket

Sometimes he even has a drink on the ride...uh oh!
Gah...they do not get cuter then this kid!
Just a quick funny story because the picture that goes with it is so precious...our dryer has finally died and until the new one arrives we are doing laundry at my parents. Aidan being the little mama's boy that he is, does not want to be left behind OR get in the car first when we are loading or unloading the basket of clothes. So we have come up with this new way of travel. He absolutely loves it. Enjoy the pics!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Aidan's First Birthday Party!

Banana Pancakes
Getting ready to eat cake!
What a mess!
He decided he wanted to open presents in his diaper!
Being Silly...

Well first I would like to make a shout out to Amanda and Quinn, without them I would not be motivated to update this as much! Ha ha!!!!

So, Aidan is finally the big 1!!! Who really knows what happened to the last year, time really did fly by. When you are watching someone so little grow, it is amazing how much progress they make in the first year of their life. When I realized Aidan had packed on a few pounds, I was okay. When I realized he had doubled in his length, I was still okay. When he began to crawl it got worse, but I still made it. Today, I got the email from baby center that said he is no longer a baby, but a TODDLER, I couldn't take it. The tears just began to fall. What do you mean he's not my baby anymore? Now he's a toddler? I don't want to face the fact that he is growing up to be a big boy so fast. I never would have thought he would grow so quickly. If I could go back, I probably would have tried to stunt his growth. Life will go on, and new and interesting things will happen. Even though I am terribly going to miss the baby days, I can't wait to see him take his first steps, to say "Mommy" clearly for the first time, to go to school and learn and grow up to be a magnificent young man (excuse any typing error, I am in tears). I know, I know. It's only been a year but as hard as that hit me, I have to get mentally prepared!!!

His first birthday was wonderful! One of my best girlfriends Amanda, stayed at the house and we got up at 7:30 (me by choice, her by the noise in the kitchen) and made Aidan banana pancakes. He had never had them before so I thought this would be a nice treat! Well, he loved them! Success! He followed up his pancakes with a ride over to Nana and Grandpa's to spend the day with them at a festival in uptown Charlotte, while mommy and daddy got ready for his party.

Everyone arrived at 5:30. Adam grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and Aidan's cake (made by the one and only Maggie Baucom) was marvelous! He got more than we would have ever expected for gifts. We just want everyone to know how blessed we feel to have such wonderful friends and family in our lives to spend these times with. Without you, the experiences would be half the fun! We hope you all will be around for all the celebrations in our lives. Love you all dearly! Adam, April & Aidan

P.S. I would not leave without posting some pictures!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

View of the lake
Gosh ladies, I know you wish your man was this hot...haha
Aidan's very own lounge chair at the pool
In his floaty I bought him just for the pool
Mmm animal crackers
Trying to drink a bubba with his life vest on
Hanging out with Daddy in the tube ( I had them tied to the dock)

Aidan waving to me on the lawn mower
Sleeping in his car seat
Hanging out at Nana & Grandpa's
Lounging on his grandpa
Adam relaxing (that thing we are all constantly trying to get him to do)

We had a very event filled, wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. We initially had planned on going to the beach house in Charleston for the weekend, but my dad's dental hygienist asked if she could take her grandson whom is living with a rare disease and his family to the house to get away from everything for the weekend. Of course we let them have the house. So we were still determined to spend some time in the sunshine! Adam thankfully is now completely done with working weekends so we had him all to ourselves! Adam drove to Shelby to get us all Bridge's BBQ for dinner Friday and we ate with my parents at their house. Saturday Amanda, Candace, Aidan and myself headed to the pool for the first time this season to see how Aidan would do. Well, after a little coaxing, surprise, surprise he loved it! We put him in the baby pool and he literally just walked around in his float, touched everything, splashed a little and had a great time. Sunday was followed by a similar outing to the pool with Amanda, Adam, Aidan and myself. Monday Adam was able to get the day off and we headed to Candace's parents home at Mountain Island Lake. It was a beautiful day and we really enjoyed it. Aidan was absolutely perfect the entire day, Adam was really able to relax and we got to spend some good quality time as a family. I feel so blessed to get to live the life we do. My next post will probably be after the little guy's first birthday! I hope these pictures will tide you all over until then! Love to everyone.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Aidan is almost 11 months old!

As we come to the end of the first year of Aidan's amazes me to look back and see how much he has grown. This past Monday we had a check up at the Dr. and as usual, Aidan is as perfect as we knew he was. He now weighs 20lbs 14oz. WOW! That is almost triple what he weighed at birth. He is crawling all over the place and is in to absolutely everything! I have to say, I can't seem to figure out what the fascination is with power outlets. Now all of ours are equipped with plastic covers that are nearly impossible for even Adam or I to remove. Aidan has also mastered sitting up on his own from a laying position. Although to some this may seem like a great accomplishment, to us it is just the latest thing to keep Aidan up way past his bedtime. You see, he has mastered the sitting up, but the laying down afterwards he has not quite got. So, when we lay him down for bed at night in his crib, he almost immediately sits up and within ten minutes begins to screech because he truly is exhausted and wants to lay down to sleep. You would think one time of this would do it, but no, it continues sometimes for hours. On Tuesday morning, Adam went to get Aidan out of his crib and the poor guy was sleeping sitting up. Luckily for us, despite the funny little things he does, Aidan is a wonderful child. He is so happy and very easy going. We can't ever leave the house without someone complimenting us on how beautiful he is and how marvelous of a smile he has. I think for Adam and I, Aidan has filled a place in our hearts we didn't even know was empty. We are very blessed to have him and can't wait to see what the years ahead have in store. If the rest of our lives with him turn out to be half as good as the past year, it's going to be a great, great ride. We love you all, thanks for checking in! Here is my newest picture of the sweet boy!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yeah for Aidan!

Well, we have some very exciting news...Aidan finally started crawling today. I saw finally because we have been working on this for about 2 months now. WHAT WERE WE THINKING!!! This morning he woke up, I put him on the floor and he just took off! He is in to everything! He has already fallen and hit his head on the corner of the wall...thank GOD he didn't bleed! I literally went in to panic mode and I am now wishing I had invested in stock at Babies R Us...when I realize how much "baby proofing" stuff we are going to need around here. What possesses babies to put dust, shoes and the sides of the furniture in to their mouths is beyond me, but Aidan is all about it! Adam has been working at a family friends house doing some tile work so he (fortunately for him) missed most of the craziness today. He was thrilled to come home and get on the floor with the little guy and crawl all around. I can probably stop going to the gym now that I will be chasing a speedy baby around my house day in and day out. I do have to say though, Adam and I were both touched by the milestone. Our little baby is turning in to a little boy. When I was pregnant with Aidan, everyone told me the best feeling was going to be seeing the two of them together. I can honestly say everyone was right. I have to stop and laugh at myself for being so emotional when they are crawling around the house together, both smiling from ear to ear. Adam is so proud and they truely are the best of buds. I have such blessings in my life!
Another small thing...Aidan is now in love with dogs! He was very nervous prior to now around them but our friends the Baucom's have a lovely dog Sandy, who will lay next to Aidan and let him pet her. I was shopping for plants today at a local nursery and there is a Golden Retreiver on site, that Aidan was going crazy after. He was laughing and "talking" so loud to the dog, the other people shopping were stopping to stare and comment on how sweet of a child he is. He is very full of life and it doesn't take too much to get a great smile out of him. He just lights up our lives.
As for our kitchen remodel...the floors are going down this weekend and I finally made my countertop selections today. We decided on Corian and I am very happy with our choice! I broke down and bought paper plates, plastic utensils and plastic cups so I wouldn't have to do any more dishes in the bath tub. For those of you that know me well, I do not cook (although I know someone who wishes I did, and for him I am working on it...ha) so no big pots and pans have to be cleaned. I do miss my sink. I am being very patient and looking forward to it all being complete so our little house remodel will be finished. Until the next project anyways.
My best friend Mariann is coming in town next weekend with her boyfriend Mike for our engagement party and there is so much to be done before then. I am very much looking forward to her visit. I haven't seen her since August. It doesn't sound like long, but when it's your best's eternity! She so graciously accepted my request for her to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. I cannot wait to share the big day with her.
We hope everyone is doing wonderful and is getting weather as nice as ours! Love you all...thanks for checking in.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Florida Trip 08

The "Cheese Face"
Sitting in his new cabana on the beach...trying to give me the face once again!
Standing in the ocean with Daddy

We have just returned from visiting Adam's parents in Jacksonville, Florida. We left on Friday and returned on Sunday evening. It was a short trip but we had a great time! We were even able to go to the beach on Saturday because the temperature reached 85 degrees!!!

Aidan is really dying to do some serious crawling. For some reason, he always gets one of his legs caught under him. When he manages it to get it out, he just crawls backwards...or should I say, pushes himself backwards with his hands. I think it will be just a few more weeks before he has mastered it and then we won't be able to stop him.

Work on our new kitchen continues. I never knew a remodel would take such time. I am currently without a sink and washing dishes in my bath tub. A small price to pay for the beautiful finished product that is close by (I HOPE).

I am attaching a few new pictures of the little guy. He now realizes when he is having his picture taken and has what we like to call a "cheese" face. Like when you say "say cheese" when you are taking a picture. It is quite comical and absolutely adorable!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Weekend 08'

We had a wonderful easter weekend here in Charlotte with the Decot clan. Helene and Nicole Decot (April's aunt and cousin) were in town and met Aidan for the first time. The girls enjoyed a weekend of pampering and shopping! Adam has been working hard on re landscaping our yard. It has really turned out beautiful!!! We had easter dinner at my mom and dad's and Aidan had his first taste of mashed potatoes. He is doing very well with his crawling, we are all just wondering when he is going to decide to crawl forwards...right now he has only mastered the reverse!!! Aidan has learned to wave "buh bye" and clapped for his dad when he won a game of horse shoes at a friends house over the weekend. Such a smart little guy. We are leaving this Friday to visit Adam's parents in Jacksonville, Florida. They have not seen Aidan since November. I can't believe he will be 10 months old in exactly 2 weeks. Where has the time gone?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Welcome to our blog!!!

Hello friends and family...we have been getting lots of complaints that we don't have a way to fill everyone in our what's going on in our lives...especially when it comes to Aidan. So here we are with a new blog and a new place to post pictures of the little guy!!! I promise to be better about updating and posting pics than I was on our original baby website!