Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oscar Night 2012

I'm a few days behind but Weren't the Oscar's great this year?  Adam and I are huge movie buffs. I get it from my Mom and he just has to watch them with me because I say so.  We spend a lot of nights in our bed watching movies.  It's some of my favorite time with him.  We typically try to watch the movies that are up for awards but with Adam's crazy schedule we didn't have much time.  Luckily, my mom and Dad briefed us on a ton of stuff before Oscar night so we knew what things were looking like for the show. 

Typically I do a best/worst dressed list for fun here on the blog but is that necessary this year when all we need to talk about is Angelina's leg? When she "showcased" it for the first time on the red carpet I thought "OK, she's working the slit...her stylist probably made her think the thing to do was use this as a way to show off the dress."  But then when she did it when she was presenting I just felt awkward.  Adam wouldn't stop saying "why is she doing that." and I think my mouth was on the floor. I know everyone is talking about it and I hate to beat a dead horse but what was going on? And why did she skip the spray tan if she was going to be showing so much skin?  Thoughts? If you missed it, here's a pic:

On the Red Carpet
This looks so uncomfortable!

While Presenting

                                         In other news I thought these girls looked fabulous:
                                                                 Gwenyth Paltrow
                                                                   Huffington Post

                                                                    Emma Stone

                                                               Michelle Williams

                                                                 Glenn Close

                                                                    Tina Fey

 and I cried like a baby when Meryl Streep won and her speech was perfect: Here is a link if you want to watch!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Don't Show This to My Mom

My closet is the biggest disaster EVER!  I share it with Adam and he has more clothes than I do.  It's progressively getting worse not better.  We need to get it organized badly!  I took to Pinterest for some inspiration. 

Our Closet Catastrophe


I need some organization for my shoes.  We already have some shelving but you probably can't see it.

I had to chuckle when I saw this.  Where is all your stuff girlfriend? And what's with the green? ; )

My closet is not this big and the blue would make it feel smaller but we already have hangers that are all the same color. We use all wood ones so we have that going for us.
 She is awfully happy about such a small space. I have that exact over the door thingy she has all her scarves on.   My scarves are tied up anywhere I can find an empty spot which makes you feel like you are in a jungle when trying to find a shirt.  I'm not hanging my shoes from the ceiling but it works for some people.

Dream Closet 
I could fill this up with all my stuff and I'm squeezing it all in to my little closet. Sad huh?

So I'm in the process of getting it cleaned out and I plan on heading to Ikea to get some stuff to organize.   I might stop by Lowe's and see if I can find some sort of lighting fixture to spice it up. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

Breakfast Area

Adam and I (once again) are having a great debate over now...tables for our breakfast area. Guess which table each of us likes...

This is my choice.  I like the base. It's 40" round and I think that's perfect. It's just for a small breakfast area.
via Pottery Barn

This is Adam's choice. Neither of us are super crazy about the spindle legs BUT this one does come with a leaf and the table has the potential to seat up to 8 people.   
via Pottery Barn

This is my vision for the area...
In collage form because that helps Adam envision things.

Now who wants to make some slipcovers for my cushions for me??

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Expectations

I know, I know. That dreadful Hallmark holiday.  I can't help it. I love it.  Maybe it's all the red.  Maybe it's the roses that always show up on our doorstep with a little love note from my husband, maybe it's all the fun I have making Valentines with Aidan.  Whatever it is, I try to be one of those that doesn't really care, but I do. 

Yesterday was such a good start to the day.  Adam and I woke up around 5am.  I whispered "Happy Valentine's Day" in his direction and he scooted a little bit closer to me in our bed and we fell back asleep until it was time to get up for the day. 

I could hear Aidan's feet hit the floor and before I knew it he was snuggled up with us.  Again..."Happy Valentine's Day bud."  "Today Mommy? It's Valentine's Day TODAY?"  He carefully packed all of his Valentine's in his book bag while I stuffed his lunch box and gulped down a glass of orange juice in hopes I would start to feel in the realm of AWAKE soon. 

I walked Aidan in to his class and the kids were already going crazy handing out their little heart shaped treats. I stood there for a few minutes while Aidan carefully handed out his Valentine's and looked back at me each time he said "My Mommy helped me make these for you."  He kissed me goodbye and I made a mental to do list for my time while he was away.

I stopped and shopped for a card for Adam.  I was smiling reading each one as it made me think about my husband and how lucky I felt that any of the pieced together cheesy poems would suit us well because we just have that kind of love.  I chose the biggest box of chocolate, knowing I would want to eat some myself. 

I picked up Aidan from school and gave him his Valentine from us.  A Spiderman card and a heart full of Skittles.  We sat on the sofa at home and read aloud all the Valentine's from his friends and for the first time in his life, let him eat every last lollipop in that bag.  He had just finished giving me a sticky smooch when Adam walked through the door with a bouquet of roses, the sweetest card, MORE chocolate and balloons.

He was off to job number two minutes later and promised to be home early so we could catch a movie onDemand and spend some "quality time" together. My parents invited Aidan and I over for pizza so before we left to meet them, I jumped in the shower and shaved my legs and washed my hair.  A huge accomplishment for a Mom in minutes time.

The pizza and company was great but I noticed it was getting late so I kissed my parents and rushed home.  I wanted Aidan to be in bed and asleep before Adam came home.  I read him a book or two and we did some flash cards before he passed out.  I jumped up, ran to the bathroom and blew my hair dry and threw in some Velcro curlers. 

By the time Adam walked through the door around 9:30, I was sitting on the sofa, busting out my Valentine's Day blog post, looking pretty good if I do say so myself.  He said he was going to take a quick shower and for me to think about what movie I was in the mood to watch.  When he was finished, he joined me on the sofa.  "I will be done with this in 2 minutes." I said.  2 minutes passed, I closed the computer and looked over to find my husband DEAD ASLEEP next to me on the sofa.  Seriously?  I shaved my legs FOR THIS? 

Once he was out, he was out.  I barely motivated him to at least move to our bed.  I was so mad I was in tears.  Then I was tears because he was asleep and wasn't paying me any attention. Then I was in tears because I was in tears.  I was mad at myself for dreaming up the way the night was going to go and then utterly devastated when it went the total opposite direction.  Adam never woke up and I spent the night piecing back together one of Aidan's Lego monstrosities that I had accidentally destroyed while transferring it to the dining room table earlier in the day.  Some way to end our Valentine's Day.

So you know, life isn't perfect and things don't always go as planned.  I've been telling myself a lot lately that I need to cool it with the expectations because I end up being disappointed and I have no one to be mad at but myself.  I especially need to work on it when it comes to Adam.  He gets up every morning and works 15 hour days and I really shouldn't blame him if he comes home and just wants to sleep. 

Hopefully, I can learn to expect less and be surprised more.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Crayon Valentines

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays for one reason and one reason only...I get to help Aidan make Valentine's for all of his friends!  This year I saw this cute idea to make heart shaped crayons. 

It was such an incredibly easy project. This is what you need:
-Crayons.  I used 78 crayons and that made 18 crayons.  Buy Crayola. I hear they melt the best.
-Some sort of heart shaped silicone baking sheet. I used silicone cupcake baking cups because I wanted a bigger crayon.
-Some sort of straight razor to cut crayon paper.

-Step 1:  Use razor to cut crayons right down the side.  The paper just fell right off the crayons. 
-Step 2:  You can use a knife, but I just broke the crayons up in to pieces.

-Step 3:  Put cut up crayons in silicone baking cups. I set mine on a cookie sheet. Fill them up as much as you want. I filled mine half way. I needed to make sure they would be skinny enough to fit in the cellophane bags I bought to put them in.

-Step 4: Bake them on 250 degrees for 10-15 minutes.  I checked mine often because they can burn!  I never made it to 15 minutes but everyone's stove is different.  When you take them out of the oven, they will still be in liquid form.  Be very careful not to move them to much so the shape will stay. I set mine on top of the island and let them cool.  They were ready in 10 minutes!

-Step 5: Peel them out of silicone.  I laid mine out on wax paper to let Aidan check them out! He was so impressed!  Aren't they cool? I love how they look a little like heart shaped, colorful, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!  Your Done!
Total Project Cost was less than $20. 

I bought some small cellophane bags, felt heart ribbon (that I ended up not using) some confetti, heart shaped tags and I had some red crinkle paper to use to package them for Aidan to give out.  Packing the bags was the most work.  Have you seen the movie "Love Actually".  The gift wrap scene (when the actor is buying a heart shaped necklace for his mistress/co worker and Mr. Bean is the clerk) is pretty much how it went down when we were working on these. Aidan wanted to jump out of his skin.  He thought I was taking forever carefully placing XOXO confetti in to each package and placing the hearts down in the bags just right so they rested perfectly on the crinkle paper. 

The tags said "Happy Valentine's Day for Crayon Out Loud". "Hugs, Aidan Harvey".  He was so proud of them! When I picked him up from school today he said to me "Mommy, Thank You so much for helping me make my Valentine's for my friends.  Everyone really liked them."  "I love you."  Of course it took him 5 minutes to get those two sentences out in between trying to tell me everything else that happened that morning but it makes the work all that much more worth it when you know you are appreciated!  I live to make that kid happy!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! My husband spoiled me as usual. The more years that pass, I realize how lucky I am that I have a husband that literally expresses how crazy in love with me he is everyday.  Our marriage is far from perfect but 365 days a year I feel super blessed to be the wife of Adam Harvey. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

And The Grammy For Album of the Year Goes to....

Adam and I are both HUGE Adele fans along with the rest of my family and so I was literally in tears when she was awarded album of the year last night at the Grammy's for 21! I loved when she said the album was born out of something everyone has been  through and that's a "total rubbish relationship". She is sooooo right! And yes, this is the second post I have posted a music video in in one day! Congrats Adele!


I was at my parents on Saturday night when Adam called to let me know of Whitney Houston's passing.  When he told me, it felt like my heart fell to my stomach.  Whitney Houston was a major part of the soundtrack to my life growing up.  I have four or five of her songs on my iPod work out mix.  I spent the majority of the remainder of my night glued to CNN watching the coverage of her death and I've been stunned ever since first hearing the news.  I'm devastated to hear of her death and my thoughts are with her  young daughter and her family.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scout Sleeps

This is one of Scout's favorite positions to sleep in...On his back, paws up, ears flopped back.  You may notice he is on the sofa here. Breaking the rules.  He lives the life I'm tellin' ya!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I've been participating in a photo challenge on Instagram.  I swear that iPhone is worth the money just for getting to use Instagram.   Everyone becomes an instant photographer with that app.  Tomorrow I have to post a self portrait...I'm not gonna lie, that's intimdating for me! We'll see how it turns out!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A friend from high school has the sweetest blog called Snippets of Me...KT Louise and today she did a list of all the things she LOVES in honor of the month of LOVE.  I thought it was cute and hilarious that so many of her things will be on my list too...I just had to do one! Thanks for the idea Katie!

*Adam Harvey...My goodness I love that man. Everyday when he walks through that door after work, I have to stop what I'm doing in bury my head in his shoulder...

*Aidan Harvey...I cant say enough how GRATEFUL I am every single day that I was chosen to be that boy's Mommy.  I like to think God plucked him off a cloud and knew he was perfect for me.  For us!

*Doing something that makes my Mom and Dad swell with pride...

*When my brothers drunk dial me...

*Doing other things for people...

*The beach on the Fourth of July.  Fireworks over the ocean.  Toes in the sand.  Husband one one arm, chubby Aidan hand holding the other... 

*Party Planning...

*Clean Sheets...

*The Smell of my Dad...


*The Holidays...

*Long drives...

*Massachusetts. The whole state...

*Watching friends become parents...

*DIY Projects...

*Furniture shopping...


*The Farmers Market...

*Picnics in our backyard...

*Mexican food...

*Dancing around the house with Aidan...

I could go on and on and on. What do you LOVE??


Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Re-Cap

I took a break from blogging this week.  I am trying to give myself a little bit of a break from the computer.  I think every once in a while I need that!  And in an attempt to spend less time on my iPhone when I am with my family...I broke up with Facebook.  Don't worry I'll still be here blogging! 

Friday night this weekend was Aidan and I's date night.  We had Mexican for dinner and came home and snuggled on the sofa.  That was his request instead of going to a movie! Hey, I'll take a snug session with him over anything!!!

Mexican dinner date.

Goofy Instagram photo

Saturday night I met some girlfriends Uptown for dinner so my parents took Aidan to the circus. I dropped them off at the arena and got stuck in some traffic.  I had no clue what was holding us up until I realized the elephants were crossing the street.  How funny right?

We had big plans to go to a friends house for a Super Bowl party today but it ended up being a really crummy day and we had a crazy day of errand running and about an hour before kick off we just decided to throw on our PJ's and sit home.  Best idea ever.

I ran out to the grocery store and threw together a coffee table full of appetizers and that's what we had for dinner. Aidan was LOVING all of his options tonight!

Typical easy party appetizers.

I think those are the best looking pigs in a blanket I have ever made.

Cute Shrimp Cocktail in my stemless red wine glasses. 

Sadly, the Patriot's lost the big game but they just didn't play as well as the Giant's.  We still love them though! Aidan is off in dreamland, I am organizing my Pinterest and shopping for new furniture ideas on line while this is going on next to me...

That's our weekend in a nutshell!! Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!