Sunday, September 5, 2010

Twas the night before Ruby had four little kitties

Yeah we had no idea Thursday was the night before Ruby decided to have her 4 little kitties.    But it was and on Friday, she did. 

Adam and I were laying in bed watching a movie and at some point there was a quiet point in the movie and I heard a faint little meow.  I looked at Adam and we both knew what was happening.  Our orange junk yard tabby cat, Ruby, was in labor under our bed.    We got up and decided we were going to have to take our bed apart.  We have the Stratton Bed from Pottery Barn and it is put together in a U shape and then a flat piece is screwed to the center.  Our mattress then goes on top of it.  Make sense? 

Anyways, we took the whole bed apart and there she was in all her glory with two new kitties.  I was a little freaked out that she was giving birth on a rug so I picked her up while Adam slid some towels underneath her.  We decided there was no way she had only had two kittens in her humongous belly so we put the bed back together and set up the video baby monitor near her so in case we heard any ruckus we wouldn't have to take the bed apart again. 

When we woke up we were both kind of giddy to find out how many more kittens were under there.  Personally I was hoping not too many because although we did think it would be fun to have the kittens around for a couple of weeks, I didn't want a ton of cats to find homes for.   So we took the bed apart and she had had 2 more.  4 little kitties.  3 orange ones and one that is a weird color but Aidan says it looks like me.  Adam says that is not a compliment. 

I moved Ruby and her babes to a basket in our closet and she loves it in there.  Every couple of hours she comes out to eat and get something to drink and we steal the kittens while she is gone.   They are so soft and sweet. 

Here are some pics of the little cuties...
(now almost 4 weeks old)

P.S. They are free to good homes, as is Ruby. 


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Holly said...

Hi April,

HOW SWEET!!!! It would break my heart not to be able to keep all!! YOUR FAMILY HAS THE FUNNIEST CONVERSATIONS AND COMMENTS - Aidan saying the weird colored one looking like you - that was my favorite one!! I look forward to your blog postings - you are so entertaining!!! How's the chair? Can't wait to see!!!

Have a great holiday!!
Holly N. Madugula (Arlington, TX)