Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Secret Is Out

I've known since I was visiting her, even though she was in slight denial,  ha ha...that my one of my dearest friend's Natalie was pregnant.   Via text I harassed her in to fessing up the good news that she had taken a pregnancy test a week after we left her house and it was positive!!!!  Nat is pregnant with her first baby and I could NOT BE HAPPIER!!!!   I seriously cried when she let loose the news.  

Today it became super official as she and her hubby went to see her doctor and all is well with the little one set to make his or her appearance on April 20, 2011!!!  I have already laid claim to her NC baby shower and will definitely be making some trips North to help her get ready for her little one.  What better reason to visit is there?

Natalie is lucky enough to have an amazing other half and the two of them are going to be one helluva set of parents for this little one.   This baby doesn't even know how sweet it's going to be!

Welcome to the Mommy Club!  I am so happy to have you! I know you are going to be great!! I feel so lucky to be on this journey with you during the best time of your life!!!  I am already loving all of our chats about the little miracle in your belly.  In case I haven't told you enough, I am here for you for whatever you need, whenever.  We have so much shopping to do!!!  I love you!

and Baby,
Your Mommy is the greatest.  We all love you already and I can't wait to meet you!!!

Love, April

P.S. Natalie approved I will post a pic of the babe when she gets one in a few weeks. 

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