Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kellan 2 Weeks Old!

He's really 16 days old now but that's close enough to two weeks to still get a post done!

What's up with our little man...

You only fit in to newborn clothes.  I tried to put some of your 3mos stuff on you but your swimming in it.  Therefore we are recycling the same 5 or 6 outfits right now.

 You sleep a lot!  Your favorite place to sleep is on Mommy and Daddy's chest.   You took a 30 minute nap in your crib today. I am hoping you will start to warm up to sleeping in there!
You hate to have your diaper changed and we change them often! I think it's because you hate being cold. Daddy is a much faster diaper changer than I am so he has started taking diaper duty when he is here. 
You have a weird feeding schedule.  You eat every 2-3 hrs with the exception of a 4 hour stretch every afternoon when you take your longest nap.
You sleep pretty well for the first half of the night.  If I feed you at 12:30, you sleep until 4 or 5 and then you sleep until 9 or 10.  Getting you back to sleep at 4 is no easy task.  
We have your two week check up tomorrow. I am sure they will tell us you are back to your birth weight plus some! Update: Went to the Dr. You weigh 9lbs 4oz!
Yesterday was your first Christmas! Grandpa took Aidan shopping and he bought you the cutest hedgehog stuffed animal.  I am sure you are going to love it.  You got lots of Baby's First Christmas ornaments and slept for the majority of the day.  You met all of Daddy's side of the family in Dallas, NC.
Speaking of Christmas, Daddy had four days (sorta) off and he finally got some good time to bond with you.   We are now referring to him as the "Baby Whisperer".   It's safe to say he just gets you.
Daddy and I had a date night last Friday and Grandma and Grandpa stayed with you.  Sunday we went to the last home Panther's game and Amanda and Meredith came over to hang out with you and Aidan.  You slept the entire time we were gone both times.
Your cry is a very high pitched scream and we try our best to avoid hearing it.  You like to break it out in the middle of the night right when everyone has finally fallen asleep. 

Your umbilical cord finally fell all the way off and any day we are going to give you your very first bath. 

You were born with a sacral dimple and we have had a neurologist do an ultrasound on it.  So far, so good but we are going to have it looked at again in a few weeks. 

Your brother is crazy about you.  When you cry, he comes right over and tries to help figure out what is upsetting you.  He tells everyone that you look just like him as a baby and he is beaming with pride when people ask him about you.  I can tell you guys will be fast friends.

I can't believe you have been here for two weeks already!  I was in Nana's bathroom tonight and I couldn't help but think about being in there just a few weeks ago leaning on her vanity through contractions.  The pain felt unbearable but I was so excited that I was going to finally meet you!  Now you've been here two weeks and that all is starting to feel like a distant memory.  We love you so much!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Welcome Kellan!

This is the world's longest post ever. 
By now most of you already know our little man made his debut last week!  He was born on
December 12, 2012 at I have no idea really what time. I could look at his birth certificate form but that would take me getting out of my chair.  Someone had said 4:26am but Adam says that's not right. Seriously awesome birthday right?  When I first got pregnant and my Dr. mentioned it would be so cool if he was born on that day, I thought "yeah right".  Well he must have been listening to her!
Kellan Adam Harvey
Weighing in at a whopping 8lbs 10oz and
21 inches long!!!
 (lots of pictures)
 A whole pound heavier than his big brother!

Proud Daddy

We spent a lot of time in the hospital just the two of us because Aidan is sick (again) and Adam was taking care of him! No picture of Kellan, Mommy and Daddy and none of Aidan because he couldn't visit us.  He came for about 5 minutes one night and stood across the room. Sad face. 

And for a little crazy birth story:
I started having contractions around 8:45 on Monday night the 10th.  I made baked spaghetti for dinner for all of us and we made jokes this could be our last night as a family of three.  Little did I know what I was in for.  We put Aidan to bed and Adam and I settled in to watch a little TV and spend some time together.  I was getting up to walk around during my contractions. They were uncomfortable but not really painful yet. 
Aidan had come down with a cold so he woke up and I decided I would let Adam sleep, put Aidan on the sofa to watch some TV and walk the house and see what happened.  By this point it was around 1am on the 11th.  I called my Dr. to let them know my contractions were 5-7 minutes apart and lasting anywhere from 45 seconds to a minute long.  The nurse called me back and said the Dr on call didn't think I was in active labor and to call back when my contractions were closer together. WHAT! I couldn't sleep and was having to walk them off. 
At 4:40 I made a note on my phone that I was sitting by the Christmas tree looking through Christmas catalogs.  Adam was still sleeping (he had been up to check on me once or twice).  I cleaned out and switched purses, washed and blew my hair dry, did a load of laundry, cleaned up from dinner and started the dishwasher.
Around 6 I decided to call my Dr. back  I was not able to talk through my contractions.  They were still kind of erratic but seriously painful.  I thought. They agreed I could come in. I was annoyed when we got to the hospital because they put us in a triage bed, hooked me up to some monitors and made me lay down at which point my contractions totally stopped with the exception of one or two. The Dr. on call, didn't even come in to see me and told the nurse she could discharge me and to come back when my contractions were constant. In their defense I was only 1.5 cm dilated.  I was so upset.
Adam had to go to work and my Dad had already taken the day to stay with Aidan so Adam dropped me off at my parents and my Dad took care of the two of us all day.  My contractions were coming every 10 minutes with no break and they were painful.  My the time my Mom walked through the door at 5:30, I was getting tired and crying in her bed.  Adam came over after work and brought us all dinner. It was nice we were all together waiting on the baby but I was getting more and more uncomfortable and was afraid to call my Dr.again. 
We made the decision that Adam would take Aidan home to sleep at our house because he was so sick and I would stay and sleep with my Mom and call him if anything happened.  I cannot tell you the pain I was in.  My mom was so sweet and talked to me and we watched a couple of movies as my contractions would come and I would walk her room to try to ease the pain.  Everyone once in a while my Dad would come by and make a joke about how his room had been turned in to the maternity suite.   My Mom fell asleep early and I just could not lay down.  So I threw on my Dad's bath robe and started walking the long hall in their condo.  I called my Dr again  and the nurse said he was sure I was not in active labor but if I wanted I could come back to triage and they could check me.  Are you serious??  Walking the long hall again   I was balling from the pain.  I reported to my Mom what the Dr had said and that I thought maybe I did want to go in.  She said to try and give it another hour.   Well.  About 20 minutes later my contractions started piling up on each other and I got really nervous.  I went back in her room and told her I thought we should go to the hospital.  We scrambled to get dressed, I called the nurse and told her I was coming in and we left.  The second we got in the car my contractions slowed down again. All I could think was "this is not happening".  I felt so guilty I could be causing my entire family so much work for nothing.  
Once we arrived to the hospital, we got checked in, they asked me a million and one questions, I changed, used the bathroom and got in to bed.  This is where things got cloudy.  The time was around 3 am.  My contractions were all over the place but so incredibly painful. I was begging my nurse for something for the pain and she was not interested in helping me at all.  Everything she did was so slow.  I needed to have blood work done before I could get my epidural.  She had to put my IV in twice because the first time she forgot to tape it down and as soon as a I moved,  it came out along with what looked at the time like half of the blood in my body. I was at this point standing, rocking back and forth on the food tray and my Mom had asked the nurse a million times if they were keeping me so she could go to my house and send Adam.  They checked me and I was 4cm.  I could stay. HOORAY!  
Off she went and after getting lost in the hospital didn't make it to Adam until almost 4 am.  We live about 5 minutes from the hospital so that felt like an eternity to be alone at the hospital.  I heard Adam asking the nurse at the desk where I was and I remember being so relieved he was finally there.   He came in my room, put my bag down and I immediately started to have an awful contraction as he walked over to me.  He asked me if I had my epidural yet and I looked at him like "do you think I would be like this if I had an epidural?"
Once the contraction ended all I could get out was "I have to push". I really wish I had a camera to capture the look on Adam and my nurses faces.  She checked me, confirmed I was 10cm and then the next thing I knew the room filled up with about 15 people.  I quietly asked Adam "does this mean no epidural?" He confirmed we were in fact about to go natural on this one.  I should have tried to make myself pass out at this point because the next 10 minutes were the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life.   Apparently the NICU was called in because my nurse had taken it upon herself to administer Demerol for my pain without checking me first and they were afraid the baby was going to be doped up. 
I remember the Dr. coming in and scolding my nurse for not getting me my epidural in time and Adam was standing in the corner trying to stay out of the way because so much was going on so fast.   Luckily, the sweetest nurse was on my left side and brought him back over to participate.  He was out in three pushes and the worlds worst blood curdling screams coming from me. I probably woke the entire hospital.  It was embarrassing.  Adam was in shock.  It was a little after 4.   They put him on my chest and all of a sudden, the Demerol hit and I was so out of it.  My entire body felt like Jello and I asked Adam to take Kellan. 
They weighed him and I couldn't get over how big he was!!!  Of course I would have an almost 9lb baby and no pain meds.  Of course.  The next couple of hours continued to be crazy.  There were so many babies born that night the only place they had to put us was in an old wing of the hospital where literally no one came to check on us. They were doing construction in the ceiling right above us.  It was nuts.  Adam and I were digging through a supply closet for things I needed.  Poor Adam was exhausted and there was one chair for him to sleep on so I sent him home to get some rest.  I finally reached a nurse and she was nice enough to put me on a list to be moved to a new room when one became available. 
Once I was finally moved things were so much better.  I was able to snuggle Kellan and soak in how elated I was that I had this new little man to love. He has been such a joy since the second he took his first breath. 
Today he's a week old and he's on a pretty good schedule.  He eats every 3-3.5 hrs and he loves to sleep.  On me! He has a squeaky little cry and only gets upset when he has a wet diaper, is hungry or wants to be snuggled more.  The boy loves a good snug session.   I'm loving every minute of it.  He had lost 10oz before we left the hospital but he has gained 5 back as of Monday so we know he is eating well. 
And an update on his big brother:
 Poor Aidan is so sick. His pneumonia is back (AHHH) and he has a double ear infection.  He's been without fever for a few days so that's been great.  We are all a little upset that he hasn't been able to hold his baby brother yet but any day now he will be back to his old self and probably will never put him down.  He never complains about his crying and rubs his head when I lay him on the Boppy in the living room.  He is so excited to have a baby brother.
Adam is so busy right now that I spend most of my time with the two of them alone and between feeding and breathing treatments, I definitely have my hands full. I think once Aidan is well, things will feel like they have calmed down a bit.   I am little bit more emotional that I would like to be but I am aware that I just had a baby a week ago and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Haha! 
I'm looking forward to Adam having a few days off for Christmas and hunkering down with my boys (all three of them!!!) for a few days. 
If you made it through this post.  You're great.  If I'm not back before, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, December 10, 2012

The No Baby Update

We're still here!  And Kellan is still baking.  No real sign of him making his debut anytime soon but that could change in a moments notice!!! 

I've been spending my days getting ready.  Hair is highlighted, nails have been done, cleaning lady has come, hospital bags are packed (finally) car seat is installed in the car, all baby gadgets have been assembled and are ready for use.  Now all we need is the baby.
He will come when he wants! 
Thanks to two Mom's that thought it would be a good idea to bring their sick kids to a birthday party we attended Saturday, Aidan has come down with a cold.  I literally Lysoled our entire lives and we've been washing hands like crazy but it still caught us.   I will be heartbroken if he can't come see the baby because he is sick!

This is my latest bump pic.  If you follow me on Instagram you have probably already seen it.  
This is from the front (obviously).   I think it gives you a better picture of what we're dealing with here.  I got HUGE like over night last week.   Bending over has officially become near impossible.  Climbing in to my car is hilarious. Most of the time I don't make it all the way and then slam half of my butt in the door.  It's glamorous.  I teeter toter on wanting to eat nothing and everything in sight.  For the sake of my husband not remembering me pigging out in PJ's everyday, I've tried to control it.  

Saturday night after Aidan was in bed my brother came over and Adam and I went out to see the latest Twilight movie.  Save your dollars and wait for it to come out on Demand.  And that's all I have to say about that!  
I hope you all are enjoying this holiday season!  And getting your shopping done early!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aidan at 5 and a Half (Almost)


I wish I had done these little updates your whole life.  But I guess I was too busy enjoying the little things to take the time to blog about them.  I wanted to do this one time before you became a big brother.  Jot down the things that I want to remember about you being just you. 

Daddy and I are seriously crazy about you.  CRAAAZY.

We think you are so funny. And you are. You have this personality and we wonder where it even came from. 

You can dance.  Like, really dance.  Just tonight you were standing on the arm of the sofa and you were dancing and we couldn't get over your rhythm. 

You're so smart.  You say things and we don't know where you learn the stuff.  When I ask you, you always say "nobody taught me, I just know every things."  And while you still have so much to learn, some days it seems like your the one who is teaching us.

You like to be at home.  Everyday when I pick you up from school you like to come straight home and just veg out.  I'll sit with you on the sofa and you snuggle right up to me.  Sometimes you just lay your head on my arm and other days you lay across my lap and want me to rub your back. I love the days where time is standing still.  I would snuggle with you on that sofa forever.

Currently you are obsessed with Cam Newton, the Carolina Panther's quarterback.  He's not having a good season but you never waiver in your commitment to being his biggest fan.  Every Sunday you ask to wear your #1 jersey and beg Dad to play football with you in the front yard.  I say beg but usually that lasts 30 seconds.  He loves to throw the ball with you.  

Lego's.  It started with fire trucks but now your all about Star Wars.  There aren't enough Storm Trooper Lego's in the world to make you happy.  Lately when you get bored with the troopers you have, you take out your markers and draw on them to change their uniforms.  Their like new men to you like that. I've spent my fair share of days being exhausted and laying around this pregnancy and you have started taking that time to create whatever you want with your Lego's.  I'm always amazed at your creativity.

Speaking of laying around, your such a little care giver.  Today for no reason you made me a snack (Chex Mix) and you plugged the Christmas tree in because you know how much I love it. 

Your best buddy at school is Dylan.  Everyday you tell us all about him.  What you guys talked about at lunch, who you played with on the playground, if he was even at school.   As much as you love him, Daddy is your best friend.  A day doesn't go by that you don't remind him of that.  Around the same time every night you start to get antsy waiting on him to come home.  As soon as he walks through the door you light up.  Then the two of you could care less about me when your wrestling or running around the yard together.  And that's OK.  I think Dad has been waiting his whole life for someone to love him like you do.

Scout is your dog through and through.  When you and Daddy showed up at home with him that morning and you said "he's my best friend" you weren't lying to me.   You feed him in the mornings, let him out, throw his toys with him, cover him up with your blankie when he's napping on the floor and he's just as, if not more in love with you.  He follows you around all day and when you stop, he lays at your feet.  I shouldn't leave out that you also take good care of your cats and although you can't reach him, you remind me to feed your fish everyday.

You are really in to family.  Anytime something exciting happens to you, you want to call Nana and Grandpa and tell them all about it.   You stop people in the streets to talk to them about your Uncle Jordan going to Clemson and you think he plays football there.  Anytime Daddy and I want to go anywhere by ourselves, you tell us we can call Uncle Bobby to come over and hang out with you.    The nice thing is, every one of those people is just as excited about you as you are them.

Everyone around you, thinks your the greatest.  It's been all about you for a while now.

And any day our little family is going to grow.   It's been so much fun just the three of us around here.  But I had some of the best times of my life growing up with my brothers and I wanted that for you. I've been so SO grateful we got these years with you all alone.  It will forever be a favorite time in my life.  You and me and Dad.  The three amigos.  But I've got this feeling babe, the best is yet to come.