Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby Wearing-Moby Wrap

I just did a post at the beginning of the week on baby items I can't live without.  On the list was my beloved Moby Wrap.  I never had one with Aidan but bought one to use for Kellan a week after he was born.  I've never loved a baby product more.  I use the Wrapping Folded method.

I have to admit when I used to see these things I was not in to them.  I thought I loved my Baby Bjorn.  And I do BUT this is like second skin.  Kellan loves to sleep in it.  We love the Newborn Hug Hold.  

Since we have an extremely colicky baby, he has to be held a lot.  That makes it difficult to get things done around the house.  Since owning this, I can get all my stuff done and I can't complain about getting to "hold" the baby without actually holding him. 

I keep it on me at all times.  When we go to my parents, he's in it.  If we visit friends, he's in it.  If we take a walk over to the playground during his fussy time, he's in it.  The nice thing is, it puts Kellan to sleep instantly.  He pulls his little legs up underneath himself (think frog position) and starts snoozing.  He has taken his longest naps in the Moby Wrap. 

Just this week I have started to experiment with the Hug Hold since Kellan is stretching his legs a little more.   I am anxious to try that and some of the other ways to wear him.  Adam loves to wear him in the Baby Bjorn but I am hoping to convert him as well.   I would love one in a lighter color to wear this summer. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Funny Faces

A few weeks ago we set Kellan up on the sofa next to us and captured this set of photos of him.  They are some of my favorite to date.   

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lone Star Rodeo

Over the weekend we took Aidan to the Rodeo here in Charlotte.  I am always looking for new ideas for things to do with him so when my girlfriend Chelsea suggested we take our boys together, I jumped on it!

Had to have a Cowboy hat as soon as we got there. 

Chels and I.  My eyebrows are there, just not in this picture for some reason. 

Aidan and  his best bud Ryland.  They loved the bull riding. 

Best Friends. 

Adam and I.  We look exhausted. 

Adam's parents watched Kellan for us and we really enjoyed getting to take Aidan out to do something solo.  I think he loved the one on one time.  It was a great time! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Items I Can't Live Without

I feel like preggos are always asking me what I can't live without once the baby comes.  Here's my short list...

Solid Onesies and Pants
I try to keep my boys wardrobes simple. Nothing with big labels on them or with themes.  I love my baby in a plain ole' white onesie.  Carter's sells them, the Baby Gap has nice ones as well and if you have an H&M near you, I have grown to love their kimono style onesies. They are so soft! If your a southern gal like myself and want to spice up a solid onesie, you can have them monogrammed.  I pair them with naked legs, pants like these striped ones also available at the Baby Gap or these pants from American Apparel.  And even though they are a little pricey I have found the cutest pants and leg warmers on the Layla Grace website. Leg warmers on a baby with rolls...adorable!
Baby Sleep Gowns

I really like gowns for sleeping at night.  Mostly for the easy accessibility for diaper changes in the wee hours of the morning.  Having to deal with one million snaps is not fun when you are half asleep.  I had some nice ones left over from when Aidan was a baby and I love to see Kellan in his old stuff.   I discovered these Magnificent Baby Sleep Gowns with MAGNETS!! at buybuyBaby. (Well really my girlfriend Melissa did.)  We have three of them and I am constantly washing them because I'm afraid the night will come where one is dirty and I have to put something else on Kellan!
If you don't have a buybuyBaby near you, you can shop on their website or locate a store where they can be purchased.  


Baby swings are quite possibly the most unattractive piece of baby gear out there but you have to have one.  We have the Fisher Price Snugabunny Cradle and Swing.  Aidan slept in his swing the majority of the first three months of his life.  When shopping for a swing just make sure you buy one that can be plugged in! We had a nice hand me down swing with Aidan but it was only battery operated and that was such a disaster!  When you are literally keeping a baby asleep by swinging side to side, when those batteries start to die at 3am, you and your husband look like fools trying to replace them before the baby wakes up.   I like this swing for the option to swing side to side or front to back, it has two seat positions making it a cradle and then a seat.  It plays nature sounds and music.  Be for warned those few days post pregnancy when you have no control over your bladder, you should skip the waterfall sounds and go with Twinkle Twinkle.
Diaper Caddy

 We have one of these Sabrina Diaper Caddy's from Pottery Barn Kids and I love it.  I pack it full of diapers, wipes, ointments, burp cloths and other little necessities and carry it with me when we move from room to room in our house.  Our house is really small so it's not a pain to change Kellan on the changing table but for a quick change in our room in the middle of the night it's really convenient.  It is also perfect for when you have a sitter.  If they aren't yet familiar with where you keep all of your diaper supplies, this puts them all in one place to make their lives easier.  I made one up for my parents house as well because we spend a lot of time over there.
Sabrina Diaper Caddy & Scallop Caddy Liner

Breast Pump

I have the Medela Pump in Style Advanced.  I bought it when I was pregnant with Aidan and it still works like a champ 6 years later!  When you are breastfeeding you can sometimes feel tied down to your pump in addition to your baby so it's a good plan to spend the money on one.  Word on the street is some insurance companies are fully reimbursing for breast pumps now! Check that out.

Avent Natural Bottles
I have been an Avent girl since Aidan was a baby.  I didn't do any research on bottles I just registered for some and used them. When I became pregnant with Kellan I did some reading on a bottle that would be a good choice for a primarily breastfed baby.  I wanted to keep the chances of nipple confusion low.   It was a toss up between the Tommee Tippee and these Avent Naturals.  Since I already had accessories for my breast pump etc for Avent products I went with them (I have a girlfriend breastfeeding and she uses Tommee Tippees and likes them also FYI).  They sat in the nursery closet for over a month and I wondered if we would ever get to test out all the great things I had heard about them.  Then Kellan hit a growth spurt and Adam wanted to do some feeding so I pumped in to them and we have LOVED them.  We are supplementing with a little bit of formula because of his stomach issues and they have worked out so well.  It  may very well be my treating a bottle feeding just like a breastfeeding session -switching him from side to side and holding him really close- but so far, he jumps right back on the breast with no issue at all!

 Swaddling Blankets

I hope I don't burst any bubbles here but I jumped on the Aden and Anais bandwagon with this baby and I must be missing something because I cannot figure out how people get a good swaddle with these blankets. I am a pretty great swaddler (I like to think) and while they do feel amazing, they have no chance against a squirmy baby.  Maybe it's the muslin is too thin but every time Kellan falls asleep, if he gets the least bit antsy, he wiggles it loose and he's awake!  We have always loved the flannel blankets they use in the hospital so we asked for a few of those and we put those over the Aden and Anais.  I also love the cotton blankets Carter's sells.  We have also spent too much money on two or three great Organic, jersey type of swaddling blankets on Etsy.
Moby Wrap
A week in to Kellan being here, I could tell he was going to be the type of baby that wanted to be held.  ALL.THE.TIME.  I ran out and bought a Moby Wrap.   I came straight home and put it on.  It's a ton of fabric but now that I have it down pat, I can have it on in a minute or less.  Kellan loves it.  He actually gets excited when he knows I am getting ready to put him in it!  He is colicky and research shows the more you hold your baby, the less colicky they will be.  I don't know if it's just coincidence or that's true but if I wear him in this a lot of the day, he is so much better at night!  We are just now exploring the other ways to wear it and I am so glad I bought one.  I'm a baby wearing Mom for sure!

That's my list! Obviously in addition to needing the basics like a carseat and stroller.  I would love to hear what other Moms can't live without!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sick Again

Poor Aidan.  I think he's reached the point in his short little life where he knows a nebulizer is going to be a big part of his childhood.  Every time this sweetheart catches a cold, it's pneumonia in days time.  My mother in law had bad bronchial issues as a child and so we can blame her.  Thanks Kathy.  JK!


I took him to the Dr. last week and he had double ear infections (had never said anything about his ears hurting) pink eye in both eyes and a cold that sounded bad enough we skipped the xray and just immediately started treating for pneumonia.  

It's amazing what a few doses of antibiotics (two different kinds) and that nebulizer will do for this kid.  He's back to himself.  We had a date to Target he and I the other day and he asked if we could get Icee's and a bag of popcorn "like the days old good" (good ole days). 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


You are not a huge fan of your binkie.  And if you feel like sucking on it, you literally want someone to hold it for you.   I think this video is the cutest.

Friday, February 15, 2013

8 Week Video

I was dying to catch Kellan making some of his "cooing" on camera.  Watch if you wish, I apologize for my annoying baby talk voice and constant kisses. Actually only for the voice. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2 Months Old! (Picture OVERLOAD)

Kel, Your two months old baby!  Yes, Yes the time is flying by.  Every single day of the last two months I literally could have burst I'm so in love with you. I try so hard to keep up with my chores around the house but I have to tell you, as much as I hate an unmade bed, I hate it a million times more to let a minute of the day go by when I'm not holding you.  I promised myself I wouldn't take for granted being able to stay home with you and I haven't. Not one bit.
Hey Handsome! 

You have grown to love sleeping like this on Daddy.
You are sleeping through the night already.  I wasn't prepared for that but at about two weeks old, you were over middle of the night feedings.  You sleep from 10:30-6am.  I feed you then and you go back to sleep until I wake you up around 8:30 to take Aidan to school!


We FINALLY had your appointment with the pediatric surgeon.  The anxiety leading up to the appointment was killing me.  The words surgery, painful, long recovery and the thought of a future of other issues were clouding my brain leading up to your appointment.  So many people called to let us know you they were thinking and praying for you and God must have heard them because we were able to fix you up with a small procedure and all should be well from here on out. 

Nap time.

We do this all day.
You just started wearing your 3-6 months clothes.  It's still kind of big on you but your 0-3 months things are a little tight.  You are growing like a weed so I'm sure you'll be filling them out soon enough.  I get so excited when you wear something that was Aidan's.  We rush to open up his baby photo book to find him wearing the same outfit.


Side Eye. Uh oh! 

We all think it is so funny when you get in your swing, you are a little nervous of the mobile at the top so you pull your blanket right up under your chin and hold on for dear life.  You must have liked it because now anytime you get tired, we give you a swaddling blanket and you rub it on your face. So sweet. 

It looks like we may have a ginger on our hands.  My natural hair color is red and it looks like you may be a red head yourself.  I can't tell you how excited that makes me! And the mohawk. Your brother had one too.  


At your 2 month appointment these were your stats:
11lbs 14oz
24 inches
Your got 6 immunizations. 1 Oral and 5 SHOTS. Oh it was awful. For me. You were like "waaaah" for all of 3 seconds and then over it.  Your big brother held your hand.  You hit the big brother jackpot.  He takes his job VERY seriously.


I like to call this "2 Months Old, Birthday Suit Edition"

Birthday Suit Part 2

Grandpa is calling you Deuce.  I like it. Your brother's nickname is Hap.  Short for Happy.  So these days you guys are Deuce and Hap. 
Daddy came up with every excuse in the book the other night so you and he could stay just like this and not come to bed.  He only woke up every few minutes to kiss your head.

You really are a Mama's boy.  I HATE IT! said no Mom ever. 
Love you baby.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Parent Teacher Conferences

Yesterday I had parent teacher conferences at Aidan's school.  I was SO nervous.  Am I the only parent that feels like you are walking in to a meeting about all the things wrong with your child?  I try to look at it as constructive criticism but Aidan is my pride and joy.  I get very defensive.  It's sort of hilarious considering it's only TK!

I started the meeting off by being 15 minutes late. I thought my time slot was at a different time! Nice.  Luckily, his teacher was running behind as well and she wasn't upset.  

Well this conference was different than I thought it would be!  I get to brag on my boy!  With the exception of needing to work on some letter sounds and nailing down our address and my telephone number, he is doing GREAT.  There are obviously areas he can work on but there are even more areas that he excels in!  My "just had a baby and I'm super emotional" self wanted to burst in to tears hearing this.  I've been so worried he would fall of the wagon with the big change of the new baby right in the middle of the school year.

For a few minutes I was wondering if his teacher had mistaken me for someone elses Mom.  Not that I don't think Aidan is a wonderful kid but just like every other five year old, he struggles with listening to me, sharing at times, throwing the occasional tantrum and all the other fun stuff that goes with being his age.   She must have said how sweet he is five times. It's such an answer to my prayers for Aidan to be liked by his teacher and classmates and do well in his schooling. I think he is getting a great foundation for Kindergarten with this teacher. She is wonderful. And I'm not just saying that because she had so many nice things to say about my son.

I have worked so hard with Aidan. No one is joking when they tell you that your involvement with your child makes all the difference in the world. Every time we get in the car together I am making him count something or point out a color, object or letter. We sound out street signs, license plates or our friends names. We've made up cheers to remember how to spell his middle name. Give me a "W"!!! "W!!!" Give me an "I". "I!!!"  

It's kind of starting to sink in that he will be off to real school next year. I will never regret keeping him in the pre school program another year. The extra time I got to spend with him alone was worth it but he has really matured this year and I feel much better about sending him. Last year I still thought he was such a baby. My baby.

I don't know why I was so caught off guard to get such a great report but his work has paid off and I'm so proud of this kid.  I'll know better next time.  To Kindergarten we go!