Monday, January 3, 2011

The Holidays Are Over

For the past month, Aidan has been running around saying "It's the Holidays" to everyone he can get to pay him some attention.  Well Bud, the Holidays are over.  And I'm kind of excited about it.  I'm not sure if I told you already but I took my tree down the day after Christmas.  The second Adam gave me the OK I started slowly taking the ornaments off and before I knew it, the Christmas decor in it's entirety was gone from our home. 

I spent the week between Christmas and New Years trying to get my house in order.  Aidan aquired so much new stuff that there is just not enough space for everything anymore.  It's driving me crazy.

New Years came and it really didn't even feel like New Years this year. I had been sick most of the week and by 11 I was ready to come home.  Adam was grumpy so Aidan and I smooched at midnight and we just stayed in bed all day New Years Day.

Aidan is supposed to go back to school tomorrow but he had been a little under the weather in the constipation department so I will probably keep him home one more day and pump him full of water and fruit in hopes he can get some relief. 

I have made a long list of things I want to get accomplished in the first few weeks of the New  Year and I am starting on it tomorrow.  The Holidays are over and I am so anxious for us to get back in to our regular routine and start and finish all the projects I wanted to get done before the Holidays or the ones I started mid way through that just fell to the way side because I was too busy last minute shopping or baking something. 

I am sure by the time the Holiday season comes around next year, I will be thrilled but for now...I was happy to see them go. 


Melissa said...

I feel the exact same way. Minus the holiday decor since we didn't even decorate this year!!! I am ready to get started on my list. Want to help? Numero uno is to find some new bedding for our master bedroom. I found some fabulous lamps at HomeGoods and we have this really cool mirror for above the headboard but I am at a loss for bedding. I may have to take a trip to Mary Jo's!

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