Thursday, May 22, 2014

Aidan is Turning 7!

In 5 short days my first baby is going to be 7 on the 7th!  I've been a Mom for 7 years!  That's bonkers to me! These years have FLOWN by! We've had so much fun. 

We are celebrating his birthday by having a big bash at Bank of American Stadium.  Home of the Carolina Panthers.

Adam and I sat down and thought out loud about our 7 Favorite Things We Love About Aidan...  
(In no particular order)
1.  He's laid back.  Go with the flow is a good mantra for him.  He can and will do whatever. 

2.  He wants to be everything when he grows up. And he reminds me daily there is nothing I can do about it.

3.  He's incredibly artistic.  He has dozens of journals, notebooks, index cards that he draws on daily.  He draws pictures for everyone.  
  (This is a drawing of me from Mother's Day)

4.  He's crazy about his baby brother.  We do not force Aidan and Kellan's relationship at all.  Even at 5.5 years apart they play together and get along far better than we could have even hoped.  He's very vocal about how happy he is he has a brother.   

5.  He's comfortable in his own skin.  Aidan is what he is and he never apologizes for it. 

6.  He's a lover.  He responds well to hugs and kisses and lots of snuggles from anyone.  But especially his parents and brother and my parents.  You can find him curled up in his Daddy's arms most days and he loves to climb up on the sofa with his Grandpa and watch movie trailers on the iPad.

7.  He gets attached.  Aidan unconditionally loves everything.  Even our sectional sofa that we sold on Craigslist.  He balled like a baby when the buyers came to get it.
There are so many more things we love about our first born.  He made us parents.  He brought us closer.  He's brought so much joy in to our lives it's immeasurable.  We are grateful for Aidan every day.  

Happy Almost 7th Birthday Baby! 

Kellan vs Aidan

Everyone in the world tells you when you are having your second (third, fourth, fifth....) child that you cannot compare one to the other.   That's always an obvious piece of unsolicited advice people give you but it is so true.  Especially in the case of my boys.

When Aidan was born I am convinced God had mercy on me.  I was a new, young Mom and that baby was an angel.  Sure we ran in to our fair share of issues.  He didn't like to sleep in his crib at first, he had a terrible latch ( I honestly can't think of anything else) but there were quick solutions.  He slept in his swing in our room for three months and I bought a nipple shield.  Those were our biggest worries with Aidan as a baby.  And each year it got better.  He loved the car, we never had to baby proof, he liked to travel, he was a typical boy but a good listener, I can't think of a time he threw a tantrum.  He was/is an absolute joy.  We have our days but overall he made me think I could keep having kids until the end of time if they were all like him.   He's the best snuggler too.  The best!

Then Kellan came along.  And don't get me wrong.  He's a joy too.  He makes more people smile in a day than you could ever imagine.  My heart explodes every morning when I get him up and I miss him so much when I put him to bed at night that I actually wake him up most nights to hold him longer.  BUT...the child should be the picture under the definition of boy in the dictionary.  In the South we like to say "he's a HOT MESS". 

Kellan's day in a nutshell looks like this: 


Roll back and forth on the changing table while Mom and/or Dad try to change his diaper/get him dressed, fights his way to the floor to take off to look for Aidan. 

Resembles a tornado while standing in Aidan's room. 

Every object that Aidan owns goes out of the bins, baskets, buckets over his shoulder and on to the ground.  He laughs while Aidan sighs.

Accepts his breakfast only in a standing up position.  Will not sit in a high chair.  Periodically eats if you are willing to chase him around with food on a fork. 

Continues in to the Master Bedroom where he clears off the nightstands and pulls all the blankets to the floor.

Next up, Living Room. 

All toys out of the basket, over the shoulder on to the floor.  Climbs sofa removes everything on console table in to the back of the sofa cushions. 

Off the sofa out to the Laundry Room.  Eats cat and or dog food, opens washer and dryer and tries (sometimes succeeds) to get in one or the other. 

Two hours have finally passed and he can take a nap.  Talks himself to sleep while untying all of the bumpers on his crib, Sleeps 2-4 hours and wakes Happy as a Clam. 

Same routine as the morning.  Wrestles us on the changing table.  Once his diaper is on he all but jumps to the floor. 

Aidan, Aidan, Aidan.  WHERE IS HE???  Looks in every room.  Found um!

Repeats entire routine of trashing every room in the house except this time he's going to play with every electrical outlet he can get near and pull a lamp or two off of a table.  That's a NEW hobby.  

Sees Daddy watering the grass.  Stands at front door and SCREAMS BLOODY MURDER until his father sees him.  * A laugh would do the trick too but noooo....must scream.* 

Daddy opens the front door, he rolls out.  Screaming again, now from injury due to not wanting to wait for anyone to help him down the front steps.

On a mission to run right over to the neighbors house and right up their wheelchair ramp.  Every time.  We go get him, he goes right back. 

Adam and I stupidly think it sounds like a brilliant idea to take the brothers for a milkshake.  Aidan skips to the car with a smile on his face, Kellan wants to wrestle to the ground. 

Screaming in car seat.  Calms down but don't make eye contact.  That makes him scream. 

Get milkshakes.  Wants to hold the 5lb chocolate milkshake by himself.  Not happening.  SCREAMING. 

Back home. Probably tries to break the house key off in the lock. 

Put him in his crib (door open) for some quiet time while we make dinner. 

Unsuccessfully tries to climb out of the crib or up the wall.   We are watching from the kitchen. 

However! he does squeeze his chubby little wrist through his crib slat and reaches as far as he can to stick his fingers in the outlet behind his crib.  OF COURSE. 

Dinner is ready and we're chasing him.

Bath time.  Tries to take his life several times by drowning.  Gives Aidan and his parents a heart attack. 

Laughs while we are still crying and empties bath tub on to the bath mat with shampoo cup. 

Wrestling again on changing table. 

Pumps half the bottle of lotion on to the area rug while I turn to look for PJ's in drawer. 

Put him to bed.

Talks, unties bumpers, bangs his bottle on wall then throws it, squeezes chubby wrist through slats to try to electrocute himself real quick and then finally passes out. 

There is no other way to say this.  He wears our asses out.  But he's soooooo  CUTE!!!!
And we really are having the best time with him!   He couldn't be more different than Aidan but we love them both the way they are.  Kellan is busy, busy, busy.