Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August 31st

Every Spring I can't wait for the Summer to come.  I look forward to long days and backyard BBQ's.  Days at the pool with Aidan and trips to the beach so I can dig my toes in the sand.  Maxi dresses and flip flops.

And then every August without fail, I am dying for the Fall to come.  I am so glad the month is over! I can't wait for cooler weather, sweaters, boots and decorating with pumpkins.  I even can't wait to rake leaves with my hubby this season.

This is the season my Adam turns 30 and we celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary!

If I get lucky, we'll make a trip up North to Boston to see family and friends and enjoy the season. Maybe squeeze in Aidan's first Sox game.  There's just something about Massachusetts in the fall. It's my favorite place to be. 

Let's not get started on Pumpkin Spice everything.

Happy Almost Fall Y'all!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary to These Two Crazy Love Birds! (It was yesterday)
Everyday I realize how special it is to have parents like you.  You've been a shining example
of what a Happy, Healthy marriage should look like (minus the fights over the iPad, but we've fixed that now)!!!  We are all so lucky to have you two! 
I love you! Happy 35years!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Never Ending Laundry Room Project

This morning when I opened my inbox at work my first email said "I was on Pinterest this morning, are you re doing your laundry room again?"

Among the five million other projects I currently have going on in my house right now (can I self diagnose house project ADD?) I have my laundry/mud room I need to do something with.

We installed the Ikea bookshelf turned bench, the counter-top and the recycled cabinets that we painted red and guess what? In typical April fashion, I pretty much HATE it all. I hate the color we chose for the walls, I hate the red cabinets and I hate the fact that in an attempt to get organized and make those containers with labels on them, it still seems like there is still stuff EVERYWHERE!

So, now I'm asking myself, what is going to be the solution to this problem?

The bench has to stay.  Not because anyone sits on it to put on their shoes but because if it wasn't there, all of my clean laundry would be on the dining room table and I would have to go back to hearing people say to me "sooooo do you ever eat at your table or do you just fold your laundry there" or my personal favorite "Oh wow, you finally folded your laundry and put it away. AND there's a table under there?"  Yeah, so the bench has to stay for that reason and that reason only.

The counter-top is there for good as well.  I wish it was a little bit wider only because a small amount of washer/dryer peek out of it but for the most part it does a great job concealing them and when we have outdoor parties, it serves as a really nice area to display stuff. i.e Beer.

I am almost positive I need to see the cabinets GO. Do I think Adam will be happy after I made him stay up so many nights until the early morning, priming, painting and hanging those things?  No. But he tends to be pretty easy so after the initial bitch about it, he should be happy with whatever I put up there.

I always want to try and use something from Ikea. Their storage solutions are pretty amazing.  I could purchase one wall cabinet for above the washer and dryer and a pantry cabinet for the opposite wall.

I could purchase two wall cabinets that are the same size, hang them symmetrically and then buy some sort of antique dresser or buffet to store things in on the wall that doesn't have the washer/dryer.

Either way, something has to change soon. I have a huge issue and that is if I don't like an area of my house, I don't spend any time there.  So, I've neglected that room almost all summer.  We need blinds out there, a new lighting fixture (oh my lord Mom please do not come see the dust on those fan blades) and I cringe every time I look at my mismatched hampers.

I've given Adam a little honey do list to knock out some other things that need to be done and I am focusing on this room.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We're Camping-The Packing List

I am always super organized when it comes to traveling with a child. They come with a lot of stuff. So in preparation for our little trip to stay in our mountainside Chalet, I emailed Chels to get the ball rolling on our packing list.  This way we wouldn't bring too much stuff (two carloads vs. four).  We've made some good progress to say the least.

Me (to Chelsea):  We need to make a list of stuff we want to bring to the mountains this weekend. S'mores for sure...

Chelsea: S'mores YEAH!!! And wine.  Shoot, I can't think of anything else right now. 


Chelsea:  Good point.

Told ya this trip is going to be fun.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Softball is Life

As many of you know my husband Adam is a softball player.  Not just a softball player but a softball CHAMPION. Yup that's right. I'm married to a real life men's intramural softball CHAMPION.  Be jealous ladies.  Be jealous. 

Truth be told, it was my idea for Adam to start the softball thing.  I felt like he was always doing something for me and Aidan and I wanted to him to have something that was all about him.  Something he could do that would have nothing to do with ME. 

Little did I know what I was getting myself in to.  Uniforms, cleats, bats, score books, sponsors, practice, double headers, carpools...good gracious it's a lot.  He takes it very seriously.  When he says he's going to do something, he commits. 

Every week we have this fight about practice.  Adam doesn't get why I think practice takes over an entire day.  "It starts at 6PM." he says. 

I would have no problem moving dinner to later in the evening. I would just feed Aidan early and then Adam and I would eat when he got home but there is preparation for practice people and it looks like this:

Mon-Sat: Talk about practice every night. 


9am (we sleep in on Sundays) : Out of bed.  Talking about practice this afternoon.

Noon time:  Reminds me again about practice.

2PM: Prep starts.  That includes:
Making sure the balls are in the bucket, bats are in the bag, cleats are clean, glove is oiled, every sheet of paper left in the house has been taken over by this weeks "line up", phone calls to confirm everyone is still coming. 

4PM: Take off to pick up half of the team in 4 door sedan.  This takes extra time because of course it is mandatory to stop a few places for beer .

5PM: Drive almost an hour to the "perfect" softball field.  The one in the neighborhood won't do because the bases are too far apart and there is grass in the in-field. 

6PM-7:30: Practice

7:30-9PM: Drop off team. More beer.

9:15PM:  Arrives home...Honey why are you mad? Want to hear about practice?

Someone help me out here?   The only thing worse is GAME DAY.

(a very manly softball collage) Pics via Me and Jess.

Friday, August 19, 2011

We're Camping

Among the million and a half things I am subject to hearing about my husband doing prior to our marriage, camping seems to come up a lot.  So I had this brilliant idea that I would plan a camping trip.  I wasn't going alone so I emailed the only other person I know that had  A) a man and  B) a child and C) would agree to pee in an outhouse D) and fish.  My girlfriend Chelsea.  She conveniently dates my hubs best friend Mike. Actually I think it might be that my husbands best friend conveniently dates her. But whatever.

Chels and I are always trying to come up with something for the six of us to do.  So when the camping wheels starting turning in my head, I knew she would be easy to convince.   4.3 seconds later, we decided on a nice little campground outside of Asheville.  Instead of tent camping we opted for the "sleeper cabin".  Oh LUXURY.  Two queen size air mattresses and one twin in a "cabin".  No water. But there is a screened in porch square stoop.  I swear it sounded so much more "mountain paradisey" than how I just described it. 

picture credit:the campground

Since then, we surprised the boys with this little trip.  They were less than excited.  Adam's response "I'm not carrying any of your stuff."   I showed the website to my mom, she recommended I come down with a mysterious sickness the day before and send the boys alone. Really?  Could it be that bad?  Camping with us?  Come on.    I may have no idea what I am getting myself in to, but I'm pumped!!!!  Excuse me for envisioning Chels and I in our plaid button downs, cute little boys with s'mores in hand and our men fishing in the river five feet from our porch. Doesn't that sound like fun to you? I swear I'm not trying to convince myself.

A week from today, we'll be fire side in the NC Mountains! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!  

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Well Aidan has professed who is favorite is around here. SPOILER ALERT:  IT'S NOT ME.  It's kind of one of those things where you ask a question that deep down you already know the answer to but you ask anyways and then you are hurt by the answer.

I guess I should have seen it coming.  I started to overhear Aidan saying things like "Daddy, let's go do something fun and not tell Mommy where we are going" and "Mommy, I love to snuggle with you but Daddy does it better". 

It was Saturday night in Waxhaw when he told me.  He was about to doze off and I said to him "Aidan, want Mommy to rub your back."  He responded "Nooooo, will you please go outside and get my Daddy so he can do it?"   "But Aidan, I'm right here."   "BUT MOMMY, DADDY IS MY FAVORITE"  and just for good measure he accompanied the biggest blow of my life  with a SMIRK! It was like a weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Now I knew.  The truth was out.  He had no appreciation for the 9 months I waddled around with him growing inside of me so he could grow up to be the wonderful young man he is becoming.  His father gets all the glory.

I proceeded to try to change his mind by reminding him of all the reasons why I should be his favorite.
"But I threw you the best Spiderpalooza birthday party ever."
"Mmmm hmmm."
"I turn on the sprinkler and let you run through it naked."
"Mmmm hmmmm"
"I convinced Daddy to get every pet we have so you could torture them and laugh about it."
"And I make a fool out of myself everyday so that your life is never boring."
"And I don't want to talk about this anymore Mommy, just get my Daddy."

Just like that it was done.  There is no changing his mind.   Daddy is his favorite. Initially I had planned on doing everything in my power to change his mind but once Adam got wind of that, he stepped up his game.  I have no chance.  

P.S. I finally took the plunge and made a Facebook page for the blog.  It felt like the right time to go public. Haha!  "Like" us by clicking the box in the right side bar! Thank You! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Mary Chapin Carpenter

For my birthday my parents gifted me with tix to see Mary Chapin Carpenter at the Knight Theatre here in Charlotte.  I initially thought about taking my mom to the concert but Adam and I were way overdue for a date night so he was the lucky one that joined me.  

Growing up,  my mom loved Mary Chapin Carpenter and she was one of the first "country" singers I was introduced to.  I remember listening to her cassette tapes in our family station wagon on road trips when I was younger.   You would think that since Adam is from the south he would be a little bit more cultured than I am in country music but he was clueless as to who we were getting ready to see perform on Friday night. 

We were easily the youngest couple there and some of the only few that moved from their seats the entire two hour concert but it was a great time .  My all time favorite song of hers is "Halley Came to Jackson" and I was bummed when she ended her show without singing it.  That is until her encore when she came out and professed it too was her favorite song of hers and performed it, bringing the crowd to their feet. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

Ya Think?

Today on my lunch break I was walking through Home Goods and found this horse. 

This is how the conversation went down in the car when I picked Aidan up from camp this afternoon:

Me: Look babe, I bought us a horse today.

Aidan: He's kind of small but I still think I can ride him.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What My Life is All About...

I have a ton of random photos of Aidan on my camera.  I try to carry my camera with me everywhere but I have become terrible at taking pics at significant times.  I still love any photo of him. Such a sweetheart. And so BIG!

He was talking to us the other night and I thought the way he was standing was hilarious.
Crashed after a day at the pool. 
Saturdays with Ryland in Waxhaw.

Panther Paw from Fan Fest with Nana and Grandpa

I SPY books with Mommy. 
He LOVES for Adam to snuggle with him at bedtime and they always fall asleep.  (and I always take pictures)

Seriously cannot believe how big Aidan is getting. Time is truly flying by.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Road To Here

Isn't it funny how a song can bring you back to a time in your life?

The other day I was alone in the car ( a very rare occasion) and I was trying to find something, ANYTHING to listen to on the radio.  Mostly to take my mind of this heat!  I stopped when I heard a familiar song "When You Say Nothing At All" by Allison Krauss.

I don't know what it is about that song but I was instantly daydreaming about the April I was 6 years ago. 8 years ago.  I was a part time Interior Design student and a full time girlfriend in a supremely immature, selfish relationship.  I was more worried about what I was doing that weekend than I was about anything else.  My priorities were all over the place.  I was young, and they are memories I will cherish forever.  I met some of my closest girlfriends during that time.  But I spent a lot of time in denial that I was in all the wrong places in my life.  I was spending a lot of time being the April I thought everyone else wanted me to be.  I had lost myself. 

The song ended and just as life would have it, "Hey Soul Sister" by Train came on the radio.  I lifted my head off of my fist, leaning up against the window and started to sing along. I was brought right back and suddenly smiling so hard it hurt thinking about all the times Adam has sung this song to me in the kitchen while we danced around Aidan at our feet.  So much has changed in those short years. Everything is so different now then it was then.  The people, the places, the feelings.  I grew up.  I met Adam, I bought a house.  I started to feel like me again.  Aidan came along.  I had evolved in to the girl I always wanted to be. 

It's all so much different.  Luckily, this different is perfect.  8 years ago I didn't know I was on the road to here. But this is where I was always going to end up.  Right here where I was always meant to be.  It just took a hot afternoon, and one old cheesy country song to make me realize it.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Last Post about Schedules

Just when I thought I was done posting about boring schedules around here, I figured I should probably jot down what life it like these days for memory.  Here's the breakdown.

6:45am: Alarm goes off, I'm up. Barely.  Teeth, hair, clothes.  Lay out something for Aidan to wear.  Kiss the boys in bed. Out the door.

8:00am: Work! Yippee!!!

8:30am: Adam wakes Aidan, dresses him, feeds them breakfast and takes Aidan to school.  Adam is off Mondays and Tuesdays. 

12:45:Adam picks Aidan up from school. 

1:00pm: Lunch time.  When I am super duper lucky, Adam will come meet me for lunch.  Otherwise it's a Lean Cuisine or take out.  Yum.

5:00pm-Out the door. Race home to see the boys. They are usually napping.

5:15:Discussion about dinner plans. Usually decide on restaurant. No one feels like cooking.

6:30-7:30: Dinner.

7:30: A lot of nights we stop by to see my Mom and Dad.  We go for a walk or out for dessert. Or we shop or watch TV as a family. 

8:15: Bath time, book, TV time.

9:00: Bedtime for Aidan.

9:30: Showers for us, clean  up the house, TV time. This is where I blog.

1am-3am: We go to bed sometime in there.  1am on a good night.  3am on the nights we watch a late movie and have a snuggle fest.

6:45am: I'm back at it.

The weekends are a little bit different because we all sleep in to close to 10am.  And we just let the day unfold. We don't have a schedule on the weekends.  We always try to do something fun and make the most out of the two days we have together.

Crazy fun life, isn't it? I think so.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Weekend Re Cap

I am seriously, ridiculously spoiled by my husband and all of my friends.  I can't say it enough, I. AM. SO. BLESSED. 

Every Wednesday night we have dinner with our dear friend Julie and she knew I had been having a tough week so she showed up for dinner on Wednesday with a birthday balloon, a trash mag and cupcakes.  The girl knows how to get to my heart.  And why not start celebrating day early?? 

Thursday I was up early and headed to work. I was greeted by donut holes and sweet card from my receptionist in crime Monica.  She is the sweetest.  It was the perfect way to start my day.  All of my co workers made their way to my desk and wished me a happy year.  After lunch I came back to not one BUT two floral arrangements.  A large arrangement of roses from Adam and a smaller arrangement from Aidan.   The roses meant so much but I could not stop smiling at that little bunch of flowers.  Adam and Aidan called the office and Aidan sang the best version of  "Happy Birthday" my ears have ever heard.   Adam said he had taken Aidan to the florist that morning and he hand picked the flowers in his arrangement. I guess that's why I kept smiling at them, I knew how much love was packed in that vase. 

{Birthday Flowers}

After work I rushed over to pick Aidan up from camp. It was so funny how badly I just wanted to spend my day with him. I had high hopes he would be in the mood to sing "Happy Birthday" once more for me and he did not disappoint.  

We met Adam at home and he surprised me with a gorgeous new stainless steel watch and a dozen of my favorite cupcakes. I'm torn between wearing it and my ceramic watch he bought me for Christmas, everyday.  Serious issues to have huh?   Julie showed up moments later to spend some time with Aidan so Adam and I could go out to eat.  I was in the mood for Firebirds.  We had intentions of heading to a movie afterwards but I was dying to get home to Aidan so we could share a cupcake.  We had that cupcake and I was exhausted.   I was in bed super early and another year older. 

{Birthday Watch}

My phone was ringing off the hook weeks prior to my birthday. Friends and family wondering how and where I wanted to celebrate. In typical fashion these days, I couldn't commit to anything until the last minute and decided on a quiet dinner Friday night with those closest to me at a trendy restaurant in town. My brother Bobby offered to sit Aidan while we went out.  It was just what I needed and I loved the time I got to spend with my hubby and those friends. It was perfect for saying goodbye to 27.

{Birthday Shirt}

Saturday we spent some time at the mall so I could get a link taken out of my watch and it was then I realized I was not feeling well. Lately it seems a migraine finds it way in to at least one day of my weekend.  I came home and crashed. My parents swung by and took Aidan to Fan Fest at the Panther stadium.  We met them at their house early in the evening for more cupcakes and they surprised me with concert tickets for Adam and I this Friday night. 

Today I capped off the weekend with a mid-day pedicure with one of my best friends Amanda and a late lunch and some furniture shopping with my boys.  We had dinner with my parents and enjoyed the last of the birthday cupcakes.  At this point, the nickname "Cupcake" would probably be very fitting.  I won't need to eat another one until next week year.

As the years have gone on, the way I celebrate has changed a little bit. There is a lot less partying and a whole lot more reflection on the year past and all the amazing things that the year ahead holds. I worry less about what I am going to do and more about who I am going to celebrate with.  27 was great, 28 will be even better. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's My 28th Year

Happy Birthday to me! I'm 28 today. 

It's amazing what a difference a year makes.  27 had it's ups and downs.  We endured some heart ache and a lot of things didn't go as planned.  I found endless joy and peace in watching my son grow and my marriage prosper.  I fell in love with my boys over and over.  I got to witness two of my best friends become moms and I started a new job.  I became another year wiser and spent a lot of time daydreaming about our future.   28 is going to be a good one! I can feel it. 

A Few
Birthdays Past

Last years bday post 27

I have been so bad about taking pictures recently! I promise to take some this weekend!

P.S.   We did reach 100 followers {Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!} so I am gearing up for a big giveaway.  If anyone has an Etsy shop or something they want to contribute, email me at

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Not Schedule-Part Three

I promised this last week and I a just now getting around to posting it. Whoops. 

When Aidan got a little bit older and he was eating real food, we had more of a schedule because we ate real meals together. Adam started working days so he would get up with him, feed him breakfast and then I would get up and we would start our day together. Adam would leave for work. Aidan and I spent a lot of time playing, meeting family or friends for shopping, lunch or whatever we had going on that day. Lunch was almost always eaten out. Mid afternoon we would wonder back to the house, most likely try to decide what I was going to make for dinner or where I was going to order dinner from. I would make Aidan's dinner, feed him. Adam would come home, we would sit down to eat, Aidan sits in high chair, plays with toys or we spend our entire meal trying to entertain him. This is actually enjoyable. That boys laugh will light up your life. We occasionally would fight over who could hold him during dinner. Many a night was spent doing all of these things with my parents at their house.
Aidan really never spent much time in his high chair.  He did however spend a lot time sitting on phone books at the table with us. That's where he was happy.

Every night after we eat, we try to go for a walk or run over to the park for a bit to burn some energy.  The worst parts of my day used to be the time before dinner and after.  Then it was home for a bath for all of us and a book or some TV time. Yup, our kid watches TV.   Judge me.

For the most part Aidan is always in bed by 9.  We are serious night owls so this is reasonable for us.  Adam and I are typically not asleep before 2am.  We've always been lucky because if we have a few nights where Aidan needs to be up past bedtime, he can get right back on track.  He sleeps now from around 9pm to 9am.  I'm not going to pretend like that's not pretty awesome. On the weekends Adam and I lay in bed waiting for him to come snuggle. 

We are lucky that our schedule works.  Like I said, it's not for everyone and honestly it's a loose schedule if one at all. But we do what works for us. Knowing what we know now about raising a child, it should be interesting to throw a new baby in to the mix.  I can imagine the only thing we will do differently is wake up a little more in the beginning? We'll see when that time comes.  In the meantime, we're just doing what works for us and that's exactly what I think you should do.