Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow, Snow, More Snow and Ice

I know I should have a hundred things to blog about by this time this week but you are going to have to deal with hearing about the snow because well, that's all I have to talk about since we can't really go anywhere.

Sunday night BS {before snow} we made the brilliant decision to drive an hour and a half to visit some friends in the mountains.  We were just seeing their new house for the first time and it was great to catch up!  We woke up to a ton of snow.   Being snowed in at someone else's house panic attack ensues.  We decide that we should cut our trip two days short and head home in case the conditions only get worse keeping us there for the week.  Boo.  I literally think my hair turned grey on the trip home.   I was TERRIFIED. The roads were already terrible.  Luckily, we only spun out once {but it was BAD} and I prayed the entire drive home.  I think Adam was sooooo ready to get out of the car when we reached Charlotte.  Adam of course wanted to head right to my mom and dads to decompress.  My dad's personality has that effect on people.  My mom of course whipped up some chili and my dad baked a cake and we were all better.  They really wanted us to spend the night and Adam and Aidan were dying for a sleepover but I was missing my bed so we drove the 7 blocks home.  By this point all snow in Charlotte had turned to ice. 

Snow in the Mountains.
on the car
Friends house with all the snow!

The road out...

Family snow picture

The kid had the best time!

Today we woke up {Adam and Aidan around 9, me 10:30...they ventured out for coffee in bagels. Have I told you my hubby wakes me up EVERY day with coffee on my nightstand and a big smooch. Told you he was the best.}   and the city was covered in ice.   My solution, sled.  Randomly we had two sleds that my Dad had found in the house he bought next to his when they were cleaning out the garage and of course, sent them for the kid.    Adam suggested we head to my parents {surprise, surprise he loves them} because we could have some more chili, cake and a do a little sledding on the hills in the park near their house.  Aidan had the best time.   Here's a little tip...don't try to sled in Uggs. They have no traction and getting from the bottom of the hill to the top is near impossible.   Never the less, we all had a great time. I chose to leave the camera here because I was having visions of busting my butt and it smashing in to the pavement.  So, sorry no picks of sledding. 

Here is a little video of my mom on the 6:00 news tonight. She was mortified.

We said bye to the rents and ventured back to the hood.  Aidan headed next door to play on the Wii with the kids, Adam took off to see some friends and I finished painting my bathroom. Of what...I forgot to tell you, I am painting my bathroom.  HOLY POST IDEA. I'll do that next. 

Playing at home.

It's almost 10PM now, we've just finished off some delivery, Aidan and I are dancing to the music on my blog, Adam is scanning through movies on our new Netflix membership via PlayStation, the cats are all snuggled up on the rug in the kitchen and all is well in the Harvey house.  Happy Snow Days to you!

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