Thursday, December 30, 2010

White Christmas

Remember that little bit of snow I told you about on Christmas? Well when Adam woke me up with hot chocolate on Sunday, it was still coming down!   I love the snow!  We both wish we lived somewhere that is snowed often.  I loved waking up when I was little to snow half way up the fron door.  The guy that had to shovel it {Daddy Decot} probably didn't love it.  Reason #978 why we should probably move to Massachusetts soon.

Parent's Neighborhood

Parent's House. 
7 blocks away at the Harvey Household...
Aidan riding his new Four Wheeler in the snow.

He is so cute. 

I could probably count on two hands how many pictures there are of me on this blog.  So, I of course took a self portrait in the front door.  Now you know I exsist.
Later on in the afternoon we took a drive to the Adam's old neighborhood.

This barn was on his old street.  I love it!  I was snapping pics and daydreaming about how much fun the three of us could have on a little bit of land and some farm animals.  Can you see the cows?
A wreath on the barn? Seriously after my own heart. 

Horses.  This was as close as we could get but they are wearing coats.

There is still some snow hanging around but it's been warm enough to go without your coat for the past two days.  It's such a tease when it snow's here!  My girlfriend Natalie just traveled from Natick, MA to spend New Years with us and the pictures of her house in the snow {think Blizzard 2010} made me so jealous!

Here's hoping we get some more snow in the New Year!!!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cookie Decorating

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Adam had to work late last week so I decided I would let Aidan decorate some Christmas cookies while we waited on him to get home.
 I just used a pre made sugar cookie mix, baked them, dyed some frosting, put out Christmas sprinkles and he went to town!
 He had a great time and they were really...frosted.

 The only cookie I made...
 and of course the first one he wanted to eat.
Am I busted for eating a cookie in your bed?

 It's been a lot of fun this year getting to do things with Aidan he hasn't been able to do in the past.  I'm adding this to our list of Christmas traditions!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Monday, December 27, 2010

It Was a Merry Christmas

I am sitting here on the sofa, legs across Adam while he's watching TV, staring out the window {and typing, what a multi tasker I am} at the white snow everywhere.  I can't believe that we had a white Christmas this year!

We had a magical day yesterday.  We woke Aidan up and he was absolutely adorable running in to the living room to see what Santa had brought him the night before.  He was a little disappointed that Santa himself was not in the living room but after a little chat about that, he resumed opening his little gifts.

After that we headed to my parents for lots more presents and pancakes {a Deb Decot specialty}.  My parent's are so incredibly generous and everyone got so much enjoyment out of being with Aidan this Christmas.   Sharing Christmas with him is like being a kid all over again.  We all sit and wait to see how excited he'll be with each present he opens.

Then it was time to head to Dallas, NC where we spent a few hours with Adam's parents and extended family.  His Aunt Judy hosts the ENTIRE family for Christmas every year.  There were probably 30 of us there! It's pure Christmas craziness but it's really the only time of year we get to see that side of the family so we love to go.  Plus Judy can seriously cook.

We were back on the road by 5 to meet my brothers back at my parents for a big dinner and more merriment.   By the time the night was done, and our belly's were full,  it had started to snow and we were happy to get home and snuggle up in our warm beds.   It really was a very Merry Christmas and we are just so so incredibly blessed.  We truly have the best family and a wonderful little life.

{And now an absolute Christmas photo overload}

My husband spoils me always.  Especially at Christmas.  This picture is to just to show you how good of a wrapper he is. 
Aidan may still be sleeping here. We had to wake him up on Christmas.

He had to re hydrate.  Opening presents is no easy job.  Aren't his Christmas jammies the cutest?

Love that little smile.

Adam bought him a transformer.  NONE of us can figure out how to transform it.

 Watching Adam take two and half years to get Buzz Lightyear out of his box.
 My mom's tree. Her first fakey.  Not too shabby.
The watch "the kids" bought my mom for Christmas. She always complains that she can't see her numbers. Now the people walking by will also be able to tell time.  Watch found here @ Mix.  It is TW Steel.

 Present after present. He got WAY too much stuff. Next year we are putting a limit on it!
We saved the best present for last...his big gift from Santa. This was the only thing he asked for.  A Red Ro Reeler or a Red Four Wheeler.  He has seen Adam ride his and of course wants everything Daddy has.  I did a ton of research and found this battery operated one and it's great.   We were feeling terrible when he initially walked out in to our lliving room he looked right at us with tears and his eyes and said "guys, I think Ho Ho forgot my red ro reeler." Luckily, I had a "note" from Santa stating there was a one more big present for him at Nana's.  Every box he opened he said "not my four wheeler".   It was pitiful.  He finally got it.  And he deserved that thing.  He is such a nice boy.

We hope you had a Merry Christmas. 

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! We are headed to my parent's for some Lasagna and then to a family Christmas party. 

Later we will come home and spread reindeer food across the yard and leave cookies and milk for Mr. Santa Claus himself.  Adam and I will probably open our gifts to eachother and talk and giggle like kids while we spread Aidan's gifts out underneath the tree. 

We will keep in mind the true reason for the season. Without Christ there would be no Christmas. Happy Birthday Jesus!

I hope wherever you are tonight you are feeling the love of this holiday season.   I love sharing our little life with you all.    Merry, Merry Christmas and Thank You for taking time to stop by here.    XOXOX

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Love and Other Drugs

Adam and I had a fabulous date night two weekends ago.  We were trying to think of the last time we went out just the two of us for an entire night and we couldn't remember.   We have gotten so used to taking Aidan everywhere because we get so much joy out of spending time with him and doing the little "firsts" with him.  It was time for a night out.  I typically don't like to ask family to watch Aidan because everyone always does so much for us anyways {even though I know they would be more than happy to} and we had a really great babysitter when Aidan was born but she moved to Colorado and I haven't found anyone who compares to her just yet...BUT my mom offered let Aidan have a sleepover with them.  He was so excited.  Maybe not as excited as my Dad was but close.

We did a little Christmas shopping then had dinner at an oldie but goodie, Village Tavern and then decided to take in a movie.  I was really surprised when Adam suggested seeing "Love and Other Drugs".  I think he was trying to be sweet. 

It may surprise you to hear that I am not a huge Anne Hathaway fan but Jake Gyllenhall is a whole different story! Haha.  The movie was actually really cute and not totally predictable.  And I have a new found love for Anne.  We both really enjoyed it and agreed it was the perfect date night movie.  Be prepared for tons of nudity and a few tears.

After the movie we stopped and had a drink and then came home to an empty house.  It was a lot of fun but by the time morning rolled around, we were seriously ready to get our hands on our little man.   We are just crazy about him.  My parents had the best time with him.  My mom said she slept in the guest room because Aidan wanted to cuddle with his Grandpa all night.  Apparently when Aidan woke up at 3am wanting to watch cartoons my Dad obliged.  Only at the grandparents.   He had blueberry pancakes for breakfast and when we showed up to bring him home he didn't want to leave.  

Needless to say, the night was a success for everyone.  Adam and I have decided after the holidays we are going to spend some time looking for a new sitter so that we can have regular date nights.   We are hoping to sign up for some cooking classes together, get in some shows and try out some new restaurants. If anyone has good date night suggestions...send them my way!!!  

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Aidan's Best Bud Turns 3!

Our friend Mike, has a little boy named Ryland. He was born on Christmas Day three short years ago and he and Aidan have become pretty good buds. This past weekend Mike and his girlfriend Chelsea planned the perfect party at Monkey Joe's for sweet Ryland and all his friends. Adam and I seriously love that Aidan has such a good pal in Ryland. We try to get them together as much as possible. {You will have to see what the Dad's have planned for Christmas for the coming after the holiday}. The kids had a great time and it was good to catch up with some of the parents that we don't see as much as we would like!

Aidan getting ready to go down the big slide.
 Aidan playing in one of the big bounce houses.
 Mini Carousel?
 Sweet Sophie. She belongs to Chris and Jessica.  It's nice to have some girls around!
 Chelsea and Ryland.  Ryland loves his Chelsea and well she more than loves that kid.  Sweet picture of the two of them.
 I think this picture is hilarious.
They had a great time!
 Sitting on the Birthday throne.  
 Birthday Boy!
Addison is a little shy but when she warms up she is the biggest sweetie and she is absolutely gorgeous.  She is equal parts Mama's Girl and Daddy's Girl.

Happy Birthday To You Sweet Ryland! We are so happy to have been able to spend your Birthday with you this year!