Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show Us Your Life Fridays

This is a few days late...we just got home from the beach and I opted to leave the laptop at home*
It's that time of the week again when Kelly's Korner hosts "Show Us Your Life Fridays". Last week was wedding dresses and this week is wedding party and flowers. We had a small wedding party of just 3 bridesmaids and 3 groomsmen. They were a wonderful wedding party! I spent a lot of time ( too much ) on our flowers. The arrangements were a culmination of my ideas and Pam's from Flowers From the Cellar on South Blvd. here in Charlotte. I hope you enjoy and I can't wait to see every ones wedding parties and flowers! ( Excuse all the pictures...I got a little crazy)

The girls and I in the limo on the way to the ceremony

Mariann is the first in the picture, she and I have been best friends for years. We met through our ex boyfriends. We lost them and kept the friendship! I think we both got the better end of the deal. Haha! Mariann lives in Boston with her boyfriend Mike and we love them both dearly. Candace is next. She is my best friend and was my maid of honor. We have been best friends since Sophomore year of high school. We have been through more together than I can remember. She is engaged to be married in just 6 weeks!!! Amanda is next, she and I also met through ex boyfriends and have been best friends for years now. Life just wouldn't be the same without my Amanda. She's the friend I HAVE to talk to everyday. They were PERFECT bridesmaids!

One of my best friends Natalie, she was not in the wedding because she got married two weeks before me. She was an "honorary" bridesmaid! Natalie and I also met through the same ex boyfriends. So, moral of the story the exes were dud's but we made great friendships out of them! Haha! Natalie is now married to a wonderful man Pete and they are great friends to us!

A shot of us in the church. It was a little hard to stay focused because guests were arriving outside and we wanted to check everyone out.

This is after the ceremony, before the reception. I was actually more nervous about the reception for some reason so on our way there, we stopped off for a drink at our favorite local bar Tyber Creek. A little wedding party secret. The photographer was upset that we did not inform them so they could capture that. Classy huh?

The Wedding Party joined us during half way through our first dance Sade "By Your Side" .

As you can see, Amanda and my brother Bobby are cracking up. Never a dull moment with our friends.

My parents. My dad says he looks old in this picture but I love it anyways. Thanks Mom and Dad for the best wedding EVER!

The boys. Michael, was our best man. He is 4 yrs younger than Adam and Adam can remember when he was born. He has great stories to tell about when Michael used to ride his bike in diapers and cow boy boots. He is a wonderful friend of ours. George and Adam met in elementary school. They have also been friends ever since. George and his wife Angela are expecting their first baby in just a few weeks and we could not be more excited for them. I think George and Adam are blown away by the fact that they have known eachother long enough to see eachother get married and have children. Bobby is my brother. He is the middle child in our family. He has actually been hanging out with these guys for about ten years and they had a friendship long before I even knew Adam exsited. They are even closer now that they are family. Then of course my cutie hubs. My pew markers. Arrangements in brown shimmery paper cones. For some reason I like that you can see Adam and I at the alter in the background.

Alter arrangement.
What happened here, I am not quite sure. I don't even remember seeing this but to me it looks like my florist took all of the leftover flowers and threw them in a vase. Up close, my mom says it was gorgeous. Uhh?? The vase has a story dad sent my mom flowers in it on their 30th wedding anniversary. It a beautiful crystal vase and I thought it was perfect for the alter.

Candace and Aidan. This is headed in to the church I believe. We hadn't really even planned on Aidan participating in the wedding until about 2 weeks before.

George & Mariann being announced. You can kind of see the floating candles on the ledge behind them.

My brother Bobby & Amanda being announced

Candace and Aidan walking down the aisle. I love to look at people's faces in this picture! Adam said he was so nervous until he saw Aidan coming down the aisle. I think he set the mood for the whole day.
The boys outside of the reception. Why Adam and Mike are doing a thumbs up, I don't know.

We had 100 of these cylinders with Hydrangeas and floating candles on a ledge that was on one entire side of the room! I LOVED them!

Half of the tables had this arrangement on it and the other half had a taller arrangement. I made the table number cards myself. I free handed the numbers and bought scrapbook stickers with different love quotes and put them at the bottom of the card.

Our head table arrangement. It was amazing! Since we were married in the fall I wanted to use a lot of warm fall colors. We used coffee beans and fruit in a lot of the arrangements.

Our bouquets.

My favorite shot of the wedding party.
My bouquet
My Bouquet again

*All photos courtesy of Indigo Photography Charlotte*

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Neverending List

This is just the start of my list of things I have to pack for Aidan. This time tomorrow night we will be at the beach and I haven't even started packing...
-3 pairs of pajamas
-3 bathing suits
-3 onesies
-4 pairs of shorts
-4 shirts/2 polo/2 tee
-1 Bib
-Fish Towel
-Water shoes
-Brown sandals
-Beach toys
-Childrens First Aid Kit/thermometer/tylenol etc.
-3 Sippy Cups
-2 Binky's
-3 Blankies
-Pack n Play
-Jogging Stroller
-Beach Chair
I mean really? That's just his list. Adam's will be so much worse! Haha. But it is all worth this...

A Happy Relaxed Hubby...

A view of this...

From this... While smiling ear to ear because we have been dying to see this...

Have a great weekend EVERYONE! See you when we get back!


Once again this week Family American Style is hosting "What Would Your Children Say Wednesday". As some of you already know, we are SLOWLY trying to take Aidan's binky away. We thought we would go cold turkey but that just isn't happening. YET.

The other night the three of us were sitting in the living room and Aidan had his binky in his mouth and Adam took it out and said "Aidan, you do not need your binky, you are a big boy now". Adam then handed me the binky to hide while Aidan began to WHINE. After ten minutes of this I bring the binky back in to view and again tell Aidan he is a big boy and big boy's don't use binky's. I then proceed to say "Aidan are you a big boy or are you a baby?" He screams "BABY", grabs the binky and takes off. Adam and I were cracking up. His voice is just so cute we can't help it. P.S. He can be my baby FOREVER if he wants! Ha.

Praying for Stellan

If you get a chance today...make your way over to this blog...My Charming Kids. This family is in need of some serious prayers for their sweet boy Stellan. I honestly cannot imagine what this mother (MckMama) is going through. I spent hours on her blog tonight in tears. My heart really goes out to her and her family. We are so lucky Aidan has been totally healthy his entire two years of life. Please say a prayer for this miracle baby and his family!!! Thanks.

Prayers for Stellan

Writers Block

I am having serious trouble coming up with something worth writing about. I feel like I have so much to say but can't put it in to words. There are a million things going on in my head right now...

like how I don't think friendships are something that should come and go. I want good solid friends. Life long friendships. Real people that will be there for me. My relationships are so important to me and I put a lot of time and love in to them. I am done kissing people's asses to meet me half way. I'm sorry but if I am not good enough to be your friend all the time, then you aren't good enough to be my friend at all.

like how Aidan just decided this week he is not going to bed at bedtime. Just now, 2 yrs in to life, doesn't want to go to bed. He gets up constantly. Last night he spent an hour in time out for getting out of his bed because he wouldn't get back in it and we didn't know what else to do.

or how we are leaving for the beach in two days and I have done nothing to get ready! I usually at least have 5 to 10 "to do" lists going by now and I am thinking I am just going to wing this trip. It's all about family time and really it doesn't have to be perfectly organized, it just has to be perfectly relaxing for my perfect husband.

I also would love to be able to write this amazing blog to my friend Sarah to let her know that there are a million women out there who are single too and want to be in a healthy, happy relationship, but that doesn't mean they should settle for being with a abusive jerk just so they don't have to be alone. I want her to know that no ounce of her happiness is worth giving up for this person. Been there done that. It sucks, it hurts, it's hard, it's unfair, it feels like time is standing still and you are going to be alone forever. Prince charming will come along. You deserve it.

I want to write my mom and ask her if she feels like taking a few weeks apart has damaged our relationship like I feel it has. Oh that's right, I did and she didn't respond. Am I over reacting or is talking on the phone daily now a thing of the past??

or how I wish I could tell someone who used to know me so well, that I am not that person anymore. I've risen above so many of my insecurities. That may have been how you knew me, but it's not me anymore. Stop trying to tell me it is. I'm happy get over it. Sorry I can't be the person you felt bad for anymore.

like how sometimes I just wish time could standstill. I get anxious sometimes thinking about how fast my life is flying by. Did I miss out on things? should I pay more attention to Aidan? will life always be this good? should I take the time to visit my brother Jordan at school, just because I think he needs to know he's loved a little extra? Aidan is starting pre school in less than a month. Seriously? Pre school? It makes me cry thinking about it. Our baby time is gone. I wish I could rewind and pause so much of the past two years. Especially the look on Adam's face the first time he held our boy. He wasn't just in love with me anymore, he was in love with our family and it was the best feeling in the world. That's something I think about every day.

Anyways, that's what's on my mind right now. I wish I had pages to write about each things but I can't seem to get my thoughts in order. Maybe things will come together after my RELAXING beach trip.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for reading!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A New Blog Friend

Grammy Girlfriend is a new blog I am following. She is doing a fun giveaway today and would love for some more people in the blogging universe to join in so she can get to know us! Her blog is really sweet and her grandchildren are GORGEOUS! Check her out!

Friday, July 24, 2009

"Show Us Your Life Fridays"

Kelly's Korner is hosting "Show us your life Fridays" and this week we are showing off our wedding dresses. This is kind of exciting!Am I the only one that wishes she could wear her dress around my house all the time? I think we should start making up excuses to wear our dresses more often. There is a funny story behind my dress. When I got engaged, the first bridal magazine I bought, I flipped it open to a page with this dress on it. I was IN LOVE. I went with a one of my best friends that was also engaged at the time to try it on and knew it was the one. I just kept telling myself "This is too easy". So, I spent some more time visiting other bridal stores and trying on more dresses. I finally thought I had found "The Dress". My mom and my maid of honor Candace were both with me and we all agreed that a strapless A Line dress with lots of beading on the bottom was it. So, my mom paid for it and we were off. I still couldn't get the other dress out of my head. Months passed and my mom and I were in the car one day and she looked at me and said "April, I just don't think the dress that we bought is THE ONE". I was so relieved. I told her how I had been dreaming about the first dress I had tried on and was dying for her to see it. I took her to see the dress and when I came out of the dressing room she was in tears. We both just knew. That was it. It really was that easy. So, we hugged and decided we were going to have to eat the money we had already spent on the other dress but it was well worth it because every girl deserves her dream here she is....
Leaving the church

Getting ready to walk down the aisle
Before the reception

Our First Kiss as husband and wife Some of my girlfriends and I at the reception

Father, Daughter Dance (Paul Simon Father & Daughter)
Breaking it down (haha) with one of my best friends Mariann

Adam was so cute about my dress from the very beginning. He wanted to know nothing about the dress. It was what he was most looking forward to on our big day. Even though he turned in to a nervous spaz during the ceremony and could barely move let alone talk, he absolutely loved the dress and told me how beautiful I looked about every 5 minutes the entire night!
*All photos courtesy of Indigo Photography Charlotte*

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New"er" Girlfriends

I have just gotten home from two of my girlfriends I attended Aveda with, condo. They took a leap and moved here from Pittsburgh together to go to school. They are just so much fun and so sweet. Hanging out with them is so refreshing. The two of them make me laugh out loud. They are a hilarious disaster alone, and even worse together. That has to be why I love them. Girls, thanks for being my new "er" girlfriends...I love you both!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


It's time for "What Would Your Children Say Wednesday" started by Family American Style. This is such a cute idea to get to hear about every one's funny stories about their kids. Well this week my story is short and sweet. As I mentioned last week, Aidan is just starting to talk. His vocabulary consists of about 20 words right now. We were driving in the car the other day ( instead of just letting him sit in the back by himself, I always try to engage him whether it be in singing or we wink at each other in the mirror, or I just talk to him) and I thought, "What the heck, I will see how many words he can recite after me.

Me: Aidan can you say "Mommy" Aidan: "Maaaamaaaa"

Me: Can you say "Dada" Aidan: "Daaaadaaaa"

Me: Can you say "car" Aidan: "Cawwwww"

Me: Aidan can you say "Hungry" Aidan: "Hungwee"

Me: Aidan can you say "Nana" Aidan: "Nana, nana, nana"

Me: Aidan can you say "Grandpa" Aidan: "No"

I almost ran off the road in laughter. The best part was he knew it was funny and was dying laughing himself! I couldn't believe he knew he doesn't know how to say "Grandpa" yet so he just replied with a "No". Too darn cute!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lovin' my boy sooo much today.

Not that I am not obsessed with Aidan everyday, but today he has been especially sweet. We are knee deep in the terrible twos so making it through a day without a million tantrums is a good day around here. We actually got up and rode around in the landscaping truck with Adam while he did some work today. It was a lot of fun and I got to see some of my landscape designs that had come to life! We ordered lunch out today and all snuggled up on the new sofa to eat. Bad I know. After that, Adam headed to the restaurant and Aidan and I laid down for quiet time and watched some cartoons. He cuddled right up to me and stayed there for at least an hour and a half. We got up and ran some errands and then got ready for dinner. I thought it would be a brilliant idea to run to Harris Teeter and just get something quick to whip up. Our only pinch in the day. Aidan was not having an extended shopping trip. I grabbed the bare necessities (milk & juice) and we got out of there! Take out it is. So we picked up some Noodles & Co. which I have to tell you is the most family friendly restaurant on our side of town. The people who work in there are so friendly and the food is quality and quick! It is also right next to a wine bar if things get crazy! Haha. In line to order, Aidan grabbed my face and said "Luhhh You Mama" and gave me the biggest, wet kiss followed by a hug around my neck. Tantrum in the grocery, FORGIVEN. We came home, he sat on my lap on the floor and we shared a cucumber and tomato salad along with some pasta and watched his nightly cartoons on Noggin. He's in his jammies all bundled up under his 3 blankies he takes everywhere and is insisting on rubbing my feet with his. I swear I am going to work harder at getting rid of the Binky next month. I have big goals for August, potty training and loosing the Binky! SCARY. I am so lucky to have this little guy!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Can & Clay Wedding Shower Part 2

So I promised pictures of my best friend Candace and her fiance's couples shower. So here are a few cute ones I stole from people's Facebook pages. What a little thief I am. I am so excited for Candace and Clay. Candace has been my best friend for 10 years now and I can't think of anyone else that deserves the happiness she has with Clay. Their relationship has been a roller coaster ride but I am more than excited to report it's going to be "Happily Ever After" for these two. Congrats Candace and Clay!!!


Clay and his parents
Erica, The BRIDE and Melissa (MOH and sister of the bride) was so good!
The Future Mr & Mrs. Goodman
Bridesmaids Clay and some of his friends

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm so happy to have my hubby home

We are gearing up for a beach trip to Charleston the last week of the month, so Adam had yesterday AND TODAY off (because then he has to work 10 days straight until we leave). So yesterday my brother took us and some of my girlfriends out on his boat. It was such a nice day! Bobby is a great host. I stopped by Subway and picked up some subs for the crew and we headed out. We spent sometime in a cove just sunning and swimming and then spent the second half of the day at the Sandbar. Which is always nice because you are only in 4 feet of water in the middle of the lake and there is a snack bar and lots of boats tied up. Thank goodness Aidan loves the water. We just strapped him in to his life jacket and if we had let him, he probably would have just swam boat to boat checking everyone out. We even saw a family with a pet baby raccoon. Interesting right? I wish I had taken a picture.

Today we didn't have anything planned so when we got up this morning I asked Adam if he would like to take Aidan to Tweetsie Railroad. Since Aidan has kind of been in to trains lately (along with firetrucks) I thought it would be fun. We made it there in about an hour and a half and the first thing we did was take a ride on the Tweetsie Express. All was good until we stopped on the tracks half way through the ride and "Indians" high jacked our train. A guy dressed as an Indian jumped on our car (face painted and everything) and it scared my poor sweet boy to death. Adam and I felt HORRIBLE! I have never seen Aidan scared of anything!!! He was still shaking when the train ride was finished. We headed up the mountain and Adam and Aidan rode some more rides, we ate tons of junk food and $200 bucks later, it's not a place I would EVER recommend taking your kids. At $30 a ticket for adults, I don't think it is at all worth the money. I don't know how we could have entertained Aidan longer than the three hours we were there, let alone kids that knew what was going on. The food is also terrible. I really am all about doing anything to excite Aidan no matter the cost (for now since he's our only child) but I wouldn't do it again. When I think about the money we spent, we could have done something here in Charlotte a lot more fun. I wish I had pictures, but we were so excited when we got there, I left it in the car. I have one picture from the ride up in the car that I took with my cell phone. I will say though, that Aidan was soooo well behaved today. We had no tantrums at all. It was so nice. Anyways, everyone enjoy their Monday. See you next time!

Aidan playing with his trains on the ride to Tweetsie Railroad.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Layout Part 2

I know I just recently changed my layout but to be quite was making my eyes hurt. So, I have a new one and I think I mostly picked it because it's called "Southern Girl". Heehee.

I got up early this morning and went for a run and a bike ride with my mom. Came home napped and got up and ready for my best friend Candace's wedding shower. It was soooo nice! Adam had to work but it was great to see so many familiar faces. Hopefully I can steal someones pictures to post on here. Candace looked AMAZING. I would have taken my own camera but it is packed to the max with pictures of Aidan. Surprise Surprise. Well I am exhausted so I'm off to bed! Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Childrens Birthday Parties

This week is hosting a new version of "Show Us Where You Live Fridays"...this weeks it's children's birthday here it goes...
Well Aidan just turned two, so there aren't many birthday parties to talk about. Since he is born in June, we will probably almost always do things outside for his birthday.
For his 1st birthday we invited EVERYONE we knew and it was over stimulation and the poor thing did not know what to do with himself. It was a great cookout though and we enjoyed all of our family and friends even if Aidan didn't!
The birthday boy eating his cake. It took forever to get him to even to try his cake but it was DELICIOUS!!! A family friend made it for us. The main cake was a dinosaur and Aidan had his own cake that was a dinosaur egg. SO CUTE!

This is Aidan opening presents

The Dinosaur Cake

Our birthday Prince

This year for Aidan's 2nd birthday, I knew I wanted to tone it down a little. In actuality the day is all about him and so that's how I wanted the party to feel. We just invited immediate family and a few close friends. We rented a blow up jumpy castle thingy and it was a hit! Even the adults got in it! We asked that no one bring presents because honestly Aidan has enough stuff as it is and with everyone kind of being tight on money with the economy, we just didn't want anyone to think that's what this was about. Of course, he still got TONS of great gifts!!
Adam and Aidan after he opened presents and all the other kids took them to play with and he was sad.

The castle and some Backyardigans balloons.

The awesome cupcakes from A great bakery here in Charlotte!

Aidan's personalized cupcake

The castle again. This was so much fun and really not too expensive. It was supposed to be put in the back yard but didn't fit down the stairs from the driveway to the yard. Oh well, the whole neighborhood got to see us party!
Adam and Aidan getting ready to head down the slide
My child is fearless, so he came down one of the slides head first. I don't know who took this picture but I love it.

This is Uncle Bob (my brother) helping Aidan open up his fire truck that he bought him. In case you haven't heard Aidan LOVES fire trucks and we now have to carry this one around EVERYWHERE! Thanks Bob.
This is Aidan, his Aunt Amanda and his our good friend Mike's son Ryland all in the center section of the bounce castle.

The birthday boy on his final slide down the side. He was so sad to see the guys come and pack up the castle that night. He stood and cried. So sad.

Next week is wedding dresses! That should be fun to see! I should probably let me mom know that I will be coming over to unpack mine. Haha! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you all enjoy your weekend.
***I know I said I was going to continue with my own "Show us Where You Live Fridays" because I joined late and only got to show three areas BUT we are in the process of a small remodel right now so I don't want to take pics just yet. So I'll start up again when we are done.***