Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night

I have to tell the truth and say that after the red carpet I DVRed the Oscars to finish up painting my bathroom.  I jumped in bed with the intention of watching some of it and realized what a terrible show it was and just shut it off.  Is it safe to say James Franco and Anne Hathaway were a disaster?  Well all we care about anyways is what everyone wore...right?  Well I do. So here it is.  My Best and Worst list. 

April's Worst
{the list is long}

Helena Bonham Carter
Seriously? Not again. 
Dress: Colleen Atwood

Melissa Leo.
What a huge transformation from her Fighter character to this doily dress.
Dress: Marc Bouwer
Anne Hathaway
Rachel Zoe you did not.  I was waiting for a Bed, Bath and Beyond salesperson to pop up behind her with the matching toilet seat cover.  Doesn't think look like a window treatment?
Dress: Valentino

Nicole Kidman
I was SHOCKED when I saw this.  I was not shocked when I saw the embarrassment on Keith Urban's face in this picture. 
Dress: Christian Dior

Natalie Portman
No one will ever be able to say whether or not she was cute pregnant because every time she has the opportunity to show off her bump she doesn't.  
Dress: Rodarte

Sharon Stone
The feathers, the hair, is she looking for someone in this picture or trying to cover her eyes from the sun?
Dress: Christian Dior

Michelle Williams
A little bit better than the flower number.
Dress: Chanel

April's Best List
Jennifer Lawrence
The first person to arrive to the red carpet tonight and she rocked it! 
Dress: Calvin Klein

Amy Adams
I surprised myself when I put this on my "best" list.  I just love the blue and the sparkle.  Really I just love her. The dress is just ok.
Dress: L'Wren Scott

Celine Dion
She just had twins. Are you kidding me?  Her body is perfect. 
Dress: Armani

Jennifer Hudson
She looks so amazing. Good for her.  This color could not be more perfect with her skin tone.
Dress: Versace

Camille Alves
I think I am obsessed with this dress.  Maybe because it was the only dress I thought I might be able to pull off.  Not nearly as well as her and I would need new boobies but ALMOST.
Dress: Unknown

Sandra Bullock
I think this is a much prettier version of exactly what Anne Hathaway was trying to pull off tonight.  
Dress: Vera Wang

Reese Witherspoon
She is so so so pretty.  This dress is so simple but she makes it look so good.
Dress: Armani

Gwyneth Paltrow
Gorgeous. Gorgeous. I love her straight hair.
Dress: Calvin Klein

Mila Kunis
Love. Love. Love. Amaze balls. Bananas.  This is my all time favorite color and it looks insane on her.  If you get a chance, google her dress and see all the detailing.
Dress: Elie Saab

So there you have it folks! I can't wait to see what everyone else thought of last night's red carpet wear! 

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Making More Progress

Sorry for the bad cell phone pics and the embarrassing light fixture.  You never realize how bad something looks until you see it on your camera.  All that will be changed come Monday! Stay tuned for the big REVEAL!

It's Past Midnight

Aidan just came out of his room and exclaimed "I can't sleep".  Rather than turning him around and sending him back to bed, we offered him a {sugar free} popsicle and let him climb up on the sofa between us.   He's migrated to laying right on Adam's chest and my tired eyes are filled with little tears because seeing my boys cuddled up by the light from our TV is one of the best scenes from my life.  I just want to squeeze them both for bringing so much love and happiness in to my life I can barely stand it.

12 Year Anniversary

Twelve years ago today, I was stuffing my bed full of rolls of toilet paper and trying to be as quiet as possible while sneaking out my bedroom window in my parents brand new home.  I was set to meet up with my best friend and three guys we knew. 

I successfully snuck out and spent a few hours joy riding around town with my friends.  The night came to an end and I was set to be dropped off to sneak back in that window, replace all my rolls of TP in my linen closet and hit the sack so I would be able to get up for school in the morning.  That plan quickly changed. 

From what I've heard, our car was struck by a young man coming home from a strip club.  He had run a stop sign and had been drinking. 

When I woke up in the back of the mini van, chaos was ensuing.  People were screaming, sirens were flashing and I could tell I was in shock because my leg was visibly broken but I wasn't in any pain.  One by one, they removed us all from the van and we were carted off to hospitals around town where the could find room for us.  My best friend and I rode in the same ambulance and I remember saying to her "Can, are you mad at me" and she responded "No, are you mad at me."  To which I responded "No, but we are in so much trouble."  I reached out for her hand but an IV kept me from doing so. 

So much of that night was fuzzy, police coming in and out to ask me questions, moments of staring at a white ceiling dying for my parents to show up, even a priest coming in to speak with me.   Tests were run, x rays and cat scans and stitches were completed.   A team of orthopedic guys came in and drilled a hole through my shin and put my leg in traction so that my femur would re align. 

I asked everyone about Candace.  She had already gone to surgery.  Hours maybe even days passed, I had surgery to have a titanium rod inserted in to my left femur, and I woke up in a hospital room in so much pain and so depressed.  My leg was all the same size and yellow from the iodine.  I realized I was missing a front tooth. 

Doctors and visitors came and went.  My room started to fill up with flowers and food and balloons.  My mood started to deteriorate.   I was loosing motivation to get mobile and get out of the hospital.  Candace who was injured far worse than I, was able to get in a chair and wheeled down to see me.   A little bit of motivation came back. 

Days later I was released from the hospital and came home. Candace stayed at an on site rehab facility for some additional therapy.  I was home in a wheel chair and she and her mom came by for a visit.  She was doing so well on her crutches with two broken legs and I had hardly used mine.  She made me get up and give them a try.  She jokingly said "you suck, come on".  Seeing her doing so well was all the motivation I needed. 

We started back to school in wheelchairs and then graduated to crutches.  People asked us questions and teachers made examples out of us, but through it all we had each other.  Months went by and our broken bones healed, stitches were removed, and our friendship grew.  So today is the 12 year anniversary of our car accident but it's a little friendship anniversary too! 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Page Wreath

A couple of weeks ago I posted a BEFORE AND AFTER of the table that sits between our living and dining room area.  For that space I decided I was going to make a book page wreath to hang from an old window we were using.   I have received a few inquiries on how I made the wreath and it's so easy you won't believe it. 

I didn't take pictures as I went but I got the idea from this great tutorial I found on one of my favorite blogs these days...Jones Design Company.  So check that out!  She does a great job picture by picture explaining what to do.

This is what I can tell you...

 It's a little time consuming but I just popped in a movie after Aidan went to bed and finished about the same time the movie ended.  So an hour and a half two hours. 

You will need:
A Styrofoam wreath. I got mine at Michael's for $6.99.  It was a 10". 
Glue gun and lots of glue sticks. 
A book. I just went in the attic and found an old one I read at the beach house one summer.  Skinny Dip R.I.P.

Follow the tutorial here.  I didn't really do mine at all like this BUT it is a great tutorial and hers turned out beautifully.

                                                    Tutorial Wreath-Jones Design Company

My wreath
Mine is a little bit bulkier. Haha!  I love them both.
Anyways. Good Luck! Hope that helps!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hand Painted Wallpaper

I am making some progress on my bathroom painting project. I don't think I ever shared on here that I was repainting and then handpainting a design on the walls.  Well I started about a month ago and I am just taking it bit by bit....I had to start by drawing the design on with a pencil and I have just now found the perfect paintbrush to hand paint with.  As you can see at the very top I started with a thicker brush and it just wasn't doing the trick. I have some other areas that I have worked on but this area has the most progress.  I am hoping to finish up in the next couple of weeks now that I have found a good brush.  Adam said he would add some crown moulding to the top for me to cover up where I got paint on the ceiling so I wouldn't have to paint that as well. Such a good hubby isn't he?  I think I am really going to love it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

4 Wheelers

I have mentioned before Adam and I bought Aidan a Power Wheel for Christmas.  He had previously had a small green 4 wheeler that a dear friend of mine purchased for his 1st birthday but we upgraded this year to the "big boy" as Adam likes to call it.  If I a "big boy" goes 2 to 5 miles per hour then call it what you want.   You have all met Aidan's best bud Ryland in prior posts.  When his dad and our good friend Mike, has him for the weekend I try my hardest to make sure the boys are able to get together.  Santa also gifted Ryland with a new four wheeler this year.  They have a great time out on Mike's land {the country house} riding through the trails together.   Here are some photos from one of their afternoon's riding.  It shocks me how brave they are on these things!

 Don't they almost look real?

Thanks Mike for always inviting us out! We have the best time with you guys! xoxo

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Outlet Shopping

I had great success at the Outlets this weekend! I was so pumped. 

I had been searching catalogs for a quilt for Aidan's bed. With the warmer weather coming I thought it might be a nice change from his heavy down comforter.  One of the quilts on the top of my list was the Kasey quilt in Navy from Pottery Barn Kids.  Just as my luck would have it they had it on sale today at the outlet for $79.99 with an additional 20% off! In the catalog it's $129.99 plus shipping.  I got a deal on the matching sham as well.  

picture via Pottery Barn Kids

I have a few left over pillow inserts {since I am a pillow collector} so I picked up these chenille pillow covers in the red.
picture via Pottery Barn

I will probably make the trek back one day this week to buy some of these covers in the lighter colors so I can swap out the sweater looking covers I bought for the winter. 
picture via Pottery Barn

The reason for going was to try and pick out some new bedding for ourselves.  This is what I want. I was willing to settle for something close but there wasn't much in the bedding department today.
The Vanessa Floral Duvet , The Vintage Ticking Stripe Sheet Set in neutral and The Linen Ruffle Edge Euro Sham.  The only thing is they sold out of the shams so fast I may now have to shop for them on eBay or keep my fingers crossed I catch them at the outlet. 

pictures via Pottery Barn

We hit up the Gap, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, JCrew, Gymboree and Carter's outlets as well and did really great.  I love a good deal!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Beautiful Sunday!

It was gorgeous day on Sunday here in Charlotte.  I thought I was a little sad thinking about winter coming to an end but now that I've had a little spring tease, I am soooo ready for nice weather!  How about you?  Sunday we really wanted to get out and get some fresh air so we headed to the US National White Water Center.  We spent two hours just walking the trails and letting the kid run wild! It was the perfect way to spend the day.  I can't wait for the rapids to open so we can give it a try this season! I might even do the zip line! Eeeeek. 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


We received the greatest news last night!!! Our dear friends the Chanthaboury's are pregnant with their second child!!! We are probably as excited as we would be if the child were ours!  Well not really, but VERY close!   Their daughter Acia has been dying for a younger sibling and we are just over the moon excited for her. She will be the best big sister.  Little Baby C, you are already loved so much! Can't wait to meet you! Now can you guys please just move back? 

And just for fun...this is what I did with a few minutes of my afternoon!

Can't wait to celebrate with you all this summer! Love, The Harvey's

Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Photo Shoot

This is hopefully the last of the Valentine's Day posts. They are getting out of control! I just wanted to share with y'all the super cute pictures I snapped of Aidan while we were trying to capture the perfect picture for his Valentine's.  He is such a good sport and so used to having his picture taken, it only took me about 10 minutes to get these shots.  It was hard to choose which one to use on his cards because they were all cute. In the end, I let Adam choose the one we used and I am really happy with it!  I think I will have these printed and put up in his playroom.

{This is the shot we used on his cards}

{This was my favorite}