Thursday, January 27, 2011

If You Let Aidan Stay Up Five Minutes Past Bedtime

If you let Aidan stay up five minutes past bedtime in your bed,
he will ask you to fluff the pillows,
you will fluff the pillows and then he will remember he likes his own pillows better.
He will get his pillow with the firetruck pillow case and he will remember he was looking for one of his fire trucks earlier.
He will start looking for his firetruck everywhere and then notice the pretzels in the jar on the counter.
You will tell him he can have 1.
He will ask for four.
You compromise at 3. 
He will drop one in half on the floor and then you have to give him the fourth one anyways.
He will say he needs a napkin. 
You will get him a napkin.
He will remember he forget to ask you for a napkin to get the tomato that fell out of his sandwich at lunch and under the day bed in the playroom.
He will take you to see it.
There will be a quarter next to the tomato.
He will remember he needs to collect all the the change he dropped on the living room floor earlier and put it in his piggy bank. 
He will go to get all his change and he will smash his pretzels in to the carpet.
You will ask him to help you get the vacuum. 
Next to the vacuum is the firetruck he was looking for earlier.
He will remember his fire truck pillow and go back to your bed to watch five minutes of cartoons before he has to go to bed. 
You will realize it has been 30 minutes and he wins again!
If you let Aidan stay up five minutes past bedtime in your bed.

Only five more days to enter to win a $100 gift card from Jimmy Dean! I am soooo excited to see who is going to win!


Kate G. said...

THAT was so cute, April!

GingerB said...

I think if I did one of these for my kids it would end with me banging my head on the wall. I think 30 minutes is a win!

The Whitakers said...

LOL what a cute poem!