Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jon & Kate Take 2

I wrote a blog expressing how sad I would be if Jon & Kate ended up splitting up and well as I am sure all of you know by now, it's over. Big time. As promised, I am so upset about it. I want their personal numbers so I can call them and beg them to go to therapy and try to work it out. Then Adam points out all of the body language and Jon's use of the word "excited" when speaking of the split and I am reminded it wouldn't change a thing. I have really gone back and forth about who is the victim in this situation. In the beginning I immediately sided with Kate because I am a mom and I know what it takes to stay organized to run a home and that craziness doesn't always make us the easiest wives. Then of course there were the photos plastered across every gossip mag of Jon with Deanna (whatever her last name is Homewrecker as far as I am concerned). Regardless of whether or not he was physical cheating on Kate with her, the amount of time he was spending with her was inappropriate and to me an emotional affair which is just as bad if not worse. Then, I see Jon and I realize everyone is human and he really did endure a lot of criticism from Kate. I can see how eventually that would drive someone away. Why Jon did not try to communicate to Kate that it was slowly breaking him down, I do not know. Marriages take two people to work and two people to fall apart. So, I have taken myself off of team Kate and I have joined Team "I just hope they can be friends for the kids" because they are the ones that really do need something good to come out of this. I am saddened because I don't think they tried as hard as they could. You can bet your ass, I will fight for my marriage to the death if anything everyone goes wrong in it. Thank you God, so far so good. On the day I got married, I took it very seriously. I intend on being in this forever. I am not naive, I know everyone thinks that their marriage is forever and you can never predict someone cheating or just falling out of love. In a fairy tale marriage everything goes as planned. In real life, nothing is promised. This is real life. I pray that my marriage far surpasses my expectations of it. From now on, I am going to look at a Jon & Kate's marriage as a learning experience and not a let down and I will just keep on hope, hope, hoping that they figure this out for their children.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weird Weekend

It's been an up and down weekend for us here in the Harvey house. Maybe mostly down for me! Adam has been working so much lately, we only get to see him for a whole day on Sundays. One day a week that's it. Every other day he is up and out by 8 and home after 10. Not that I ever depended on Adam to entertain me, but recently I have been BORED out of my mind. Not that I am not content staying home with Aidan, I just think that my transition from school has been a little bit difficult. Before I went, Aidan was a lot more dependent and six months later he is doing so much on his own. I was used to getting up every morning with a plan and now I get up and feel lost. Realistically, you can't do anything all day with a two year old, so I find myself at a loss when trying to find things to fill our day. At least when it's meal time, I have that preparation time. Same with bedtime routine. I know I have a plan for that hour. Honestly though, we are currently living our life without any involvement from Adam and it is really taking some getting used to. More than anything, I miss the time with him. I know in my heart though, he is just working constantly to put money away so one day, we won't have to worry about anything and for that, I am grateful but sometimes a little bit of selfishness shows through and I wish he were just home more.
Luckily, Amanda was available to do some shopping with us Saturday afternoon. I needed some adult conversation in my life. We got some really great deals at Old Navy and Target and as a result, I had two very cute dresses to wear this weekend, Aidan has a new $5 bathing suit and Adam got a new polo. This shopping adventure is what leads me to the second part of our (or my) weird weekend. When we were in Old Navy, we saw the cutest little girls bathing suit and I was just dying to have it. For who? That's what I kept asking myself and that's why it didn't make it to the register with us. Amanda thought it was hilarious I was considering buying this bathing suit for an unborn child. It might sound funny, but that's how badly at this point the baby thing is getting. It's just a waiting game to the right time though. I still need to wait a few months. Leaving that bathing suit behind, left me with knots in my stomach. I am still so nervous about so much when I think about being pregnant again. The last thing I need to be doing is buying clothes to stash away in hopes that we get pregnant soon and in hopes its a baby girl (but everyone please keep your fingers crossed for me).
Third part of my weird weekend. I was so determined to have a great day with Adam since it's our only day with him, I didn't realize that after working 90 hours the past week, he might just want to relax. You have to understand, Aidan and I spend a lot of time in the house so this wasn't that exciting for us. Ha. So, Adam relaxed and Aidan and I sat around and watched him relax. It wasn't that thrilling and it made me sad to think that this is how we were spending our "Family Day" but what do we expect. The man has to have some down time. I was more than a little sad to think about the day coming to an end and him going back to work tomorrow.
Hopefully, this week Aidan and I will work harder at adjusting to our new life without "Dada" and weird weeks won't be a trend we start.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Lazy Friday...

I feel like Aidan and I have been going A LOT lately so today, I thought we would just hang around the house in our jammies and watch movies all day. It has been so hot outside here that it takes it out of you just going back and forth from the car! Well so far, the day has been great! Adam came home and had lunch with us (which was a picnic on our bed). In a little while, I think we are going to put on some shorts and t shirts and head to my parents to see what they are up to for the weekend. My brain is working in slow motion right now, so in the absence of something interesting to talk about, I am just going to DEBUT the new blog layout! Let me know what you think! Also, I am not a computer genius by any means, so if someone could let me know the easy way to add new fonts to your page (not the basic ones) I would really appreciate it! Thanks and The Harvey's hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Show Us Where You Live Fridays

I have been following this blog http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/that I somehow fell upon through reading other friends of friends blogs. It is a great blog (for "SOUTHERN" moms) and she is always keeping it interesting. One of the things she does is every Friday she has "Show Us Where You Live Fridays". I have been thinking about participating for a couple of weeks but my house is very boring. This week I figured oh what the heck. This week is Master Bedrooms. Here are my pics...

This is my bedroom from the hallway...it is VERY small...we like to say it's "Cozy"...the bed is from Pottery Barn. I love it because it has the extra baskets for storage and Adam has more clothes than most. The stool is from Ikea and belongs to the Aidanator. The shelf is also from Ikea (for the bargain price of 19 bucks people). Bedding is ALL Pottery Barn. I know it's not that exciting but let me tell you guys...the bed is the most comfortable thing you will ever sleep on!
Aidan love, love, loves our bed so I added the picture of him from today watching his Curious George DVD. The last picture is of our monogramed pillow. Just something cute. I am a little monogram obsessed. We of course have a flat screen TV on the opposite wall but everyone knows what they look like and I am not fond enough of all the wires coming out the bottom of it to post on here!!!
So sad to hear about Farrah and Michael! May the both rest in peace!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Last Little Thing...

This is my first time doing this but ...if you are one of my ten readers...
A friend of a friends mother is in need of some prayers. She has been diagnosed with breast cancer and although the outlook it pretty good it wouldn't hurt to ask God for a little help in her healing and to watch over her family during this difficult time! Thanks so much!

Uh Oh Mommy is Sad

So I've been promising a post for some family about Aidan going to pre school. I did it! I finally signed him up! I tried to avoid it until there were no spots left anywhere so that he would just have to stay home but alas there was a spot left at the YMCA (not telling which branch b/c of safety reasons) pre school (only because someone dropped out...ughhh) and we are thrilled with his teacher and their facility. It was a little embarrassing when I was filling out his final paper work and I started to tear up. I just cannot believe how fast time has flown by. I think that it will be great for him to socialize with some other kids and it will definitely be good for me to have some time to myself BUT so soon?? He will be going twice a week from 9:15-1:30. I have to pack him a diaper bag (keep your fingers crossed, maybewe will be potty trained by August) and a snack and change of clothes. I am just now coming to the realization that in a about two months, my sweet boy will be starting pre (pre) school and from this point on, besides summer vacations he is going to be in school for a LONG time. Our baby time has come and gone. It's so bittersweet. I am excited for him to learn and meet new friends but at the same time, I am going to miss the all day cuddle sessions. Oh, the heartache this is causing me. Haha. Seriously though. I'm balling.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Please tell me that was a dream...

Well I must say, someone must have started praying for us because today was a great day with Aidan!!! We got up early and had breakfast and then headed to the pool to meet Karen and her two kids Kate (Aidan's age) and her new baby Alex. With the exception of Aidan accidentally gracing Kate's head with his bucket, he was great!!! Kate bought him a new back pack for pre school (another blog to come) and a fruit set that you can cut in half. He used to love this toy at Imaginon here in Charlotte. So, now he has his own! Thanks Kate!!! I wish I had taken some pictures but the camera was at the bottom of the pool bag and with Aidan swimming on his own now, I wanted to keep a watchful eye on him.

Aidan was so good today, I skipped my run because I was just enjoying him so much. After dinner I thought it would be nice to take him for some ice cream. Even if it meant he would be up an hour after his bedtime from the sugar intake. Who cares, he deserved it. WELL, we had been lounging around for the past hour or so and I was wearing my running shirt with no bra on. My running shirts are that breathable fabric and this one was white. So, you get the picture. I changed out of that in to a tank top. I was ready to go, Aidan and I left the house and while I was loading him in to the car, I noticed people slowing down on the street and kind of staring. I was getting paranoid that maybe some of them were checking out Adam's trailer with all his equipment on it (we've already had two blowers stolen this year). So, I debated even going to get the ice cream at all. I decided I was just going to run through the drive thru at the Chick Fil A up the street because their Ice Dream Cones are soooo good. Long story short, I am in the best mood because Aidan is so happy and we are going to get ice cream. We get to Chick Fil A, there is a guy sweeping the drive thru so I figure it won't be that bad to just go in. We get in and get our ice cream cones, Aidan is freaking out laughing and smiling about his ice cream (people at Chick Fil A are staring but I assume it's because Aidan is so cute). I accidentally catch my reflection in the door walking out and I am wearing my tank top and these....
only mine are grey. How embarrassing! I was so focused on getting a shirt on so I wouldn't get caught with a see through shirt on, I totally forgot I was wearing a pair of boy shorts and had taken my yoga pants off before we laid down in my bed. AHHH! Only me.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Because I know you all care so much what I think...

Real Housewives Reunion...Here it goes...

Why did they have to open up with clips from the "last supper"...reunion is doomed! I more than agree that it was so inappropriate that the children were in the room when she decided to do this. If I've said it once, I've said it a million times...DANIELLE'S POOR GIRLS!

"Bubbies"...I don't at all think this word is spelled the way they say it. To me they are saying "boobies" not bUbbies. Anyone agree? Every one's do look good though! Especially Teresa's. As soon as I'm done with kids I'm getting a pair! HAHA!

Okay so who knew Teresa has known Joe her whole life? Too cute!!! Sounds like he has been sweet to her the whole time! Okay so she slipped up on her English there, but I know how she feels. I mean when I moved in here, I at least had to have a brand new toilet! She's a great mom, her kids are cute, if they want to do some modeling so be it. Life is short, if you want to spoil the shit out of them who cares. From the looks of it, you'll be able to do it as long as you live. Jill Zarin zip it up sister. Ally is no angel and you spoil her just as much.

Jacqueline is about to POP. She looks a little puffy but what does that matter, she deserves this baby!! I can't wait to see pics of Nicholas. Sad about her miscarriages. I can't even imagine! I am happy to hear she and Dina made their amends but I don't know how sincere Dina really is. I love her but I don't know if I love her in this instance.

Uh oh, everyone just agreed with Teresa that the comment her husband made about being gay was not meant the way it was taken and Andy just confessed he is gay (honestly did not know this) and that he found it offensive!!! AHHHH!!!! I don't think he meant it the way they took it, but on national television you have to be careful. At least Andy can make a joke out of it.

Caroline walks all over Jacqueline? Hm mm...I think she just answers every question for her and Dina. She is the family CONTROL FREAK. If she could have seen the questions before they were asked and told the girls how to answer, she would have been on CLOUD 9! Jacqueline will make a statement and Caroline will turn around and try to tell her that's not right...when it's her life she is speaking about. Caroline probably deserved the punch. So what she's married to your brother, let her live her own life.

Caroline made me want to cry when she was talking about her kids. They all have their faults but I think when it comes down to it, family comes first with them all. Especially Caroline. She is a true Italian mother and I think she does the job well. There is nothing wrong with taking care of your family. I mean seriously? Are we going to try to make that in to a fault?

Drum roll please...Father in law was murdered by the mob? Caroline is hard core. Don't mess with her! Kind of reminds me of the own pride I have for my father's family and the Decot name. Not the same situation AT ALL but that is probably why I just added Harvey to the end of my name instead of just dropping Decot.

ANYWAYS...Can't wait for part 2. Amanda, hopefully you won't even have to watch the reunion after this recap! Loves

Part 2 of my own blog AIDAN'S TEMPER TANTRUMS

Holy screeching! Where did it come from? There terrible two's showed up out of nowhere!! I had a woman at the pool today tell me, that 3 was even worse for her son. Please God, NO!!! It's a little early to be complaining about this, considering we are only in week 3 of being 2 but it's a little rough. I am trying my best and I am trying to find patience. I am trying to decide how I am going to handle all these new things and I am trying to comfort Aidan because I know he is just trying to communicate and struggling. I can't punish him for that. I am trying to remember that in the big picture, a year of temper tantrums and bad days, is going to be forgotten and it's the sweet times in between when I get a kiss for no reason or he stops screeching to just hug me. So please pray for us as a family, that we make it through this year as stress free as possible and please pray Aidan can get some more words out, so we can hear what's going on in his little head.

One last thing, once in a while (OK it's more than that...BUT) I treat myself to something I don't really need but just makes me smile. Today, it was a chemise from Tar-jay that is sleeve less with some ruffles and a big white bow! Girls, the hubby loved it and it made my day. All for the bargain price of $16.99. I am thinking about ordering this one off the website because one it's on clearance and two because it is soooo darn cute!


I just don't get it...

I really don't even know how to start this...I think writing this blog is sometimes like therapy for me because I know not many people read it, so I can get away with writing things that I will never be judged for. I can be a little bit vulnerable because no one knows about it.
I follow a few blogs that I have someway or another found through friends of friends blogs. I am currently keeping up with a woman who just lost her mother to cancer. I think I am addicted to this particular blog because she is reminiscing about the marvelous relationship she had with her mother in her adult life. It's kind of like the relationship I wish to have with my mom but will never happen. I think sometimes I am quick to judge mother's who think their child is perfect and can do no wrong, but when I look at the difference, I think I would have liked to have the kind that is just proud of you and loves you no matter what. I haven't by any means been the perfect daughter. I have done a lot of things the wrong way and I haven't accomplished much in my life but I think I have things to be proud of. I have a wonderful husband, he's not a doctor or an attorney but he loves me more than anything and when the money runs out, that's all that really matters. I have a son, he wasn't planned and I did my fare share of feeling ashamed for it, but he has turned out to be a great kid. He's smart and kind and loving and funny. I have my home, and yes it's not always clean but it's my home and I have worked hard on it. It may be small, but it makes us have to be closer as a family. My mom once said to me "I am not your friend, I'm your mom"...I haven't ever forgot those words because I think it will probably be like that forever. I don't think she has the desire that I do to have a special relationship. I come home sometimes after being with her, and she has (unintentionally) made me feel like the scum of the earth and I barely make it home before breaking in to tears. Most recently, she has a neighbor that has 3 daughters and is now expecting a baby boy and is very nervous about it. As my mom, myself and this neighbor stand in the yard this is how the conversation goes..."Laura (the neighbor) let me tell you something, not that I wasn't excited to have April but when my boys were born (her face lights up and her eyes get huge) it was a whole different story." I just don't get it. Will I ever be good enough? Do I not communicate well enough how important her friendship is to me? Should I tell her she's my hero and she has been a great mom to me but now I just want her to be my best friend?? I have been thinking about having another baby somewhere in the next year or so but every time I think about it, I get bogged down with the thought that she won't be happy for me. I have this fear that this may be the last child I ever have and I might not ever get the chance to share the excitement with my mom. It breaks my heart every time one of these milestones passes by and I think one of these days, she just won't be around anymore and the time will be lost and going back won't be an option and I'll be sharing in the excitement with someone else. I just wish she could see past all the little things and be happy for me and for who I turned out to be. I am sorry I didn't do more to make her proud. I rack my brain day in and day out about what I could do to just try to get somewhere close to this place with her. It's a never ending battle with my heart. I honestly just don't get it...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Fathers Day to my amazing husband.

Adam, I remember the day we found out we were pregnant...I was sooo nervous and you were just sooo exited.

I remember the day Aidan was born, I was just sooo excited and you were just sooo nervous! HAHA!

I remember when we would lay in bed at night when I was pregnant and I would try to tell you all the things you were going to be responsible for and you would say "babe, I got this."

I remember laying in bed the first couple nights Aidan was home with us and you saying "babe, am I going to be any good at this?"

I would be lying if I didn't say I was worried at first but looking back now, I don't know what I was thinking. You have turned out to be the best daddy anyone could ever ask for. You are fun and loving and strong and supportive. You have the ability to get to Aidan's heart in a way I am envious of.

Thank you for being a great partner and always holding up more than your end of the deal. (ie getting up in the middle of the night EVERY night) Thank you for working everyday to give us this nice life. Thank you for letting me stay home so I can see Aidan grow. Thank you for loving us so much and so well. Happy Fathers Day.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've been out of the blogging world for a couple of days. Adam's parents have been in town and we have been very busy with them all weekend. We celebrated Aidan's birthday for the second time and it was really nice! They bought him the most beautiful vintage fire truck that he can drive around!! He LOVES it!!!

So, I debated doing this but I just can't help myself...

Real Housewives New Jersey Finale...Holy Shmoly!!!

The whole episode all I could say in my head was "Oh no she didn't"...to literally EVERYTHING.

I mean even starting out with Dina going to visit Teresa's new house. I was looking at those front doors thinking "Oh no she didn't". Holy tackiness. Not to mention I thought she was going with French Chateau theme?? Good for her nonetheless.

Seriously though, let's get on to the dinner party. I knew we were going to run in to some drama here, but REALLY..."Oh no she didn't". When Danielle laid that book on the table, I jumped out of my seat and ran around in a circle. I did not see that one coming and I especially didn't see it coming out of that small purse she was carrying when she got there? I mean what gives...where did the book even come from? I know she felt like if she didn't speak out about it, it would forever be an elephant in the room. She just didn't pick the greatest place.

Caroline blew me away fessing up to being the one who let the cat out of the bag about the book. I am just wondering why she didn't just put the BS to rest long ago and fess up??? It never appeared to me that she was covering for Dina. It did amaze me that she felt she could tell Dina what to do at their age.

Poor Jacqueline, she had the opportunity to just stay out of the whole thing but she is too sweet to let her sister in laws straight face lie to one of her friends. Her husband is my hero. He proved himself to me in a previous episode about them trying to conceive but he became my hero last night. He is obviously the peace keeper in the family and it seems that whether or not his sisters approve of her, he loves his wife and will always back her up.

I don't know if I'm buying that Teresa is as sweet as everyone says she is. She and Jacqueline seem the most down to earth to me BUT for someone to push over a table like that and start screaming...she isn't little miss innocent. I can see her being an aggressive Jersey girl. Alcohol induced of course. P.S. Personally, I would've loved to see the "bubbies" a tad bit bigger.

I will say this...all women in this series are incredible mothers. All the woman seem to be very close and very involved with their children. They are incredibly family oriented people which I love because I dream of having a big, close knit family. That is if anyone ever marries my brothers!! Ha.

I will definitely watch the uncut and reunion shows...

Friday, June 12, 2009

He said it best

Update on Blog: Liam is not as old as Aidan phew! We are doing much better than them!!!

I was watching my weekly episode of Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood and Dean McDermott literally put so much stuff in to persepective for me about Aidan. Their son Liam is a few months older than Aidan but also in his terrible twos. I don't think Aidan has hit the point just yet that Liam has as far at tantrums go...but I can still relate. I have been trying to wrap my brain around a way to describe why Aidan is acting the way he does and then Dean said it...the terrible twos is all about your two year is at a point in their life where they know what they want but aren't at a point where they can communicate it to you and it frustrates the hell out of them. This was just the thing I needed to hear. It's not like Aidan is misbehaving (all the time haha) he just can't get out what he wants and the poor guy gets sooo bent out of shape. Some day he looks at me straight in the eyes like "you have to know what I am trying to say" and I just can't figure it out. It's pitiful but we're working on it. More importantly, we are working on his words so he can just say what he wants!!

Adam's parents are coming to town for the weekend. We are excited to spend some time with them. Since, they were unable to make it for Aidan's birthday party we are going to celebrate again with them on Sunday at Adam's sister's house. It should be a great time!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Maybe Baby??

I think it is fair to say that I am becoming obsessed with having another baby. It's pretty much all I think about. Adam and I have set a tentative month to start trying and it just seems forever away. I think what is making the obsession worse is the fact that I am terrified that because it was so easy for me to get pregnant the first time, that it won't happen that way again. I have read so many infertility stories and I hear so much about women miscarrying and loosing children in their early life that I am petrified this time around. The last time I was pregnant I was in way too much shock to worry about these things but I think they are every woman's fear when it comes time to try to have a baby. It may all be silly in the end, but it's a real fear and anything can happen. I am back to DVRing "A Baby Story", "Bringing Home Baby" and all other TLC baby shows. I am constantly on the Baby Center website. I get super emotional (and jealous really) when I hear about someone being pregnant or who has just had a baby. I know my time is coming and I just have to have patience and faith that everything will go well. In the meantime I am so grateful for my loving, smart, handsome Aidan. He is everything to me and more. I love him more than words. He will always be the one that made me a mommy.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jeese Louise

I am destined to be the world's worst disciplinary. I am TERRIBLE at it. When I raise my voice to Aidan, I have to go in to the other room so he doesn't see me cry. That's terrible isn't it? You should see what happens when I give him a little "love pat" on his diaper! Adam is just as bad. If we put him in time out...we have to go in the other room so we don't giggle at him when he tries to crawl off the time out spot. At night when he crawls out of his bed to come in our room, if there is any sign of a tear, we are not even trying to put him back in his bed. We tell ourselves he has had a bad dream or the dogs in the neighbors yard are scaring him. Not because either of these are probably a reality, but because it makes us feel better and we are instantly heroes...in our heads. In real life we are instantly softies that are going to have an outrageously misbehaved child if we don't get it together. My mom is like the perfect parent. So it is very hard to get any advice from her. We were all on perfect schedules and never slept in her bed EVER when we were kids. She has the answer to everything and I was petrified of her until...well honestly I still am. My dad even worse. He has a look that puts the fear of God in you. So I just don't know how I am going to toughen myself up. Let alone Adam. I will probably read a hundred books on it and try to figure it out. Adam will just be the weak one. FOREVER. One has to think, he's this way with a 2yr old boy, what will ever happen if we have a daughter. She can go ahead and do whatever she wants.

P.S. I just want to say thank you to EVERYONE who gave or sent something to Aidan for his birthday. We will of course be sending out proper thank you notes but you all are too good to him and we thank you sooo soooo much!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Aidan's 2nd Birthday Party

Aidan's 2nd Birthday was wonderful!! I think we all had a great time. The bouncy was worth every penny and I am glad I took some great pictures to show Aidan when he gets older. The cupcakes were amazing!!! Polka Dot Bake Shop is the best!!! Thank you everyone who came out and celebrated with us. We are sooo lucky to have such great family and friends!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Whatta Long Day

Just a funny little thing...

Today we are Costco. My mom, Aidan and I. As most of you Costco shoppers know, they have people at the end of aisles handing out samples. So, we come up to a stand where the woman is giving out Hebrew National hot dogs. Just moments before we were trying to figure out which hot dogs to buy for Aidan's party. So my mother proceeds to pick up a sample and say just loud enough so everyone in Costco and the parking lot can hear "If Aidan eats this hot dog, we will buy this brand". I immediately know this is not a good idea. So she gives Aidan the hot dog and he takes a bite and then almost immediately begins to spaz out and spit the hot dog out EVERYWHERE. He is spitting it on the floor, on people walking by, on the lady giving out the samples and mom and I got our fair share of hot dog spit as well. So Deb (this is what I call my mom) and I, just look at each other and laugh (as the rest of the world is standing in disgust) and she exclaims "We'll stick with the Ball Parks" thank you.

This is my life...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just thinking...

This time two years ago, I was sitting in this exact spot dying to meet our sweet boy. Now he is sitting on my lap while I type. It's crazy how time flies!

So, I am not one of those people that gets excited about getting a new cell phone. I was perfectly happy with the old phone. My icons were all where I liked them, my background was the picture of Aidan and I at Freedom Park and my ring tones etc. were already set. After like 6 hours between two Verizon Stores, 30 minutes on speakerphone with Verizon and a migraine later...I have a new Blackberry. Or Crackberry some like to call it. I think it's as close to being set up the EXACT same way the old one was. Just the way I like it!

Big day tomorrow. I have all my shopping to do for Aidan's party on Saturday. I am still on the fence about side items. Adam is making Filet's, burgers and dogs. YUMMY. Filet's for the ADULTS. I am sure whatever I decide to do will be last minute and probably something I have made a million times before. I am a creature of habit people.

Anyways, better put my child that is up WAAAAAAYYYY past his bedtime to bed and do something about this migraine!!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

R.I.P. Pink Blackberry

Well, it's official. This afternoon while I was planting flowers, Aidan picked up the hose and sprayed my phone. I ran in the house and tried to save her but it was too late. I would have a funeral and bury her in the pet cemetery in our backyard BUT I have to send her body to the insurance company so I can get a new phone. I am hoping her soul (contacts, pics, apps etc) will come back in the new one.

In the meantime it will be very interesting to see how I do without my phone. Quite frankly, I have terrible anxiety about it.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Helmet Head

I know I have already posted today but I don't think there is any rule against blogging twice in a day so...

I just wanted to share some pics of my sweet boy with you all. There is a story behind the pictures. One day, at my parents, Aidan proceeded to climb up one of my mother's shelves and take down her ice bucket. He immediately put it on his head and started walking around with it. Usually he mimics funny things we do, but he came up with this all by himself and although you can't truly appreciate the hilarity of it unless you are there...I am enclosing some pictures of our "Helmet Head" that my dad took of him today while they were hanging out. Hope you enjoy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jon & Kate

Please people tell me I am not the only one that wants for these two people to get it together. I will seriously be heartbroken if the "D" word is spread across every tabloid and TV station on the planet. I just want to grab Jon and say to him "Love this woman!!!" No one is perfect. Being a mom to one child is soooo hard. I couldn't even imagine the stress of being the mother of eight!!! I know, I know dad's do so much work too. I just for some reason in the situation think that Kate is still in love and Jon is in a different world. Life it too short not to try your best for these kids. It broke my heart tonight when Jon wasn't even in town for Kate's birthday. Birthdays are huge around our house. It's the one day of the year that is all about you. Celebrating the day you made this world a better place. I know I am sap but I would just love to see these turn in to a "Happily Ever After" story. For once can't somebody be the exception and beat the odds and make it through the rough time instead of just giving up.
P.S. Adam, I hope when you read this, if you didn't already realize in all of our conversations about marriage...I will work and work and work and work for us! A dear friend once told me "It's not always easy, but it's always worth it." I took it to heart and think about it everyday. Best marriage advice you could ever get!!!
So that's my tid bit about Jon & Kate...I can almost guarantee there will be more to come.