Friday, January 14, 2011

Weds. Night Dinners

I don't ever spell out Wednesday because I don't know how.  I consider myself a pretty good speller but that Wednesday get's me every time!  If spell check were a real life person, they would probably start charging me for as many times as I have spelt it wrong. {I am SURE something will be spelt wrong in this post because I consider myself a good speller}.  

ANYWAYS,  we have started a little thing with one of our family friends, Julie.  We are hosting dinner and a movie every Wednesday night at our house.  It's just Jules, Me, Adam and Aidan and we love it!  Next week will be our 4th week doing it, and I think all four of us thoroughly look forward to it each and every week.    Last night we had breakfast for dinner and it was soooo good.

We thought signing up for a Netflix subscription would be a great way to pick a movie each week. BOY WERE WE WRONG.  Who out their has Netflix? Don't you just hate it?  We thought it would be cool to stream movies straight through the PS3 but nothing good is available. Everything has to be ordered online and then takes two days to get here. How does that help me on a Wednesday night?  

So, we have made the decision to theme our Wednesday nights so we can have a meal and a movie already picked out.  I use the term theme very lightly.  Example:  Next week we are going to make pasta and watch a movie like The Godfather.  Haha.  Get it?  Silly. But so much fun.

I had suggested inviting more people to our dinner and a movie nights but Julie and Adam weren't having it!  They like to team up on me much like Adam and Amanda do.  I often wonder if anyone will ever be on my side about anything?  Hello?

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Joanna said...

Agreed. We have Netflix as well but nothing good is available. We have the Wii so we explore through the new releases....right! The new releases are from 5 years ago...and some movies I never even heard of....bummer! Good little tradition you started!