Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Reynolds House Tour

Recently Adam and I were lucky enough to get a full tour of one of Charlotte's finest historic homes. The Gautier-Gilchrist home on Park Avenue.   The current owners are the lovely Reynold's family.  We are lucky enough to call them family friends and in all the years my parents have been their neighbors, Adam and I had never seen the inside of the house. So a few Saturdays ago when Mrs. Reynolds asked if we wanted a tour, we almost jumped out of our skin.  I  had secretly been dying to get in there for years!

The Colonial Revival style home was built in 1897 in Dilworth, Charlotte's initial streetcar suburb.  The owner was a wealthy, 40 something widow that had moved from New York City to Charlotte in 1895, by the name of Mrs. A.R. Gautier.  She originally built a house right next door but decided after a short time she would build this home.  The architect was Charles Christian Hook.  You might know him for some of his other historic Charlotte landmarks The VanLandingham Estate and the Duke Mansion.  Mrs. Gautier owned the home until 1898 when she sold it to the Gilchrist family.  She rented a room in the home until the year 1900 after which she moved back to New York City. 
Duke Mansion via

The details inside the home are breath taking.  These three arches in the foyer are gorgeous.  

 One of the original fireplaces.  Mantel made from curly maple.

The staircase leads to five large rooms upstairs.  Four of them have fireplaces with classical style mantels.
I can only imagine how cool it must have been for the Reynold's sons to call this magnificent historical property home.  There are secret doorways and staircases that would make the imagination of children run wild.

The dark wood, extreme architectural detail and Mrs. Reynolds use of antiques make this house. This bookcase is original.

I fell in love with this sleeping porch just off of the Master Bedroom.  Adam and I are still talking about how lovely it would be to open all these windows in the Fall and let the breeze blow through while we slept.  So dreamy.

In the backyard there is an old stable/carriage house.  After over 100 years of weather and wear and tear the carriage house is barely holding up ready to finally come down. 

Side view
You can see the two points in the ivy.  This is where the point in the roof was. 

This is looking in to the second story of the carriage house.  Before the carriage house was in such dis repair, Mrs. Reynolds tells us, her boys had a great time using it as their childhood play house. 

You can see in the bottom right hand corner of this picture where the doors for my Master Bedroom came from.  There are lots of other great vintage pieces hiding in there. 

Adam and I both agreed the entire time we were there it was impossible not to imagine what life was like when this house was built and in the prime of it's grandeur.  

Thanks Mrs. Reynold's for the tour and a little history lesson!  

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I seriously wonder about myself.  Does that surprise you?  A few weeks ago I got the idea in my head I was over our sectional and it had to go immediately.  I listed it on Craig's List and the response killed the battery on my phone in hours.  Needless to say, a nice, newlywed couple building a new house in the surrounding area are the happy new owners of that sectional. 

I am the proud new owner of an empty living room!  What was I thinking selling my sofa before having a new one! We have the sofa/daybed in the playroom but the three of us don't really fit on there comfortably so for the time being we are doing all of our lounging on our bed in our master bedroom.

I thought I had my mind all made up about which sofa I wanted to go with.  Then I spent some time shopping and now I am torn...I would love to see what you all think about my selections. 

My Choices
**All these sofas are in the Washed Linen/Cotton in Caramel** 

The Windsor Grand Sofa 
Windsor Slipcovered Grand Sofa, Down-Blend Wrap Box Cushions, Washed Linen/Cotton Caramel

My Favorite-The Carlisle Slipcovered Sofa
{Slipcovers appeal to me with kids in the house}
This sofa also comes in Apartment Size. I would consider buying two of them in that size and putting them across from eachother.
Carlisle Sofa, Down-Blend Wrap Cushions, Washed Linen/Cotton Caramel

Adam's Picks
The Solano Grand Sofa
{He likes the idea of one cushion}
Solano Slipcovered Grand Sofa, Down-Blend Wrap Box Cushions, Washed Linen/Cotton Caramel

PB Comfort Square Slipcovered Sectional
I am trying to get away from a sectional but this is a much smaller sectional than what we had. It is actually
pretty deep and extremely comfortable.  
PB Comfort Square Left 3-Piece Corner Sectional, Polyester Wrap Cushions, Washed Linen/Cotton Caramel

We shop at Pottery Barn because we have bought things from there before and have been very happy with the quality for the price.   We aren't against buying something from somewhere else I just haven't seen anything I like as much.  I am open to suggestions if anyone has any.  I want to be in love with the new sofa because I am probably going to have to live for it for awhile!  Whatever I decided, it needs to be soon. I would like to have something before Christmas!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

30 Random Facts About My Favorite Soon to Be 30 Year Old

Adam's going to be 30 in no time (a week from today!!!) and I am seriously excited. Something about him being 30 makes me think about us getting old together (throwing up yet?).  Silly I know but saying my hubby is 30 gives me the warm and fuzzies. I just know his 30's are going to be the best years yet (Cause I'll be in all of them!).

Thirty Things You Might Not Know about The Birthday Boy

1.  He was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. About 5 blocks from our current home. He hasn't moved much.  His grandparents lived 2 houses away.

{Childhood Home}

2.  His first job was mowing lawns in the neighborhood.

3.  He has a scar on his chest that he tells people is a stab wound but really it's just from having a mole removed.

4. His favorite food is spaghetti with meat sauce.  Don't forget garlic bread or the meal is ruined.

5. He had me convinced his middle name was "Leroy" for months when we started dating.

6.  His favorite Christmas movie is "It's a Wonderful Life".

7.  When Aidan was born he asked me questions like "is he cute?". He wasn't worried about 10 fingers or toes.  Of course he was/is but it wouldn't have mattered. I knew the second he held him, he had never loved anything so much!

8.  I was his first serious girlfriend.  That's what he tells me anyway.  Therefore the first person he EVER said "I Love you" to. 

9.  He laughs when he's lying.

10.  He's had Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

11.  Since we have been together he has broken his hand, 4 ribs and his collar bone.  One of those injuries required surgery and he had to wear a piece of foam that looked like a cheese wedge FOR. EVER.

12. He remembers the exact day he met my dad and wishes him a "Happy Anniversary" on that day every year.  It makes for a good laugh.

13.  He has incredible work ethic. I can count on one hand how many times he has called in to work.

14.  Growing up Baseball was his sport. Now he's playing softball.  He and Aidan play together all the time.

15.  He is the best gift giver ever. 
Look at that cutie!! in My Photos by April Decot Harvey

16.  Everywhere we go, Adam knows someone.  It never fails.  A few months ago we walked in to a restaurant on the side of the highway in the middle of nowhere and some guy yelled "Adam Harvey, where the hell have you been hiding."  We are in the south.

17. Most of his friends he's known since his day care days. 

18.  He wears a hat everyday.  His favorite Red Sox hat just bit the dust.  This reminded me to order him a new one.

19.  He sings to me all the time.  Not actual songs but little ditty's he makes up.

20.  When we met he had only been on a plane once!

21.  Once he had mouth surgery without pain medication because he was nervous of the needle.  Worst mistake of his life he says.

22.  He's never ridden a horse.

23.  He constantly acts like he hates the cats but he is always worried about where they are and do they have enough food.  I come home OFTEN to him cuddled up with them on the sofa.  He loves them.

24.  He tries to bribe me with kids.  Example: If you help me paint the living room, we can have 4 kids instead of 3. 

25.  He loves manual labor and is always working on a project.

26.  He has one half sister.

27.  At night after Aidan goes to bed, Adam leaves our bed to crawl in to his and snuggle with him.

28.  The last sentence in his wedding vows to me where "You know what I'm saying...I'll always take care of you."

29.  Once he accidentally started using Jergen's Natural Glow and had no clue where the tan was coming from.  Now he's addicted.

30.  He has no interest in turning 30. 

Happy Almost 30th Birthday Honey!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Aidan's Style

I finally took some time to buy Aidan some things for the Fall.  This is the first time he has actually participated in picking things out and giving his opinion.  It made things a lot more difficult but he has good taste!!!

I like to keep his look classic.  Lots of items that are interchangeable.  A few good pairs of shoes and pants can't be paired with any top.  We purchased a good pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers, a watch and some scarfs to give some of these outfits a different look.  And I do have to admit, for whatever reason I  have an addiction to kids coats!!!

I don't know that this will work for everyone but I always buy a size up so these items last me two seasons. 

Zara Kids


LtoR: Ralph Lauren/GapKids/Adidas/GapKids

LtoR: Gap Kids/JCrew/Nike/Gap Kids

LtoR: Gap Kids/Gap Kids/JCrew/Gap Kids

LtoR: GapKids/Jcrew/Uggs/GapKids

Shopping for Aidan is seriously one of my favorite things to do. I was always worried about not being able to find stuff cute for boys.  Everywhere you go it's all about girls! I started scouring the Internet and I really do find the greatest things!
I always love to see where everyone else buys their kids clothes. Send me ideas!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Panthers vs. Packers Game

First regular season home game was this weekend for the Panthers.  We left Aidan behind with a sitter and joined my parents and my brothers Bobby and Jordan for the game.

We started the day out pretty early on the rooftop of a family friends office building over looking the city skyline.   We were split 50/50 Panther, Packers fans.  Nice crowd, they brought a GREAT cheese platter.

Ready for game day.
Chelsea and I got our faces painted.

Brothers in Love =)
Mom and Dad.  
Adam & Dad
Satellite TV and Cheese
Let's go PANTHERS!!!