Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Why I love Amanda

I  haven't spoken with my BFF Amanda in three days now. Everyone knows in best friend time, that is an ETERNITY!  We have been playing the worst game of phone tag ever.  Mostly my fault because I forget to turn my phone off of silent and she calls and I call her back and she is busy.  So, Aidan and I are sitting here and we got to thinking about why we love Amanda. These things will keep us going until we can talk to her again! Haha.

1.  She is the world's best shopping buddy. 
Me:  Does this look good.
Amanda: No, ewww, terrible. Take it off. Makes you look fat.

2.  She is ALWAYS willing to break our "eating healthy binges"  for frozen yogurt. 

3.  She allows Aidan to call her Aunt Amana, Manda, Amanda, Candace and Mommy. 

4.  I can call her and vent to her about anything and before I get my first two words out she is already on my side.

5.  Unless it's about Adam, she always takes his side.  Second wife syndrome. I guess.

6.  When I am parenting Aidan, she laughs and agrees with everything. The laugh is very important.

7.  The two of us together can solve any mystery pregnancy, marriage, divorce, vacation in about 5 minutes via Facebook and our "reliable" resources. 

8.  We totally agree on the most important things, like getting your nails done at a salon that serves FREE, ENDLESS wine, is an absolute must.  Speaking of which, do you need a mani?

9.  Because when I have been rained on, puked on, pooped on, spit on and yelled at, I can call her and in five minutes she has me laughing.

10.  She will read this and get it all!!!  Love you girl! Now call me!

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1 comment:

Amanda said...

That was the best way to end my day at work!! I love you guys too... and I don't ALWAYS take Adam's side, well wait, maybe I do - but it's always for the best - I mean we have to keep him calling me around holiday shopping time :)