Sunday, September 11, 2016

Maybe I should blog this...

I've been feeling a little guilty lately that I've hardly documented my pregnancy at all.  Truth is...we kept it on the DL, telling friends and family as we saw them so the usual social media postings didn't happen.   I also have this crazy fear of telling my Dad I'm pregnant.  I literally loose sleep over how I'm going to tell him.  I'm a HUGE Daddy's girl and I feel like telling him I'm pregnant comes out to him as "I have sex with Adam" and I've done something wrong.  I know, bizarre.  And of course when I finally get around to (forcing my Mom to tell him for me) telling him, he's the happiest and most excited of anyone.  Outside of that ridiculousness, chasing around two boys and working has left little time to really sit for any extended amount of time to write/type anything down.
I'm a little bummed now though because I think - what would have been better than a journal my own mother had kept of her pregnancy with me to look back on when the time came to start having my own babies.  I skipped it for the most part with Aidan because I spent nine months and then some being shocked I was pregnant and then actually gave birth to something I had to keep alive.  Round two, I felt a little more settled, had waited five years to do it again and Aidan was at least in school in the mornings giving me sometime to record things.  But Kellan most likely isn't going to want to look back at what my cravings were and how much weight I gained when I was pregnant with him.  A daughter, might.  This may be the only most that ever sees the light of day on the subject but Hey! It's something and better late than never right?
This picture is from the last week in August (Preggo week 26) but it hasn't been posted anywhere else and I haven't grown much so it works! 

Weeks:  29! This is by far the fastest a pregnancy has ever gone.  I feel as though I say to Adam every week, she's coming so soon.  We only have 14 weeks, 12 weeks, I'll be full term in 8 weeks technically! 

Weight Gain:  I almost can't believe I'm typing this but I've gained ZERO lbs this pregnancy.  Has nothing to do with exercise or luck and everything to do with being over weight and there being plenty of room for baby to grow without me needing the extra L B's.  I would be lying if I said it hasn't freaked me out though. My Dr. says as long as we are measuring OK it's nothing to worry about.  And I'm measuring a week ahead every week! 

Baby's Size:  The good ole' app on my phone says the baby is the size of a small cabbage (17in 2.9lbs).  Have you ever seen a cabbage that size? Maybe I'm shopping in the wrong produce department.  

Sleep:  Surprisingly, I'm sleeping alright.  My biggest issue is catching myself laying on my back and then taking several minutes to roll over to one of my sides. And this babe loves to party at night so I'm often woken up being jabbed in the side.  

Maternity Clothes:  My Mom took me Maternity shopping for my birthday which was so sweet and I bought some super cute pieces that are good for now and can be layered through the fall.  I of course love my staple items from Target.  Liz Lange for life!  But I wear a lot of leggings with tops and dresses.  Some of my non-maternity jeans still fit too!  

Food Cravings:  I've been on a Buffalo Chicken Wrap kick.  I was shocked to Google "best buffalo chicken wrap in Charlotte" and get a list of the top 17 places.  Needless to say, we've been on a buff chic wrap tour around town.  I feel like it's a step up from my craving for the first five months which was Stuffed JalapeƱos with four ranch's from Jack in the Box.  I would never feed that crap to my kids but apparently I will feed it to my growing fetus.  Are you wondering how I haven't gained weight? 

Food Aversions: Luckily, none. With the exception of just wanting the food gone from my sight when I am done with it.  I get full so fast and find myself eating several small meals a day. 

Symptoms:  I'm tired. I could sleep all the time and luckily my family is very understanding and don't mind if I grab a few power naps a day.  We've always had a family quiet time in the afternoons so the boys can decompress from school/spend some QT together and I can just enjoy some time with them without feeling like I need to get stuff done and we've been using it for Mommy's nap time.  Put on a movie for the kiddos and snooze before we do dinner.  I have the worlds worst heart burn.  If there is such thing as a baby being born with a Pepcid addiction, this kid will have it.  My boobs ache, I have to pee all the time and I've noticed a few stretch marks on my belly but Adam claims they aren't noticeable.  He's really too kind.  I was so, so sick all the way in to my second trimester (I threw up in the car once-that really happens to people) that I'm really just so happy I'm not throwing up anymore.  It's not morning sickness it's all day sickness and it was awful. 

Doctors Appointment:  I saw Dr. Deane on Friday.  Measuring a week ahead (mentioned that I think).  Tried to skip all my blood work this pregnancy and she busted me-have to do my O'Sullivans diabetes test this week.  I have a needle phobia. I'm getting sweaty talking about them. Not fun. She shares the sentiment that this has been the fastest pregnancy. We joked we both feel like it was just yesterday we were chatting about the thought of us trying for baby #3.  Heartbeat was in the 140s.

Gender: Our sweet baby GIRL.  We are having our first daughter and we are thrilled.  We didn't care if it was a boy or a girl (truly) but we are all very excited to be getting the experience of having a baby girl around here.  We certainly know better than to have been trying for a girl even though every person who we shared our news with assumed that's what we were hoping for to the point I was feeling the pressure of leaving a lot of people disappointed had it been a boy.  We were trying for a third baby because we have felt there is a missing piece to our little family and we are trusting God is placing the perfect baby for us in our home and it happens to be a baby girl.  A baby boy would have been just as amazing.  We love, love, love our two boys and they are going to make the most amazing big brothers.  

Movement:  My placenta is in the front this pregnancy which is a real mind game  for me.  I feel her a lot around "the edges" as the nurses like to say.  Her kicks are stronger now but it took until almost 24 weeks to feel anything significant and that was tough.  Adam loves to lay in bed and feel her go wild.  Aidan has felt her a few times but Kellan always looses interest before we can get her to do any tricks.   But tonight, he laid his head on my stomach while we watched a movie as a family and she kicked me so hard he sat up and pointed at my belly and laughed.  We tell him his baby sister is in Mommy's belly but I'm sure he doesn't fully understand.  

Favorite Moment of the Week:  Even though Kellan doesn't fully understand what's going on with the new baby coming...whenever we bring it up to him he gets the biggest smile and says "princess Tessa".  We've never called her a princess (to him) or talk about princesses on a regular basis...that's just something he came up with on his own and when he says it it's the cutest thing you've ever heard.  Adam and I just melted.  Runner Up: Aidan got in the car after school one day this week and exclaimed : "Bryce told me the baby is  gonna come out of your BAGINA! But don't worry, I told him that's not true, it comes out of your butt.  Have you seen the size of Kellan? He couldn't have come out of there! (Lovely) And Lucas said, lots of things come out of your butt (lovely again) and it all made me think I really don't want to be there anymore when the baby comes (he was never invited but don't tell him)."  I literally turned bright red.  I was so mortified.  But it made for a good laugh when I told Adam and my mother and a mental note that we should probably fill Aidan in on the truth about where babies come from.  

What am I Looking Forward to This Week:  I'm hoping Adam will get the nursery painted this week.  The weeks are flying by and we have a lot of work to do to get the nursery completed.  If he paints, I can set up the crib and start to feel a little bit more prepared.  

What I Miss: Crazy as it sounds, I'm already missing our time as a family of four.  There is no way you can prepare yourself fully when it comes to adding a new member to the family, but I know a little how it will feel like from when we had Kellan.  I'm a sucker for soaking up every "season" of our lives and this "season" becoming a family of four was amazing for us.  We watched Aidan become a big brother!  We soaked up so much baby time with Kellan!  Although there have been bad times right along with the good ones, it's been so much fun growing together and as excited as I am about the new baby, I know how it feels to never be able to go back in time with these little people.  Soon enough I won't even be able to remember what life was like when it was just the four of us! 

Well, that's the latest on the baby front.  Longest baby post of all time but I did have some making up to do! 

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Aidan Turned 9!

Gosh it's been so long since I've even been to this blog. Just typing that out makes me realize how much I miss writing.  But life happens and some things take a back seat.  I'm recording less but feel like I'm present for more.  I'm less concerned about great photos for the blog and more concerned with engraving memories in my mind.  I'm glad I have this place to always come if I want.  
I used to write letters to Aidan here on his birthday or for big milestones but I was laying in bed tonight thinking that his ninth birthday had come and gone and although I have probably spoken plenty of words of love to him, I love the sentiment of something being in stone for him to read if he ever wants to.  So here it goes...

To My First Born (around the time of ) on his 9th Birthday,
Aidan...I really am in awe of you most of the time.  You spent the first 5 1/2 years of your life an only child and I don't know if there has ever been a child that transitioned in to big brother more gracefully than you.  Daddy and I have always known you were an amazing boy but it's through your relationship with Kellan we really get to see the depths of your heart.  It's bottomless and we are all blessed to get to be loved by you.  You always think of others before yourself and you are constantly wanting to do for others.  It's inspiring. 
You are so smart. A sponge.  You find something you are interested in and dive in and you can recite information for hours on end.  Sometimes we act bored with it, but truthfully we just can't keep up with you.  You far outsmart us.
You are creative.  I think you get that from me.  But maybe Daddy too. Ha. You love your Legos and I live to pass by your room to see you creating something out of your own imagination.  It's amazes me the places your mind goes and the things you think up.  It doesn't stop with Legos...anything you put your mind find a way to create and we love it. 
Your other family and friends and teachers all love you as we do.  They see what we see and we feel so lucky you are ours.   Your biggest fan is your baby brother Kellan though.  He opens his eyes every morning and I am sure before he even realizes where he is, he calls out to you.  My hope is that you two will always be as close as you are now.  I know you will always lead him in the right direction and love him unconditionally. 
You are getting ready to become a big brother for the second time.  As a matter of fact as I type this, your new sister is kicking away in my belly and I can't wait for you to meet each other.  As crazy as it may sound,  a big part of the decision to have another baby was because we know how amazing of a big brother you are and will continue to be.  Daddy and I feel like we have such a strong teammate in you when bringing another sibling in to the world.  We know we can count on you to love them and care for them like you do for Kellan and we will always be so grateful to you for making these experiences that much more enjoyable for all of us.  We know you will guide Kellan lovingly through the process of not being the baby any longer but being someone worth looking up to.  
You are one of a kind Aidan.  Grandpa sometimes calls me and says "Hap, is just such a truly great kid" and if you don't know by now, that means a lot.  But it doesn't surprise me because I see it first hand, everyday.  If there was anything in my life I had to pinpoint that makes me proud, it would be you.   
I believe that before we even knew you were going to be our son, you chose us to be your parents.  Thank you so much for choosing us, Aidan.  We have cherished every moment since we knew you would be ours.  I won't ever take you for granted.  I know you are a gift.  My hope before anything else in your life, is that you know how loved you are.  You made us parents and you started this family with us.  You will always be our first born and the one that opened our hearts to more love than we ever knew was possible.  Every year on your Birthday I'm brought back to the moment you were first placed in my arms (you know, before Daddy took you for himself) and no matter how much I try, words will never do it justice.  I can only hope these letters scratch the surface.  Happy 9th Birthday sweet boy...we love you so much. 
Love always,

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A post! Who Knew!

Life has settled down recently and I miss this place! With that being said...I'm working with a graphic designer to give this blog a little make over and hopefully it will be done soon!  I'll continue to blog until that happens because I miss it THAT MUCH but I can't wait for a much cleaner slim lined look for this space.  And we may just have a new blog coming to a computer screen near you.  And thanks to the few of you that actually still come here to check in! Welcome back!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Team Harvey

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me/us how the transition went from one kid to two and how we parent differently I'd be able to buy myself something super cute.  But seriously, I asked other Moms and Moms ask me.  So since I haven't blogged in an eternity I thought "whyyyy not".  And if this blog is nothing else, it's a journal of this time in our lives and if not a single person reads it, when this time is long will be the place I come back to, to remember what was.

Adam and I were babies when we had Aidan.  Well it felt like we were anyways.  We were the first to have kids in our group of immediate friends and family.  We spent a lot of time feeling like we were truly figuring it out for ourselves.   With the exception of my parents to bounce things off of, who hadn't had a child in OH 25 years...we didn't know if we were doing things right or wrong because there was nothing to compare it to.  But it was way back then that we became a TEAM. 

Aidan was the easiest baby.  Thank GOD.  But we learned everything, together.   It was almost five years of complete bliss.  Then we thought "this kid is pretty cool, lets have another".  So we added  maternity coverage to our insurance plan and 3.5 weeks later I was pregnant.  Yup, that fast. 

We all know there is no way to prepare for another person being in your life until they are here.  Well there is no way to shake up a household like adding another baby to the mix.  Kellan came and shit got real.  Someone is going to hate me for saying this but I have to be completely honest.   Having one child compared to two felt like a hobby.  We had some trying months.  Trying is putting it lightly.  To be even more honest, it wasn't just the new baby but life and work and marriage and a big ole' hot mess here in the Harvey house until about four months in.  Then the waves start to turn in to ripples and eventually we were all good again. 

And good again turned in to us being in the best place we've ever been as a couple, as this well oiled machine we have going here now.   And so these are the things that work for us...

-I am absolutely writing about this first because I think it is the single post important thing to keeping a family thriving.  Every single night we put the kids to bed at the same time together and we have TIME TO OURSELVES.  Our friends hear Aidan call it "adult time" and he knows if anything comes between Mommy and Daddy and "adult time"...things are going to get shady.  We spend time watching our TV shows, a movie, talking about our days, online shopping away our savings, occasionally tip toeing in to the kids rooms to kiss them one more time but we do it together and that time is essential.  We go to bed together.  No one stays up with out the other.  It has been that way our entire relationship. 

-There is no such thing as my job/your job.   We both can do everything therefore we do.  Adam probably changes more diapers but I do more homework with Aidan.  No one feels like the other person is doing more. 

-Schedules.  Real life is incredibly mundane.  Mon-Fri our days all look a lot alike.  We combat the witching hour with a family walk or a trip to get ice cream/iced coffees (we honestly eat a ton of ice cream right before dinner) or an early bath time. 

-We spend time with each child individually.  On the weekdays I put Kellan down for a nap when Aidan gets home from school so that he can have some down time and we can get homework done and just spend some time together.  We also let him stay up a little later on the weekends to watch a movie with us or do things we did when it was just the three amigos.  When Aidan is at school Kellan gets extra attention. We go to story time or meet friends with kids his age for a play date.  Aidan thrives well on individual attention from Adam (every one's fave around here) so we make sure he gets that in during the week too.  At the same time we are really aware that its OK that Aidan had a sibling and things were a little shaken up.  That's life.  He isn't the first or the last kid to get a brother. Everyone is going to turn out just fine.

That's it. 

And you know what is the best about the whole thing?  We don't feel like we need to get away from our kids.  Do we have days? Of course.  But in general.  And that was something that was important to us.  When we sat down and talked out what we really wanted life to look like with two kids (and more kids someday, hopefully) we both said we wanted to truly enjoy them. Because otherwise what's the point?  In the beginning of life with one more there was a lot of Adam not wanting to come home because it was a mess.  And I got it.  I totally got it because when he got home I wanted to leave.  But he showed up and I stayed because we committed to these children together and we're a team.  High five emoji. 

Most random photo ever of the Brothers Harvey. Their own little tag team. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

I truly look forward to Fall because it's the start of a season full of our family traditions.  
As much time as Adam spends rolling his eyes at me while lugging pumpkins in the seventy degree heat, uphill...he looks forward to it every year as well.  
We've been taking Aidan to pick pumpkins at the same farm in Mooresville for 8 years and I feel like we have it down to a science now.  
I can remember walking through the patch in years past and wondering if the next year we would have a new baby with us.  And now it's been two years since Kellan has joined us and my heart still wants to jump out of my chest when I see the two of them picking pumpkins together.  Adam doesn't mind one bit he has more to carry.  
Aidan has been really under the weather this weekend but after being rained out last weekend, he had been dying to go this weekend.  So when he rolled out of bed with a slight fever and a bit of a cough, I just figured we could always turn the car around if we got there and he wasn't up for it.  A little fresh air is just what he needed. 


Aidan-yrs 0-7

Kellan-yrs 0-1

Happy Fall Y'all! from The Harvey's! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Grade-Dear Aidan

Dear Aidan,

It's your first full week of First Grade!  

I was always so nervous starting a new school year.  Afraid I had forgotten a school supply, wouldn't be able to find my classroom, that I wouldn't have any friends.  

Being a kid is scary sometimes.  To venture out away from Mom and Dad and figure it all out on your own. I remember those days.  

It's might be just as scary being a parent.  Watching your baby walk through the front doors of school and praying you'll find that classroom and that you'll make tons of friends.

I hope learning comes easy and you pay attention.  

I had set myself up for a rocky start to the school year because you were so unsure when you started Kindergarten.  But you rolled out of bed, rushed to get dressed and out the door and when I pulled up to school, you didn't want me to park and walk you in.  You said to get in the carpool line.  I barely got a kiss as you jumped out of the car. 

I'm so proud of you Aidan.  So proud that you have a big heart.   Proud that you put yourself out there.   Proud that you are already braver most days than I have ever been.  I'm proud I get to be your Mom.

I can't say this enough.  Your journey in this world is so important to me.  For Daddy and I to get to see you grow is the biggest gift we've ever been given.  Thank you for letting us love you through it all. 

You are so special to us. 

Cheers to First Grade!

Love, Mom and Dad

Kindergarten Letter
This is sweet too...

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Aidan is Turning 7!

In 5 short days my first baby is going to be 7 on the 7th!  I've been a Mom for 7 years!  That's bonkers to me! These years have FLOWN by! We've had so much fun. 

We are celebrating his birthday by having a big bash at Bank of American Stadium.  Home of the Carolina Panthers.

Adam and I sat down and thought out loud about our 7 Favorite Things We Love About Aidan...  
(In no particular order)
1.  He's laid back.  Go with the flow is a good mantra for him.  He can and will do whatever. 

2.  He wants to be everything when he grows up. And he reminds me daily there is nothing I can do about it.

3.  He's incredibly artistic.  He has dozens of journals, notebooks, index cards that he draws on daily.  He draws pictures for everyone.  
  (This is a drawing of me from Mother's Day)

4.  He's crazy about his baby brother.  We do not force Aidan and Kellan's relationship at all.  Even at 5.5 years apart they play together and get along far better than we could have even hoped.  He's very vocal about how happy he is he has a brother.   

5.  He's comfortable in his own skin.  Aidan is what he is and he never apologizes for it. 

6.  He's a lover.  He responds well to hugs and kisses and lots of snuggles from anyone.  But especially his parents and brother and my parents.  You can find him curled up in his Daddy's arms most days and he loves to climb up on the sofa with his Grandpa and watch movie trailers on the iPad.

7.  He gets attached.  Aidan unconditionally loves everything.  Even our sectional sofa that we sold on Craigslist.  He balled like a baby when the buyers came to get it.
There are so many more things we love about our first born.  He made us parents.  He brought us closer.  He's brought so much joy in to our lives it's immeasurable.  We are grateful for Aidan every day.  

Happy Almost 7th Birthday Baby!