Saturday, September 4, 2010

We Went To Boston

(prepare for world's longest 3 day vacay recap ever)

Adam and I had such a great trip.  You would not have known by looking at me standing in the security line to come back. I was a big ball of tears.  Sunday I was going on two days of not having my voice and  I was so mad at myself for booking a flight that included a two hour layover in New York.   Also known as the extra amount of time between Aidan and I reuniting.  Ha!

Thursday we got up and headed to the airport. I was having anxiety because my license does not bear my married name and my plane reservation did. I know that I should have changed my license by now but it hasn't expired and it's really no secret that I still wish I was a Decot.  Well if I had ever wanted to hijack a plane today was my day because no one cared and off we went.  I have never in my life ever flew on a more uncomfortable plane.  I don't know what the deal was but it felt like the smallest airplane seat ever.  Adam said the same so I know it wasn't just my big buns.  The plane wasn't small either.

We arrived in Boston and my girlfriend Natalie picked us up and we headed in to the city to pick up her husband Pete for some lunch. We ate lunch at Jacob Wirth's (Boston's oldest German restaurant) and by the time that was over, we knew we were going to have a great time. I always love talking to my dad when we are there because he is a wealth of info since he grew up there.  When I told him where we had eaten lunch he said "When I was young, they used to let us drink beer and eat lunch standing up at the end of that bar." He has a story for everything.

After that we were attacked my an angry parent dropping his child off at on of the million universities in the city.  Not really but almost. Over a stupid parking spot on Newberry Street.  We almost had an Adam Harvey street fighter on our hands. 

Once we gave up our hopes of finding a spot in the over crowded city (move in weekend remember) we dropped Adam off for some man time with Pete and friends and headed to do some quick shopping to do what we will call a Five Minute Living Room Make Over at Natalie's. It turned out wicked cute but of course I took no pictures.  A reoccurring theme of the trip.

We had dinner in the North End. Giacomo's line was a little longer than expected (again move in weekend) and we were already starving so we opted to eat elsewhere.  I do not even know the name of the restaurant. All I could think of was Mike's canoli's and we waited in that line.

Friday we got up and headed to Ogunquit, ME.  In case I haven't told you before, my parents used to own a cottage and now my great Uncle Paul owns it.  Lucky for us, he and his wife Pat were there for the week and we got to stop in so I could spend some time with my uncle (Dad's uncle).  Paul's in his late 80's and it most likely will be the last time I see him. =( . He had some good stories to tell.
We hit up a great pie place and poked around some shops in town before heading back to Nadick (where Natalie lives) to meet up with Pete and grill out at their house.  Did I mention yet how cute Nat and Pete's house is? The cutest house with a huge pretty yard.  So New England.  Dinner was great.  We all went to bed full of food and good times.

Saturday my girlfriend Mariann picked us up with her boyfriend Mike and we headed to Brookline to see her place and eat some lunch.  This was the first morning I woke up without a voice so I was in need of a nap.  We ate and then they dropped us at our hotel for a late afternoon snooze.  The hotel was really nice.  The bed was so comfortable.  I got a little emotional about not feeling well but Adam fixed me right up by giving me a Diet Coke and the Peanut M&M's out of the mini bar.

My cousin Brianne and my uncle Brian came in to the city and treated us to dinner.  It was great to catch up. My cousin is my age and we were really close when we lived there.  After that we hailed a cab to Brookline to meet up with Mare and Mike and some of their friends to hit the town for some drinks. We ended up at The Whiskey Priest right on the water and danced the night away.   Adam and I cabbed it back to the hotel and passed out.  We definitely don't party like we used to.

Sunday I woke up, still no voice.  We checked out of the hotel and headed to The Cheesecake Factory for some brunch with Mare and Mike.  We then headed to the airport and then the crying began.  We got checked through security and waited for our plane.   Once we got to New York I was feeling a little bit better and I was so excited to be so close to seeing Aidan.  He had been really upset when we spoke with him on Saturday night so the guilt of leaving him had really set in by this point.  Adam and I had become the obnoxious couple that couldn't stop talking to people about how excited we were to get home to our kid. 

We made it safe and sound and all I can say was a great trip, we really needed it but it is always so good to come home!

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