Monday, March 29, 2010

From The Archives

Just found this picture of Aidan from last summer and it just cracks me up...

$3 You are ruining my L I F E!!!!

I'm freaking out. Last week my checkbook balance was off .07 cents but this's $3! I am beside myself. I have racked my brain, sorted through every receipt in the bottom of my purse, double checked all of my Way 2 Save transfers and I am still missing THREE WHOLE DOLLARS. I know to some of you this seems silly, but to me, every week I aim to have my checkbook balanced perfectly. $3 is a big deal to me. It's not the money. It's the little voice in my head that says "you bust your butt to get this right and it's still WRONG". My Math For Life class in high school is not paying off. So, three dollars if you read this please contact me and let me know where in the heavens you disappeared to!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aidan's First Sleepover

I did not expect for this to happen so fast. Yesterday, Adam went to see his friend Mike up the street and he took Aidan for the ride. When he came back he was Aidan-less. I asked him "where's the kid babe". "Oh he didn't want to come home." Mike has a son Ryland 6 months younger than Aidan and he gets him every other weekend. When he is at Mike's we always take Aidan over there or he comes down here to play. I think Aidan likes going up there because they get to play outside in the dirt and do boy things. Mike flips their tricycles over and gives them plastic screw drivers to "fix" the bikes with. I make rice krispie treats and iron their pajamas before laying them down on the sofa to watch a movie. So, Mike's might be a little more exciting.

Anyways, Adam informed me Mike said when the boys where done hanging out he would drive him home (they literally live a block away). Hours went by and then I get this text "The boys are having a really good time. I asked Aidan if he wanted to have a sleepover and he said yes. Is that cool with you." I think my heart fell out of my chest. To make it worse we had some other friends over for a cook out and they all saw me slowly fall apart. I am sure they thought I was nuts.

So I packed up some pajamas, his blankie and some clean diapers and headed up to Mike's just SURE that Aidan would come home with me. I even packed home made rice krispie treats. When I walked through the door, I got a "Hey Mommy" and that was about it. No hug, no kiss. A half wave and he was gone again.

I got his attention long enough to change his diaper and asked him 500 times if he was sure he wanted to stay. He said yes every time so I took off and cried the block home. Mike called at about 10am and he came home. I got my hug and kiss and he even said he missed his Dada. And just like that, he's spent the night at a friends and everyone knows not to ask him to do it again until he's at least 10. =)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Hold You

Aidan says the cutest things. My most favorite though, is when he says "Mommy hold you?". He really means he wants me to hold him. IT. MELTS. MY. HEART. He of course does it with Adam as well. Just a little something cute to share. Here is the current "Daddy hold you" scene at our house ..

Thank you God for this child. He is perfect for us.

Baby Cole's Nursery

Many of you already know this but my best friend, Candace is having a BABY BOY come August. Sweet Cole Phillips. (Maybe we will get lucky and he will come at 37 weeks! That's long enough to wait...don't you think?) Haha. So many of you hear me talking about the work we are doing on her nursery so I figured I would write a little post to just show you...

Lucky for me, I am always available to do fun things with Candace to get ready for the baby. Last weekend we did her registry (I tell ya, they have already come out with a ton more stuff then when I was pregnant). I made sure she registered for all the necessities and she is fully responsible for the crazy amount of baby blue onesies on there. You just get crazy when you are this excited!!!

We picked out the cutest bedding at Pottery Barn Kids. She's lucky enough to have a big sister that just had a baby boy in December so she is very helpful as well. She put the idea of Elephant's in Can's head and well I'm so glad she did because we found the world's cutest Elephant crib bedding. It looks amazing in her crib too!

We painted the nursery last weekend and it turned out so handsome. It's a nice cool, calm blue color. When I painted Aidan's nursery, I picked out the color Bibbidy Bobbidy Blue from the Disney Paint line and I loved it for the exact same reason. The color of Cole's nursery is Harbor Blue from the Pottery Barn Kids by Benjamin Moore line.

We are checking big things off of her list. I am currently most excited about this antique dresser we bought tonight to refinish to put in the nursery. We are thinking we will paint it an ivory color and make it look distressed with a walnut stain. The picture doesn't do it justice. It is 48" long!!! The drawers are huge and will look adorable when we find the perfect drawer liners. Candace is going to put her changing pad on top rather than doing a changing table. I love the idea of redoing antiques for nursery's. Next time I have a baby this is what I wanted to do so in the mean time, I'm happy I can live through Can doing it. We only paid $150 for this beauty!

We are thinking about these knobs for it.

This is her rocker... We bought it at the Pottery Barn Outlet with pink cushions on it before we knew what she was having. We couldn't pass it up it was such a great deal! Thankfully, Candace's mom is quite the seamstress so she is making a slipcover for the cushions.

We still need to decide on a rug and some wall decor. I think it's coming along so nice. Baby Cole is already loved my so many people and we are all anxiously awaiting the little man's arrival. His nursery is going to be perfect for him!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Show Us Your LIfe - Cleaning Tips

I have been so bad about keeping up with Show Us Your Life Friday's. This week the topic is :Kelly's Korner: Show Us Your LIfe - Cleaning Tips. One thing I know and love is cleaning! I learned from the best. My mom. So I thought I would give you a quick rundown of what I clean everyday and some of my big cleaning tips (that you may already know). I am sure this will be extremely scatter brain so I apologize ahead of time.

Every single morning the first thing I do is make beds. Before I even brush my teeth. I make our bed and then I head straight to Aidan's and make his. On Friday morning I strip beds and clean the sheets. Every week. I usually have toys of Aidan's to collect after that. I knew I was going to be bad at this part of being a mom...I hate the toys everywhere. I try to keep them contained in baskets in his room, but he makes his way to every room in the house with them. If I didn't get them the night before I collect them and put them in his toy baskets.

After I make beds, I usually vacuum. I don't just vacuum the floors, I vacuum all of my baseboards and furniture. Twice a week I mop the floors. Usually on Monday after the weekend and then on Fridays before the weekend. **Cleaning Tip** If you are having streaking when washing your floors, use white vinegar. No, it doesn't smell nice but it's a natural cleaner and it doesn't cause streaking. It works especially well on high gloss would floors.

Before we go to bed every night, I neaten up the house. This means putting all pillows in their place on the sofa, unloading the dishwasher, picking up any pieces of clothing Aidan has left hanging around, I clean the litter box, wipe down all my counter tops and appliances, throw in a load of laundry and fold a load and put it away. I am sure there are other moms out there that agree this is such a good time to get so much done because your little one is asleep and you can devote 100% to getting stuff done.

I tried to only do laundry on Friday's but I was running out of clothes. Only me. Adam and Aidan have enough clothes to clothe a small country. So now, I just throw in a load every night before I go to bed, when I get up and when I am cooking dinner. I can't tell you the last time I saw the bottom of the hamper but I think (at least I hope) that's pretty normal for a mom.

*Cleaning tip* Pine Sol will get grease stains of clothes. Just a cap-ful should do it. This next one is a pretty well known cleaning tip, but hairspray gets pen out of clothing. I use to need that a lot when I was working. One of these days I should have my mom do a guest blog just on laundry. We call her the laundry queen. She can get ANY stain out!!!

Once a month I take my wood blinds down and wash them in the bath tub. I think because we live in a an older house, they collect dust faster but it seems like they are never clean. I don't do the whole house in a day but a room a day for a week. I have to hang them and wipe each blind so they don't get mold spots.

I dust weekly. I just go room by room. I also Windex all my mirrors and doors weekly. I clean my toilet and bathtub weekly too. If you haven't ever tried Zud on your bathtub you should. It's amazing. Just wet the tub and sprinkle on some Zud, it works wonders!!! The Mr. Clean Magic eraser is not something I thought I would buy in to but it really works!!!

My husband cannot understand how I clean as I cook. The dishes used to make dinner are done before the meal is. That way all I have to do is load the dishwasher after dinner. Well who am I kidding, the dishwasher is kind of Adam's thing. He never had one as a kid so he's making up for lost time. I find that keeps the kitchen so much cleaner.

Just an FYI...I love the natural Clorox cleaning products and Method cleaning products. So, I guess that's about it, if there was one TIP I would give you, it would be not do try and do everything at once. You will get overwhelmed. Try doing a room a day, or a specific thing everywhere one day (ie dust the whole house). Then by Friday, the whole house has been cleaned!!! xoxo

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

It's Making Me Sick

I just did not see this one coming. The Jesse and Sandra break up. So soon after the Oscar's? I ride around in the car thinking to myself "How did that conversation go down?".

Sandra: Babe, can you believe I won an Oscar?
Jesse: I slept with someone else.

I mean he mouthed I love you to her when they announced her nomination at the Oscars and she said I love you back. Then you made a mockery of your relationship a week later. So, so sad.

I honest to God doubted him so much in the beginning. I have always loved her. As the years started to pass by and you would never see them in gossip mags or plastered all over TMZ, I figured I should feel bad for assuming he was a sleaze.

For once, I didn't want to be right.

And seriously guys, do you think you aren't going to get caught? Seriously?

H2O Heater

First I have to say...I got some feedback on saying "Amaze Balls". I had to do it because Adam and I watch Giuliana and Bill and she says that and he hates it. So, obviously I now put it in every sentence to try to annoy him and I was on a roll with it yesterday. That's where that came from.

Now on to the problem at hand...Holy Shmokes something has to be wrong with our water heater. You used to be able to shower a football team before it would get cold in there. Amanda, agree?? Well, all of a sudden, since Mariann was in town...the shower gets cold during the first shower!!! I'm not talking like at the end of a twenty minute shower it's time to get out, I have to decide if I want to condition my hair or shave my legs. There is no time for both. Tonight for instance, I tried to beat the clock and now only one leg is shaved and the other one is already growing back from goose bumps because I was shaving it under ice water.

Adam is pretty handy and as far as he could tell, the water heater was working just fine. We purchase a new one about 1.5 years after we moved in to the house but that still only makes it, 2.5 years old. I called a plumber. Well let me just tell you what that guy had to say...

Enter plumber:

"Well I see here that you twos purchased one of the those fancy shmancy Energy Saving gas water heaters. Now let me tell you somethin' bout it. I have checked it out, I mean really checked it out and she's lookin good I tell ya. Can't really see anything too wrong with her at this point. I find that people with bigger homes...up, nope your home isn't too big, ok ok ok mmm hmm. I also find that sometimes the water heater isn't wrapped...up, well someone sure did wrap this girl up real nice, she's well insulated for sure. Ok ok ok...mmm hmmm. Welp, I don't really know what else to say. She's works like a charm. Here's ya bill. You can pay me now or mail it to me. Folks, I hope she straightens up for ya. God Bless ya.

Exit Plumber.

Me: What did he just say.

Adam: That'll be a hundred and fifty bucks and you need to find a way to shower in 4 minutes or less or your ass is going to freeze.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Living Room Make Over

Ladies and...who are we kidding, no gentlemen read this blog. Except for my brother who says he occasionally gets on to scan for his name and then closes the screen. Anyways, LADIES. I need some help. I am still on the hunt for the perfect paint color for my living room. So set your eyes on this...Whatta ya think? Can you even see it? I set out to find the worst picture of it just for you. Ha.

Let me also show you what else I'm working with....

These are my pillows....

The blue one.

The Khaki one.

These are my drapes. That are on back order. Boo hiss.

My other thought is, I could just leave the rest of the room its current color (grey) and just paint the wall behind the fireplace this color. I just can't decide!!! But to be honest I am leaning towards one wall. Let me know. Thanks for the help. You guys are amaze balls.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Aidan Arm Pictures

We are scheduled to see our Dr. tomorrow and we are hoping that Aidan will get his cast off! It's not likely that he will come home without a cast but he should get a cast change and I am dying to clean his arm. I have been making him drink tons of milk in hopes his bone heals fast. Haha. He has been such a good sport. I think he thinks he is stuck with the cast forever. Poor guy. Anyways, here are some pics of him from the past week.

His cast doesn't fit in his coats so we zip it in the coat. Those are rain boots with shorts.

The worst part about the cast is the sleeping for him. He has been falling asleep on Adam and I and then we move him in his room. He honestly would rather be in his own bed but he just can't seem to get comfortable.

One night after his bath. He wears my brother Bobby's jersey's from when he was little to bed. They are the only thing that will fit over the big arm!

The bag on the cast before bath time. He is really good about holding his arm up the entire time so I can wash him and his hair. I'm sure he is looking forward to being able to play with his toys in the tub soon.

We were outside enjoying the nice weather the other day and I snapped the photo of him. Such a handsome boy!!! I cannot believe how big he is getting!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! xoxo

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Still Alive...

I feel like I haven't blogged in days. Partly because I have been sick, partly because I have had nothing to blog about and mostly because my youngest brother is home from Clemson for Spring Break and I am spending all my extra time loving on him.

Tonight both (gasp) of my brothers came for dinner and we (huge gasp) even all sat and watched a movie together afterwards. Tears come to my eyes thinking about it. It's so hard to get all of us in one place. Aidan was in heaven and well considering Adam and my brother Bobby were friends long before we even knew the other existed and Jordan just completes the threesome perfectly, he enjoyed their company as well. The boys grilled and I made cupcakes for dessert. 24 of them and there are now 3 left. That's what you get when you have four boys eating I guess. Yes, Aidan ate a fair share. So, that's what I've been up to. I will be back when (tear) Aidan returns to school next week. Or when I have something I just can't live without telling you about! xoxo

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sicky McSickerson

Holy stomach bug of 2010. I woke up yesterday feeling horrible! What started out as a little heartburn, grew into a full on puke session for the majority of the day yesterday. (I did love it when everyone asked me if it was morning sickness. Ha! I wish.)

Thankfully, my mom came and took Aidan for the day. I don't know what I would have done without her. I could barely move. She and Aidan went to the movies and ran some errands. Then she brought him back here and folded all my laundry! Isn't she great?

I had a little cry when Adam got home because I felt so guilty that Aidan is so needy of my time with his broken arm and I literally had to tell him to please leave me alone yesterday. He snuck in our bedroom to get kisses every couple of hours. I will be amazed if he doesn't get the bug. So far no signs of it.

I am most bummed because today is the day my BFF Candace finds out if she is having a boy or a girl and I was supposed to help her decorate her nursery for a gender reveal party she is having tonight. Doesn't look like I will be attending. I wouldn't want to get anyone sick. I honestly don't even feel like getting out of bed yet. I've been attempting to straighten my hair for two hours now. Half of my head is finally done. I was going for the sick yet still pretty wife thing for Adam. What a joke.

One last thing, I tried to watch Precious last night On Demand. If you are nauseous do not watch this movie. I barely made it to the part where she throws up fried chicken in a trash can. When she started eating hairy pigs feet and a mound of mac and cheese, I had to shut it off. I could not tell you what the movie was about because I spent the rest of my night trying to get those images out of my mind.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!! xoxox

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wish List Wednesday

Instead of it being wordless Wednesday, I figured I would post some pictures of what I am dying to have right now. Some of these things are hilariously far fetched. Just wait, you'll see what I mean.

6 of these please for my dining room.

This entire ensemble for lazy days.

I just love this pillow.

Dream Car.

If I can't have the G500 I would settle for this. This is my dream mommy mobile. I am just waiting for the wheels to fall off my Jeep apparently.

Once you have kids, you need a nice camera. You take sooo many pics.

If you are a regular around here, you knew this one already. When the xray tech asked me if I was pregnant the other day, it hurt to say No. It hurts retelling the story too. I know, in time.

I want 4 of these for my living room.

The Malm sofa table from Ikea.

And lastly a private concert by this guy in my backyard on a perfect southern summer night so my hubby and I can dance around under the huge oaks covered in little white lights.
Hey, a girl can dream! Happy Wednesday! xoxo
P.S. Aidan had a GREAT day!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aidan Update

We were able to get in to see the Pediatric Orthapedic Doctor today. Aidan was in pretty good spirits besides getting sick a few times this morning when we tried to get him to take his Motrin. For whatever reason, he has no appetite so I am sure the medicine isn't feeling to good on his stomach. At this point we are just trying to get him to eat anything so we can get the meds in him so he has minimal pain. We opted not to put him on any pain medication at this time. He just seems so little for all that.

As usual they asked me what happened and I explained that I wasn't exactly sure, and everyone looked at me like I abuse my child. Not the best feeling in the world. I explained that he does still seem to have some pain and we talked about switching out his cast for a lighter one. After going back and forth we decided to stick with the one he has on to prevent the trauma of having a saw cut this one off and then another one in 4 weeks. They wrapped it in a soft material that will keep him from pulling anymore of the cotton out of the top and it won't be so rough on his skin.

He was very chatty with his Dr's and with the exception of asking to hold me (aka he wants to be held) he stood up and let them look over the cast and answered some of their questions. He was able to squeeze the Dr's finger and give us a thumbs up so that is all good.

We are hoping that when goes back for x rays in two weeks the fracture will have healed and we can go in to a brace for the remaining 2 weeks and then be done. If there seems to still be some swelling around the bone, they will put another cast on at that time. At least that one would be lighter. Aidan doesn't always want to wear his sling and I catch him holding the arm above his head. I am assuming to try to redistribute the weight because it hangs down on his side.

There was brief talk about some of his ligaments being damaged due to the nurse maid's elbow (dislocated elbow that caused the break) which may result in surgery. Please, please, please pray this is not what we find when we go back in two weeks. We agree with his Dr's that he has been through enough trauma at this point (remember they moved his broken arm around all day Saturday before they knew it was broken OUCHIE) and surgery would be no fun.

I have really been torn with my time since this happened. Aidan is very needy and I have just kind of put my life on hold for a couple of days. I know it sounds silly but we are just trying to help him understand what's going on and helping him operate with the one arm. He has also had the problem eating and has a little cold that brought on a fever a few nights. He missed a play date today with his friend Kate and he was very disappointed. He knows he has school tomorrow and really wants to go. I am a little hesitant to send him and put the responsibility of the arm on his teachers. I guess we will see how he feels in the morning.

Thanks for checking in on our little man. We hope everyone had a great Monday!

I took this picture yesterday and I think it is so funny because Aidan was kind of down in the dumps and I said "Aidan can you give Mommy a big smile for the camera" and this is the face he gave me. Love that child so much.

Layla Grace

If you aren't already reading this blog you should. It is the story of a 2 year old little girl named Layla that is dying from Neuroblastoma.

She is at the end of her short life and is in need of some serious prayer. Please pray for her and her family. I cannot imagine what it would be like to be going through this with a child. My heart breaks for her parents.

Her parents are updating their twitter account @laylagrace often if you would also like to follow them there.

Thank you for taking the time to pray for this angel.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Sometimes it is all about the angle...




Seriously disappointed with Kate Winslet's dress tonight. It looks like a David's Bridal bridesmaids dress in a very drab color. She is soooo pretty and I have seen her look so much prettier. Bad stylist. Very Bad.

I just can't figure out what's going on here. I am thinking if the crazy ruffle was only at the bust line it could've been alright.
Love. Love. Love.

Love the most. Love. Love. Love times infinity. Can I have this please?? I will take the nice tan skin as well. Mmm thanks.

82nd Academy Awards

Of course I missed the first half of the show because I have been planning to sit down and watch it for two weeks now. I couldn't really help that Aidan had a fever for hours and just wanted to be held.

I did make it in time to see the second half and I really only cared about the last four awards anyways.

Jeff Bridges won for Crazy Heart. I apparently need to see this movie. He sounded spaced out. You know in enough time to have something planned to say when you get up there.

Adam and I saw the Blind Side and loved it. I also loved that this was the first nomination for Sandra Bullock and she won!!!!! She obviously made me cry and I loved her dress. Her hubby is crazy about her.

BUT then the coolest thing ever happened...Kathryn Bigelow was the first woman to win Best Director and she beat out her ex husband. TWICE! She won best picture...THE BIGGEST AWARD OF THE NIGHT. I honestly wanted her to stop talking about firemen and just say "and James, I beat you...TWICE".

Maybe next year I'll make it for the whole show.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

We have a broken arm in the house

Sadly, we have broken our first bone. Barely. Aidan fell last night on his elbow while playing with a family friend and we thought he might have had a nurse's elbow (because he has had one before ) but after being in apparent pain all night, we headed to the ER this morning and this is what our diagnosis is...Small fracture and just as I thought Nurse's Elbow. Except the elbow is giving us a hard time so we are seeing a specialist on Monday to make sure it is back in it's place. In the meantime, the little guy is wearing this cast and sling.

Let me just tell you, I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Having a small child that is virtually helpless hurt themselves like this is such a hard thing to go through. They have almost no idea what is going on. He told everyone he was my baby and wanted me to hold him the whole time we were there even though I think that was most painful for him. We were lucky enough to have great Dr.'s and nurses today. As a matter of fact, one of our nurses was in tears with me when we came out of X-ray because we had to move the arm around so much to get good films, the poor baby was screaming bloody murder. I was a wreck and Adam was beside himself. We manged to keep it together in order to not make Aidan more nervous. After laying around in a hospital bed for the majority of the day, Ortho came in and gave him a cast and it was like his personality was turned back on. Well I think the little bit of pain meds helped too. He got Popsicles for the ride home and thanked every one he saw on the way out. I was proud of him.

He is finally in bed. It took us until about 10:30 to get him comfortable. He is a stomach sleeper so it will be interesting to see if he tries to get on his belly in the middle of the night and if that will cause him to wake up.

Please say a little prayer for our little man.

Right after they put his cast on. It was the best feeling to see a smile on his face after so many tears!!!
We stopped by Nana and Grandpa's. They were so worried about him they came over in the middle of the night to check on him and take him to the ER but he had finally fallen asleep so we waited until today. Nana loaded him up with cheese cake, apple juice and popcorn. He's a little spoiled by my parents.

Finally home and he finds the Milk Duds from movie night last night.

And he is disgusted by them. Haha.

I still cannot figure out why this picture will not turn but I just went to check on him and he apparently found a comfortable way to prop up his arm.

Adam and I are both emotionally and physically exhausted from going through this with him today so we are off to bed. Hope everyone enjoyed the gorgeous weather here in Charlotte today!!!! xoxo

A Day in the Life

This week Kelly's Korner is doing Show Us Your Life Friday and she wants to know about people's everyday life. Here is our lovely schedule.


8am- Daddy and Aidan get up, eat breakfast and make mommy's iced coffee then wake me up. I love Aidan waking me up because he climbs in to our bed...whispers "Mommy, time to wake up" and then he smothers me with kisses until I get up. Most days I keep my eyes closed just to get more kisses.

The absolute first thing I do everyday is make our beds. Before I do anything else. I can't stand an unmade bed. Adam gets Aidan dressed and heads to work.

Aidan plays pretty well by himself while I do things around the house in the morning. He paints or colors or watches a movie. I shower and get dressed during this time too.

We eat lunch out with friends or with my mom EVERY DAY. It is rare that we eat lunch at home. My mom only lives 7 blocks away so we spend a lot of afternoons with her in the park or out running errands. We both help each other out tremendously around our houses so it is really nice. Aidan naps from 1-2:30.

4pm-We start getting ready for dinner time. I usually do laundry during this time because the laundry room is adjacent to our kitchen. If there is something you want to wear in the hamper, you better make sure it gets done by Friday because I don't do any laundry on the weekends.

Adam gets home somewhere in here and Aidan is attached to him like glue. He LOVES his daddy and Adam loves him right back. Without fail everyday Aidan senses when it is about time for Adam to come home and starts sitting by the door. I think it's the saddest thing. He will say to me "Mommy I miss Daddy, will he be right back?" The second Adam comes down the street Aidan starts to go crazy. When he walks in the door, Aidan hugs all over him and tells him he missed him and loves him. Adam is on cloud 9. He is well aware Aidan won't always be this in to him, so he sucks it all up. They go out in the yard and play with sticks or wrestle around or if Adam has had a hard day, they will just cuddle on the sofa and watch TV until dinner is ready.

5:30-6:30pm Dinner. I like to pretend like I cook mostly alone but Adam loves to help and he is a much better cook so we cook together. Adam just got on a better schedule so we are able to all sit at the table and eat dinner. Aidan is very weird about food right now so he basically talks to us about his day (as if I didn't already know what he did) and Adam and I laugh at him and try to get him to eat something.

7pm Bath Time. This usually results in every drop of water ending up on the floor. Adam cleans it up because he doesn't mind inches of water in the bathroom. Haha.

730pm We jump in our bed with Aidan and read books and just talk. Now that he can talk he is even more hilarious.

830pm-Adam takes him to bed. He calls me in for a kiss and five or six hugs. We tuck him in and he's usually in a dead sleep by 9.

Adam and I sit in our bed and pay bills, return emails, talk, watch movies. Whatever we have going on that night. We are serious night owls so we usually fall asleep around 2am.

T Th

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the same except Aidan goes to school from 9:15 to 1. Adam and I eat breakfast on Thursdays at the Pancake house. I typically shower while he is at school and this is the time I try to make appointments or get big things done that Aidan wouldn't want anything to do with.

So that's it. That's our life. Aren't you glad you stopped by???

This is a picture of Aidan waiting on Adam to come home from work.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I used to think reality TV wasn't my thing. Or at least that's what I told people. Then I realized, almost everything I watch is reality TV. I never did get in to watching Survivor or The Bachelor I guess mostly because we all know there is a 5 star resort just feet away from the Survivor cast and I just don't buy the Bachelor, Bachelorette scenario. BUT, I have fallen in love with the train wreck that is the Real Housewives of....series. My all time favorites are RHONYC and the RHONJ. New York premiered last night and I am already hooked.

Bethenny has always been my favorite. I follow her Skinny Girl deal off of the show and I just thrilled for her that she is engaged and pregnant. Her dreams are coming true. I just don't understand why no one else can be excited for her? I think there may be some serious jealousy over her recent success. I don't really believe that she just turned in to a super B, I just think it's her reaction to how people are talking about her. I mean come on, is there really anything bad you could have said about her PETA ad? Her body is almost perfect. I am sad to see that she and Jill are on the outs. I am hoping for a reconciliation there.

Jill comes in a close second for me after Bethenny. But what was her deal last night? It looks like someone put her on a diet and she looks awesome. She just seems to have upped the snottiness this season. Last year she was upset because Bethenny had logos up at a party they were hosting and this episode she was mad because Ramona brought out her jewelry line. She should just start packing fabric samples in her purse so that when things like this happen she is prepared and doesn't come off like she just always wants it to be about her.

Alex is boring. So far. I hope she grows some you know what this season and sticks up for herself.

If I have to hear Luann say one more time that she will always be a countess I will probably hurt myself. She has always been one of my least favorites for this reason. Be who you are not what your title is. She is so far from being classy these days. I do feel for her on the divorce thing. She does seem genuinely hurt by that whole ordeal. I think that built up bitterness is where her lashing out at everyone is coming from.

Ramona. 4 words. Put. On. Some. Clothes.

I have always thought Kelly was nuts. I don't know how she models or who puts up with her because everything about her disturbs me. Her attitude gives me the heeby geebies. She beat up her boyfriend. Enough said.

I can't wait to see how all of this drama unfolds. I cannot wait for the episode where Bethenny finds out she's pregnant. I hope everyone is watching!!!! xoxox

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thank You

I bought some cute new Thank You Notes this week. I was looking for an excuse to use them but couldn't come up with one.

Me: I really wish we had someone to send one of my new Thank You Notes to.

Adam: You could go to the kitchen and make me a drink and I'll send you a new Thank You Note.

Yeah. Not quite what I was going for.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Re Decorating Again

I have moved on to my living room. Today I took all the furniture out of the room, washed all the trim and walls, took down the wood blinds, soaked them in the tub and then wiped them all down. I vacuumed and cleaned the windows, the air vents and fireplace. I took everything off of my mantle and dusted it and rearranged up there. I literally vacuumed the rug 4 times. I thought I was going to put the stone colored slip covers on my sectional but after doing one piece, I remembered why I have the charcoal velvet ones on there.

I bought a new sofa table for behind the sofa. The one I REALLY REALLY wanted was black but I could only get it in brown. I am trying to decide if I should just paint the current one black or take it back and hold out until I find one that is perfect. It looks really good with my glass lamp and some picture frames on it. Not to mention I won't have to worry about our guests not having anywhere to put their drinks from now on.

My next step is to get new covers for our throw pillows and a new lamp shade. The current shade has a huge stain on it. It cracks me up that Adam bought me those lamps as a house warming gift when I bought this house and then he just moved in! Luckily we have a lamp shop right around the corner with an out of this world assortment of lamp shades. I should definitely be able to find something cute.

Did I already tell you I threw out my window treatments? I am embarrassed to even tell you I bought them at Pier 1 over three years ago and had never washed them. They had these little beads on them so I was scared. Needless to say, the bottoms of them were COVERED in dust. Grossness. I am on the hunt for something new. So far the hunt is not going very well. The budget always gets in the way. When I win the lottery, I am going to have custom window treatments. Booyah!

Anyways, I'll post pictures when I get more done (and when I am not this tired). xoxo

Mama GOT A BRAND NEW...Cupholder

My girlfriend Amanda may be the only one who can appreciate this as much as me because she is my shopping buddy and no one likes to carry their drink around the mall. Soooooooooo (drum roll please) I finally broke down and bought the cup hold for the BOB (Stroller). It even has a compartment for my phone and keys. Woop woop! Moving on up!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Aidan's Big Boy Room

I am putting some finishing touches on Aidan's big boy room but I figured I could post some pictures of the almost finished product for your viewing pleasure.

I was so torn for the longest time what to do about a duvet cover. Most people know I am not in to theme's. Especially at this stage in his life, so I didn't want to get anything with a print on it. Candace and I were at the Pottery Barn Kids outlet two weeks ago and I found this and I am thrilled with it. It's a little but brighter in real life.

I have an orange throw on order from The Company Store for the end of his bed but it's on back order. Go figure. Turns out orange IS a popular color.

I love his slip covered bed. The minky pillow covers were designed by me, made by my mother in law. Haha. The rug is Pottery Barn Kids and was in his nursery and worked well in here as well so I left it for now.

It took me an entire week to paint these letters. I had to do a million coats of paint on each because the primer kept showing through. Adam did not know if he was going to like them until I put them up. I am quite proud of the finished product.

These Ikea shelves are on both sides of his window. They hold all of his books and little keepsakes from his childhood. You can barely see the baby shower invite from the shower thrown by Adam's mom and sister. The big blocks came from Garden Ridge and I am using them as book ends.

We are in between night stands right now. There is usually an espresso round table here with a glass top but I bought this at Home Goods the other day. I am trying to decide which to keep. This one is really growing on me. I love the orange lamp and frames with pictures of Aidan in them.
The rocking chair you can sort of see in the picture was mine when I was a baby! Crazy huh? It needs to be re stained but I haven't made it that far yet!

I am sure you all remember the dresser I distressed for him a couple of months ago. Here it is again. I am most likely going to paint the mirror chocolate brown to match the shelves.
These are just some little items on one of Aidan's shelves. I love the little frame with his name and words about little boys in it. It was made for my baby shower by a dear friend of mine (Katie B.) The sterling silver frame was a shower gift from my friend Betsy. I had it monogrammed when Aidan was born. And the little pewter race car I picked up at TJ Maxx for 2 bucks.

Aidan painting on the easel in his room.