Monday, January 24, 2011

The "List"

In one of my posts last week, I mentioned a list I had made of a ton of things I wanted to get done in the next couple of weeks {I should have said MONTHS} and Adam thinks I am nuts.  Just to prove a point, I am going to put the list here, and come back and cross things off as I go.   Wish me LUCK! I obviously need his help on a lot of these things so maybe I should say WISH US LUCK!

**Update: Adam is now referring to me as Wonder Woman**

Projects 2011

Buy Chalk board pen-Who knows where I can find one of these?
Take down last of Christmas Lights/Put Bins in Attic
Return ladder to neighbors
Take chairs to dump
Junk beside the shed to dump or put on Craigs List
Make room for air compressor in storage room/store it there!
store 4 wheelers

clean outside lanterns
buy new filter for under house/call for service
Paint all interior doors
Replace door hardware
Paint door frames and moulding/whole house [Adam]

{Laundry Room/Kitchen/Closets}
Buy and paint storage for Laundry Room
Buy counter top for laundry room/install
finish last little bit of tile in kitchen
organize all our closets/get ready for yard sale/trash
paint file cabinet and move to laundry room/new hardware

{Aidan's Room}
Sand & Paint Baseboard in one area
slipcover or store wingback chair
make yarn balls to hang above dresser
install new chandelier
store easel in the attic
new rug/black&white ikea
build plywood shelving in closets
buy tubs for toy storage/wal mart
install reading light above his bed
replace last socket cover behind bed
cut & hem drapes
buy bolster/ cover it in fun fabric
work on new art for his room/spray paint some frames

{Playroom/Guest Room}
New Rug

{Dining Room/Living}
Board and Batten Wall Treatment
order china cabinet
fix floors where wall was taken out
buy candles for the fireplace
re arrange family photos/purchase new artwork
make subway art for dining room
Spray paint curtain rods/small white frames
decide what I am doing with birdhouse
new chandelier
take large shelf to Kelly to finish
Send barn painting to framer
steam clean rug
order the last of pillow covers or make them
take down all blinds and soak
bring large window from attic and hang above brown console table

{Master Bedroom}
Floor Length Mirror For Bedroom
Clean Out my Dresser
Buy neutral fabric to make runners for nightstands/seam then send to monogram
hide TV wires/buy shelf for components
possible new light fixture

Totally reorganize
*get rid of old towels
*toss toiletries that haven't been used in 6 months
Finish paint job
Hang new shower curtain
Get second quote on tile and pick up samples
have Dad order new vanity


Kate G. said...

Holy! I started reading your list and was like, "Okay, that's not too bad..." and then it kept going and going and going... Good luck Wonder Woman!

Love Being A Nonny said...

They have the pens at Michaels.