Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Conversations With a 3.5 Year Old

We are now in the phase where Aidan tries everything in the book to stay up later at night. I don't know where the energy comes from.  We have cut out his nap during the day {that may change} so he will be exhausted come 8ish but NO! he is still full of energy. 

Tonight I put him to bed at 8:30 {go me} and he cried from his room for a solid 45 minutes. 

Aidan:  Mommy!! I am scared.

Me: Of what?

Aidan:  My room.

Me:  There is nothing to be afraid of.

Aidan: Mommy!!  I has a boo boo.

Me: Do you want a band aid?  {He hates band aids}.

Aidan: Nooooo.

Me:  Close your eyes and please stop yelling.

Aidan:  But, but, but Mommy! I is sick! I sick. 

Me:  What's wrong. I don't think you are sick. 

Aidan:  Yes I am! I am running a beaver.

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Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

My 3 1/2 year old son asks for a drink, and just begs "Please!!!" so forlornly that I usually give in. LOL We still do naps and he's in bed by 9...but never stays there!