Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of 3's Class

Aidan started his first day of school on Monday the 30th.  It was a good thing I was in Boston the weekend leading up to it otherwise I probably would have been a wreck.  I really, really enjoyed having him home all summer.   Now I only have him two days a week.  I might as well get a job.  Anyways.  I took a few pictures of him to show you all. 

The day was pretty uneventful.  We drove to school and when we were waiting in the carpool line Aidan started yelling "Let me out".  He was just a tad bit excited.  I had to beg him for a kiss goodbye as he was rushing out the door. Although I was sad about that, it made it a little bit easier to let him go.  I was happy we didn't have to re hash last years crying.  That was heart wrenching.  I did get a little weepy on the way home.  I just can't believe how fast time has flown by.  I wish he would just stop growing. 

And those pictures...
Day 1/Monday
Aidan and his lunch box
I've been trying to get him to open his eyes in pictures but for some reason this is what he wants to do.
I mean seriously. So freakin handsome.

Day Two of School/Wednesday
His shorts look a lot higher than they were in real life.  And he is refusing to wear any pair of shoes but his Crocs. Boring. I am going to have to throw them away while he sleeps.

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