Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm Going Crazy Over Here

One of my besties Natalie is due to deliver a baby girl in May.  Less than 5 months now.  Her nursery is still her guest room.  OK OK, I get it, not everyone runs out to the baby store after they pee on the stick {someone tell me, I'm not the only one} but I am dying for some progress up there in New England and the girl text me tonight and she is painting her BATHROOM.   Wrong room sister.  She is either going to give me a heart attack or I have really bad heartburn.  Months 8 and 9 she is not going to want to be slaving over this room.  I've been trying to help her out and we've made some baby steps but I think I'm going to have to show up on her doorstep to get this ball rolling.   

Hopefully I will have some pictures of progress in the coming weeks {days??} that I can show off.  And I really am trying to get up there in the next couple of weeks to help knock out some projects!!!

and how cute is little Scarlett?
I just die when I see this picture of her.  Her belly and her hands behind her head just melt me. Can't wait to get my hands on her!

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Jenny H said...

Girl you would kill me... I have 8 weeks to go and still only just the nursery painted. Don't get me wrong I was ready to rock n roll when they said it was a boy, but the funds have been low, (thank God J starts his new job on the 21st!) and well let's just say we haven't finished painting the carpet yet. Yeah.. my FIL fell off the ladder helping us paint and took 1/2 gallon of paint w/ him. SOooooo.. hardwood floors go down next week. Anyway.... hope your BFF gets the ball rolling incase they have any hiccups in the plan as we did. ;)