Thursday, June 30, 2011

Learning To Golf

My husband is good at everything.  He can pick up anything, quickly.  He is less of a sit on the sofa and watch sports and more of a get out and play them type of guy.  Recently he decided he wanted to pick up golf again after not playing in years.  Once his mind is set on something he becomes very dedicated.  He has spent every extra hour he has on the course these past few weeks and our front lawn is littered with golf balls.  I was coming down the street after work the other night and I thought it was so cute that Adam had Aidan out in the yard and they were practicing their "swing" together.  Anything Adam does, Aidan wants to do. 

 Took a time out to chit chat with Mommy.  He is such a talker.

I made cupcakes. That's what girls do when guys tear up the grass play golf in the front yard.

Uncle Bobby came by for a bit and Aidan demonstrated the perfect way to take a break from working too hard in this heat!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Little Organization Tip

How many of you spend more time than necessary rummaging through your Tupperware drawer trying to match tops with bottoms and vice versa?  Well around here it's an on going struggle to find pieces that fit each other so that we can save leftovers, store cookies, send meals home with friends etc.   One night last week a light bulb went off in my head.  And by light bulb I mean, I probably saw this somewhere and filed it away in my brain but I'll try to take credit for it.

This is all I did...I took out all of my Tupperware, Rubbermaid, Glad ware...{you get the point} and took about 10 minutes to match everything up and then throw away what no longer even had a mate.  Then I took a Sharpie and labeled each top with a number that matches the number I also wrote on the bottoms.  Get it?  So if you reach in the drawer and pull out a top with a "6" on it, all you have to do is find a "6" bottom and TaDa! that makes our lives a little bit easier and takes a lot of frustration out of storing things around here.

Some of the million pieces of Tupperware I had that I could never use because they didn't have a mate. 
Sorry for the fuzzy picture but here is all our pieces labeled with "6".

And these are the tops that match.


I typically by the packs of Glad ware at the grocery store so we have a few of the same pieces. 

All the tops I didn't have bottoms for.  They were just taking up space.

My newly organized drawer!  Adam was so thrilled.  I was thinking I needed to add some things to my collection! Haha!

 There are few things that make me happier than a little organization.  Another one of those great things I got from my Mom!   

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Splash Park

If you are here in Charlotte then you know how incredibly hot it has been the past few weeks!!!  The air quality has been terrible and therefore we have spent a lot of time inside.  We have however tried to make it over to the splash park in my parents neighborhood a couple nights a week to burn off some of Aidan's energy and to cool him off a bit. 

Aidan loves the splash park.  He only lasts about 30 minutes and then he is pooped.  Just enough time for Adam and I too.  I can't pretend like sometimes we don't also wear our bathing suits and get in with him.

This could quite possibly be one of my favorite pictures of Aidan of all time.   I know I am biased  but he is just so freakin' cute.  And HAPPY!

He looks so old here.  I really wish he would stop growing.  It has surprised me how emotional I have been with him since he turned 4.  I feel like the time is flying by too fast.  When I get home from work everyday my whole focus turns to him.  Luckily he lets me hold him, kiss him, spoil him and he is just as anxious to get some QT in with me. 

What are y'all doing to keep cool?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sweet Scarlett

My girlfriend Natalie made it to Charlotte last week with her new baby girl Scarlett.  You know I was so excited to finally meet her!!!!  She is just precious.  I think she loves me too.  I was able to snap a few cute pics of her while she was here, I just had to share!!!

 I miss her so much already. 
 I made Scarlett's headband with a hydrangea right off the bush in Natalie's mom's front yard.  It turned out super cute.
I love this photo of her with her eyes open.   
The Warren's

Friday, June 24, 2011

To Our Adam

My sweet husband is always on my heart.  This week I was busy spending time celebrating Father's Day with him rather than blogging about it so this is obviously a little late.  But you know what they say..."Better late....."

When I was dreaming up the man I wanted to have children with there were so many things I wanted. I wanted a man that was as excited as I was to be given the gift of a child.  A man that would want the best for our family.  I wanted  a man that would be respected by our children and loved even more because of it.

What I didn't know was that I would want the man that fights me at night over who is going to climb in to bed with our son to get that last cuddle of the day in. Or the man that tears up along side of me when our son learns something new or does something that makes our hearts want to explode with pride.   I never knew I wanted the man that tells his child he loves him more times in a day than I would ever be able to count. 

But I got it all and the surprises that have come along with watching you grow as a Dad have been some of the best moments of my life.  I know I have the best man to make children with there is.  Sometimes I start to get jealous of the love you and Aidan have for each other and I have to stop myself and be grateful such a huge love exists between you two.  You have earned every ounce of extra love that child gives you.  You made my dream of becoming a mom come true and I will love you every day of my life for that. You were born to be a Dad and you do it so well.  We love you.

Happy Father's Day, Everyday

Linking Up With The Birthday Girl Today!  Happy Birthday Casey!!!

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Monday, June 20, 2011

What I Wore One Day Last Week??

It's been a while since I posted one of these.  Maybe because I haven't worn anything really cute in a while? Or I am just too lazy to take a picture of myself in the bathroom at work??  Either way I finally got around to doing it and so now I can post about it.

I got this cute cardigan from my girlfriend Julie.  She bought it at TJ's recently and realized she didn't really like it so she gave it to me!!! I think it's super cute. 

Grey Cardigan with flower's: TJ Maxx
Long Tank Top: New York & Co.
Black Pants: Gap

How long is my hair?  

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We've Been Busy

Sorry for not posting in a couple of days...we've been busy spending time with this little sweetie!!!! Yep, that's right...Miss Scarlett has been in town and we finally got to meet her!!! I have a TON more photos to come but I left my camera with Natalie over night so you'll have to live with these two cellie pics until later this week!  She is absolutely perfect!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This Little House Anniversary

I had been living with my parents my whole life. I never left to go away to school, never moved in to an apartment and did the room mate thing.  Every weekend for as long as I can remember, our family would hop in the car and take drives to look at real estate.  I grew to love it, my brother's grew to find ways to get out of going on these excursions.   One Saturday a few months before my 23rd birthday, my mom, dad and I were out on one of those drives and we happened upon this little yellow house in the NoDa neighborhood.  We did the typical get out of the car, walk around the house look in the windows thing that we did at every property we thought we were interested in.  My Dad got on the phone and 30 minutes later we were walking through the house.  "Ape, this would be a great house for you. Let's put an offer in."  "OK!"

24 hours later my offer was accepted and I was a first time home owner! So I thought. Long story short, once the house was inspected there were some serious issues that needed to be resolved and the seller refused to fix them or give us any money off the purchase price to fix them ourselves.  My Dad was in Chicago that weekend working the Kitchen and Bath show and called to break the news that the house just wasn't meant to be.  I was bummed but he assured me when he got back to Charlotte we would continue our hunt for the perfect house.

I spent the next couple of days scouring the internet.  I wasn't really falling in love with anything.  That is until I found her.  I remember scrolling down and seeing the house for the first time. My heart almost jumped out of my chest. Without even seeing the inside I knew this was my house.  I fell in love with the cobblestone brick.  She had so much character and I just knew.

My Dad came back to town and we met with our realtor to see the house.  My Dad wasn't totally sold.  I was head over heels and so we agreed to put in an offer and after going back and forth for a few days they finally accepted.  I closed on June 15, 2006.  That afternoon my best friend Candace armed with her Dad's truck, Adam, my Dad and I moved all of my belongings in to the house.  Somewhere in all of that, we decided Adam was the lucky guy that got to be my roomie.  That was our first night in the new house.

A lot has changed in that 5 years.  Paint colors {every six months} landscaping, we put in a new kitchen, new windows, added on a laundry room, made a baby, got married, cried lots of tears and had a ton more laughs. Our names are carved in the cement stoop and my family cat is buried in the backyard.  There is one thing that has always remained the same.  I have loved this little house everyday as much as I did the first time I saw her on my computer screen.   I've run my hands across that cobblestone brick more times than I can count and I've laid in bed at night and been so thankful my family has a roof over their head.  So to most people it's just a little ole house.  To us, it's one hell of a home and we love it.  Happy 5 Years Hartford Avenue.

First Picture

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Aidan's Birthday Week-Part Two

This part of the birthday posts is all about Aidan's party.  I know you are so excited!

I stayed up so late Friday night {4am to be exact} cleaning my house and putting up decorations for Aidan's party. 

I used a Spiderman Pinata to hang from our chandelier in the center of the table.

I found these Spiderman fruit snacks and couldn't resist them.  They ended up being a huge hit for the kids throughout the day.
I made this runner for the table with Spiderman fabric and some Stitch Witchery.  Super easy.

I bought black poster board, quickly drew these skyscrapers, cut them out and then painted the windows on them.  I think they turned out pretty well. 
I made the banner out of scrapbook paper, chip board letters, red and black polka dot ribbons. 
Aidan came in to our room Saturday morning and said to me "Mommy I really like all the Spiderman stuff you made for my party."  It made the work so worth it. 

Party favors included: a Spiderman mask, Spiderman bubbles, Spiderman watches, Spiderman Pez, Spiderman tattoos, Spiderman silly bands and these cute Spiderman bags that I bought in the gift wrap section at Wal Mart for a dollar.

Red and Blue Gatorade for the kids.   Thank goodness I bought water because the heat was so bad. I was worried someone was going to get dehydrated.  I was obnoxious about making the kids drink water all day.
Cupcakes from Polka Dot Bake Shop.  I just had them make vanilla/vanilla and chocolate/vanilla cupcakes for me. I dropped off my own Spiderman cupcake liners and then when I picked them up I put the Spiderman tooth picks in them.  So so so so good!

We rented {again} a bounce house for the backyard.  It did have Spiderman attached to it but they had to cut him off so that he didn't hit the power line.   The kids had the best time on it.   At the last minute Adam decided to call everyone and tell them to bring their bathing suits because it was so hot.   A friend of ours bought two baby pools and three slip and slides and it kept the kids from overheating.  I was happy it didn't rain but the heat was out of control. 

I was so excited when Aidan asked me to get on this with him. I just dread the day he is too cool to hang out with his Mommy.  He laughed until his stomach hurt when I was climbing up and then he asks to sit on my lap and go down the slide.  

Our neighbor owns a cookie company called Kai's Kookies and More.   I have used her several times to make cookies as favors for me and they are always gorgeous.   Dean and Deluca here in Charlotte have her make cookies for them as well. She knows how much Aidan likes her cookies so she made these for him.  Didn't they turn out so cute?

I have to confess I was entirely too busy hosting to take many pictures during the party.  The ones I took are so random they aren't even worth posting.  Such a bad blogger I am.  We had a great turnout.  About 40 people came.  It was a lot for our little house but Aidan was in heaven and we love to do it.  Thank God for that outdoor patio!

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate with us.  Mom and Dad especially for running last minute errands for me the day of and getting Aidan's hair cut so he didn't look like Mop Head Boy and for offering to help me clean up.  You guys are the best!!!

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Aidan's Birthday Week-Part One

I always try to make birthdays a big deal around here.   I mean it's the one day of the year that is all about you!!! And we all deserve to be celebrated!!  We have a tendency to get a little crazy when it comes to Aidan.  

The week leading up to Aidan's birthday I kept telling him "4 more days {3 more days, tomorrow is...} until your birthday and each time he was perk up and say "now Mommy?".  "Not now Aidan, but soon".   The morning of his birthday, I got up, got ready for work and went it to his room where he was still fast asleep.  I knelt down next to his bed and started to sing "Happy Birthday".  When I was done, with his eyes still closed, the biggest smile came across his face and he said "Now Mommy."  I replied "yes Aidan, now is your birthday."  He opened his eyes, kissed me and said "Thank You Mommy."  It was such a sweet moment.   It was hard to leave him on his big day but Adam had a big day planned for the two of them.

Once I left the house Adam got him up, dressed and they were out the door and headed to the Columbia Zoo for the day.  They stopped and had Cracker Barrel breakfast on the way.  I know they had the best time.  Adam is literally the most patient, giving person and he spoils Aidan rotten.  He just can't help himself he loves him so much. 

I was able to leave work an hour early to get home to prepare to go to dinner with the boys.   First we did Cohen's balloon release.  We have a favorite Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood and that is where Aidan wanted to eat.  The whole restaurant sang him "Happy Birthday" and he loved it!

After that we headed to my parents for a little Spiderman cake with them. 

 Make a Wish!!!

It was a great 4th Birthday! He was dying waiting for Saturday to come around for his party!!!

Part Two Coming Soon!