Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Baby

There was a time in the very beginning of this child's life I was seriously wondering if I would ever see him happy.  He basically cried for the first two months.  Well I am happy to report, we have turned a corner and he is happy as a clam at hide tide! Thank the Lord! 

He still wants to be held most of the time but at least he's smiling!  He is starting to form a little personality and he is hilarious.  Our favorite thing to do is get a good laugh out of him.
I snapped these of him a weekend or two ago sitting in the Bob stroller while Adam did some yard work.  He loves to chew on that poor Monkey. 


Did you just die from the cuteness?

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Brothers Harvey

You can't turn back time but if I could, I would have had Kellan a few years ago.  There are advantages of having such a big age difference in these two but now that I've seen how much they both already enjoy each other, I wish they were a tad bit closer in age so they could play together more.  Not that I think the age difference is going to stop either of them from wanting to hang out with the other. 
Aidan is such a good big brother.  
 Someone said to me once that even though having another baby was going to change his life so much that giving him a sibling would be the greatest gift we could ever give him.
And already it has been such a gift.
He's planned so much for the two of them.  Fort building and bike rides and boys trips with Daddy and Scout.  He makes it all sound so good I wish I could somehow be along for the ride. 
The adventures of the Brothers Harvey have only just begun!

Friday, April 26, 2013

T Ball Part 2

Y'all! Our boy is a pro. I know what you're thinking. "Every parent thinks their kid is great." And while you are probably right, I honestly think Aidan has some baseball blood running through him. Adam played baseball his whole life. More than anything we're just so thrilled Aidan is having fun. We're not pushing him to do one thing more than the other...just signing him up to try a little bit of everything and right now Baseball feels like his sport.  If he ends up being in to football or the piano, it will make no difference to us.  He's just fun to watch.

It should be mentioned that Adam is "that Dad".   Aidan played first base and Adam stood on the outside of the fence and coached him through every minute of the entire game. And while I'm sure he was probably annoying the other parents Aidan was the only kid on BOTH teams to catch not one BUT two balls. He also had two great hits off the tee.   He's a great team player and he takes the game seriously.   Several of the parents were shocked it was his first game EVER.   Adam has really been working with him and it has paid off.  I know it's just T Ball but Adam has used it as an excuse to spend more time with Aidan and they have the best time together playing catch and when Adam is giving him "tips" the world stops revolving and all Aidan sees or hears is his father.  It's heart warming to watch.   It was a tear jerker (I'm only 4 months post partum, everything makes me cry!) when Aidan caught that first ball and he turned to Adam and yelled "just like you taught me Daddy". I don't think I've ever seen a prouder Dad than my hubby standing at that fence watching his boy in that moment.   His first game.

We've had two weeks of cancelled games due to rain but our next game is this weekend and we can't wait!

Enjoy the pics and this short clip!

Every single Decot family member near and far called, text, sent telegrams wondering why Aidan was wearing a Detroit hat in this picture.  Let's just get something straight.  The "D" is for Dilworth and we are Red Sox fans through and through. 

Standing outside of the car before the game.  

First base.

(It shocks me how many moms just walk around on the field micro managing their children/says the wife of Baseball Dad)
Gearing up to hit the ball.   

Practicing with Adam at a field near our house.

Team practice.  I love his Ray Ban's!


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Beach Bags

I've been the world's worst blogger recently.  There are so many things going on around here.  We're busy, busy, busy.  Which I always say I would rather be than bored BUT jeese! I always get slammed with so much in a small amount of time. 

I've missed this little space of mine on the Internet so I'm hoping to be back here more often.  I'm cutting some time out for this blog!

I've been on the hunt for the perfect beach/pool bag for the summer!  My Nana used to call me the bag lady and I'm telling you, not much has changed.  I probably have more bags than I know what to do with but I always find a reason to need just one more!

Mom or not, when you head to the pool or the beach, you've got some stuff to pack!  Sunblock, a good book, towels, swim diapers, snacks, extra sunglasses, pool and sand toys...the list can go on and on and on. 

I've found some great bags this season. Now I just need to pull the trigger and buy one.  Or two.  We'll see.

I've been so unimpressed with anything Coach in years but they may have hit the nail on the head with their beach totes this year.   The Bleeker Tote is super roomie and I love the option of the two straps.  It comes in some great classic colors like Kelly green, a rain slicker yellow and navy. 

Coach Bleeker Beach Canvas Tote

Pottery Barn Kids has really improved their tote and diaper bag collection.  This is a diaper bag but as a Mom of a (relatively) new baby, the changing pad that is included and the extra pockets may come in handy.  There is plenty of room to throw in a towel or two and a few extras. I love this color combination.

Aqua Classic Mom Diaper Bag
Pottery Barn Kids Aqua Classic Mom Diaper Bag

Then there is the classic LL Bean Boat Tote.  It comes in 4 sizes.  Most importantly XL.  There are two strap lengths, I think 8 different color options and you can get it with or without a zipper.   I've had them in the past but it may be time to purchase one with Harvey monogrammed on it. 

LL Bean Tote Open Top Boat Tote

So what do you think?  Which will it be?

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter 2013

This post is only a couple weeks late! 
We had a simple, quiet Easter here.   Aidan slept in Easter morning but we had a good time getting excited about the Easter Bunny coming for a visit around 10am.  We had dinner with my parents and my Mom cooked a delicious meal.  I'm still dreaming about that prime rib.  We made a stop at Adam's parents and grandparents as well.  Aidan ended up with 5 Easter baskets at the end of the day! 
Visit with the Easter Bunny.
Easter Egg Hunt at school.
Kellan's First Easter Basket.  Full of teething toys and lavender baby wash. 
Aidan's basket.   He was a little disappointed there was not more candy.  Personally, I was super proud of myself for not overdoing it this year.  We are trying to be more intentional about the "reason for the seasons" around here.  We talked a lot about Jesus and him rising from the dead than we did about the Easter Bunny for the first time. 
I put Easter Bunny prints on our front walkway.  Aidan almost passed out from excitement when he saw them.
I love when Kellan falls asleep on me.  Either of my boys.  It's the best.

He's a great Daddy.  Handsome too. 

Could these two be any more gorgeous? I'm so lucky to be their Mom. 

Hubs and Wife selfies. 
Family selfies since every picture my Mom took of us was awful.  Sorry Ma! Not that this is much better! Haha!

Friday, April 12, 2013

To Kellan on your 4 Month Birthday

Tonight I put you to bed and you cried for twenty minutes before you calmed down.  I didn't want you to go to sleep after being so upset so I sent Daddy in to get you and fed you a bottle and rocked you to sleep in my arms.  Then instead of putting you back in your crib, I let you sleep in my arms for almost 2 hours.  Of all the things I learned being a mom the first time, the most important was that you can never get time back once it has passed.  You have that advantage over your brother. I know better than to let the moments pass when you just want to be held or to keep walking past when your big blue eyes meet mine and you want to flash a smile.  I stop and talk to you.  Pick you up and kiss your round cheeks.  I really let the laundry sit and the dishes pile up.  I sit you on my lap and we laugh and you coo and I look you all over and try to embed on my brain exactly how you are at this very moment. 

4 months will be such a small part of your whole story but right now it seems like such a big amount of time.  I can't believe you've been here for 4 whole months.  I spent so much time trying to picture how you would fit in to our family and it's everything and nothing like I imagined.  I knew we would all be crazy over you but I didn't know it would break your big brother's heart to hear you cry.  So he picks you up and holds you.  I didn't know that Daddy would call you "Boo Boo" in this high pitched voice and I surely didn't think it would make you laugh like it does.  I knew you would wake me up at night but I didn't know the sleep deprivation wouldn't phase me. I know the time passes and there will be days I would give anything for you to need me in the middle of the night.  I didn't know you would be born with a few issues that would make me so incredibly protective of you.  You love to cry.  I didn't know what colic was and I never knew how hard it would hurt me not to be able to help you.  Now that that has passed I am still the only one that can soothe you when you are upset and I love that.  Would it make my life easier if I could pass you off to someone else while you screech? Sure.  But when I spend hours going back and forth from bouncing you to rocking you and you finally calm down and look at me with such a sense of comfort, all of the work is worth every minute.

As much as you were a gift to this entire family, you were our gift to Aidan. A sibling to love, play with, confide in, a life long partner in crime. Aidan more than anyone is anxious for you to grow so you two can start your adventures together. He has big plans.

You've been such a blessing to us in your 4 months of life.  I can only imagine the joy you will bring as the tally of months turns in to years and time before you were apart of our family will be a distant memory. 

Happy 4 Months Kellan!
Love, Mom

A Few Stats:

You weigh 18lbs 12.5oz and are 27inches long!
That's the 97% for both! So your a big boy. But we love you that way!

At your Dr. appt. yesterday you received 5 vaccines! 4 shots and one oral.  You really didn't cry long at all.  I just hate that they make me hold you down. 

You are wearing a size 3 diaper and are in 3-6 month clothing.  You are able to wear a lot of things that were Aidan's from the summer he was born. 

You eat anywhere from 24-32 ounces of formula a day.   I'm not at all anxious to start you on food until you are 6 months old. 

Bedtime is anywhere between 8:30-9 and you sleep until 7:30 or 8.  I'll take it!

Your hair is a little red and has a tendency to curl when you get out of the bath.

Still don't want anything to do with a binkie but love chewing on your fists, our fingers and your blankets.

You smile and coo at us all the time.  You hate to be left alone and always let us know that.  You prefer to be held. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Monday. Everyone hates you.

Me specifically because after a weekend with everyone here all at once, the house looks like it has been hit by a tornado.  Lots of laundry to be done, dishes in the sink, toys everywhere. 

I'm temporarily depressed because I'm back to being a single parent during the day while Adam is at work and the slow pace of the weekend is replaced with rushing around after sleeping through three alarms to make lunches, load two kids in to the car and get Aidan to school on time.

Make it a rainy, cold Monday like the past few Monday's and I feel like I've accomplished something just by getting out of bed.  So a lot of my Monday's I look like this Instagram photo I posted  recently.  I was wearing yoga pants, a cardigan and a nightie that I turned in to a tank top that morning so I didn't have to dig through previously mentioned laundry to find a real one. 

And then I accidentally dressed Kellan very similar.

I always feel like once I can get through Monday,  my life is back on schedule and I can conquer the rest of the week!  I might even put on a pair of jeans and some make up!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dear Auntie Amanda

also known as Auntie Bamanda,

My Mommy tells me you are probably the person who knows the most about how much she wanted to bring me in to this world.  She says you listened to her early morning after early morning talk about wanting another baby and finding a way to make it work.  All the hopes, fears and dreams of getting to be a Mom again.

You were probably not surprised when she called you to tell you she was pregnant with me because you knew everyday leading up to that call that my existence was in the works.  I know you were probably just as happy to stop hearing about getting pregnant as you were to here that she finally was!

I know you hosted that beautiful baby shower for me before I made my debut and you ran straight to the hospital to meet me when I was born.  Here's the picture to prove it:


It was love at first sight.  For both of us. Wink.

But yours and Mommy's story started long before ours.  You've been friends for a long time.  You two have seen each other through good times and bad times, break ups and make ups.  You were there for her when my big brother surprised the world with his presence and you stood by her on the day she married my Dad.  There have been a lot more regular ole' days between all of the excitement of the past few years but from the sounds of it, you've been along for the whole ride. 

It's safe to say, your part of the family.  And we like it that way. 

So, Mommy and Daddy wanted me to ask you for a big favor. 

Will you PLEASE be my Godmother?  There's no one we would rather have do it!

Love You,
(and Mommy, Daddy, Aidan and the whole Decot clan that thinks we've picked the best girl for the job!)

Monday, April 1, 2013

One year ago...

Today marks a year since we found out we were pregnant with our sweet Kellan.  He was EXTREMELY planned.  We decided in February we were going to start trying in the Spring.  March 1 my maternity insurance went in to effect. I had an appointment with my OB on March 12.  I told her I was planning on starting to try to get pregnant in the next few months.  Luckily she gave me the green light and said to call her back in 6 months if I wasn't pregnant.  This was going to be fun!
Needless to say, we got busy.  And just two weeks later...
We hadn't planned on taking a test that day.  My brother Bobby was trying to make extra beer money so he came over to babysit that Sunday so Adam and I could go out to dinner.  Aidan took this picture of us when we were waiting on Bobby to arrive.  We ate at Rooster's in Southpark and we joked the entire meal about walking over to Walgreen's after dinner and buying a pregnancy test.  

 And that's exactly what we did.  For what?  I don't think either of us actually thought I was pregnant. I love how cheesy Adam's face is in the picture.  There is nothing like making your husband take a picture while holding a pregnancy test in the middle of a drug store. 
We tossed the bag of tests in the back seat and I figured I would take one in a week after I had actually even missed a period.   The second Bobby left our house that night, we both looked at each other and started cracking up.  I was taking that test or it was going to haunt us until I did. I was sure in a few minutes we would be staring at a negative sign but then this happened...
The faintest pink line in world showed up right away.  I was jumping up in down in place while Adam looked over my shoulder and we tried our best to keep it down so Aidan wouldn't catch on to what was up.  That kid has the biggest mouth EVER and we knew we would keep it a secret for a bit.  I was two weeks pregnant. I seriously could not believe it.  I was thrilled but kept thinking it had to be to good to be true.  We were pregnant the first month we tried.  Who does that happen to? 
My besties Candace,Amanda and Mariann were my first phone calls that night.  They had all listened to me vent about how badly I wanted a baby, how the time was never right and a menagerie of other baby related things for years. Plus Candace and Amanda were my first phone calls when I found out I was pregnant with Aidan so why not start a tradition.  All three of them asked me if it was an April Fool's Day joke.
Face Time to tell Auntie Amanda. 
 The next morning I took the second test in the box and the line was a bit darker.  I continued to take a test everyday for a week.  I could not believe we were finally adding to our family.  I felt like I had been waiting an eternity to get to be a Mom again.   Easter was the weekend after we found out and we told my family then.   Everyone was as excited as we were. 
Finding out you are pregnant that early makes for what feels likes the world's longest pregnancy.  But I wouldn't change any of it for the world.  Here were are a year later and we have the cutest little guy to show for it.  We are so blessed!