Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Aidan Sings "Hey Soul Sister"

I just learned how to upload our videos to You Tube {I know, I am so behind the times} and so there will probably be videos on the blog all the time now! It's so much easier than just transferring them from camera/our phones straight to the computer.  Plus, on You Tube I can rotate the videos that are sideways on my camera! Woo hoo!! 

Sorry for the quality of this video, it was shot in the dark on Adam's phone.  You have to listen pretty closely to hear Aidan but he knows every word to this song! You should probably pause my music at the bottom of the blog as well! Happy Listening!


Katie A. said...

FYI... when I click to play the video it says the video is a Private Video so it won't allow me to view it :( I'm sure it's precious though, and I'm so glad to know I can rotate videos on YouTube as I didn't know this!

Kate G. said...

Me too. :(