Friday, March 5, 2010


I used to think reality TV wasn't my thing. Or at least that's what I told people. Then I realized, almost everything I watch is reality TV. I never did get in to watching Survivor or The Bachelor I guess mostly because we all know there is a 5 star resort just feet away from the Survivor cast and I just don't buy the Bachelor, Bachelorette scenario. BUT, I have fallen in love with the train wreck that is the Real Housewives of....series. My all time favorites are RHONYC and the RHONJ. New York premiered last night and I am already hooked.

Bethenny has always been my favorite. I follow her Skinny Girl deal off of the show and I just thrilled for her that she is engaged and pregnant. Her dreams are coming true. I just don't understand why no one else can be excited for her? I think there may be some serious jealousy over her recent success. I don't really believe that she just turned in to a super B, I just think it's her reaction to how people are talking about her. I mean come on, is there really anything bad you could have said about her PETA ad? Her body is almost perfect. I am sad to see that she and Jill are on the outs. I am hoping for a reconciliation there.

Jill comes in a close second for me after Bethenny. But what was her deal last night? It looks like someone put her on a diet and she looks awesome. She just seems to have upped the snottiness this season. Last year she was upset because Bethenny had logos up at a party they were hosting and this episode she was mad because Ramona brought out her jewelry line. She should just start packing fabric samples in her purse so that when things like this happen she is prepared and doesn't come off like she just always wants it to be about her.

Alex is boring. So far. I hope she grows some you know what this season and sticks up for herself.

If I have to hear Luann say one more time that she will always be a countess I will probably hurt myself. She has always been one of my least favorites for this reason. Be who you are not what your title is. She is so far from being classy these days. I do feel for her on the divorce thing. She does seem genuinely hurt by that whole ordeal. I think that built up bitterness is where her lashing out at everyone is coming from.

Ramona. 4 words. Put. On. Some. Clothes.

I have always thought Kelly was nuts. I don't know how she models or who puts up with her because everything about her disturbs me. Her attitude gives me the heeby geebies. She beat up her boyfriend. Enough said.

I can't wait to see how all of this drama unfolds. I cannot wait for the episode where Bethenny finds out she's pregnant. I hope everyone is watching!!!! xoxox

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