Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Day in the Life

This week Kelly's Korner is doing Show Us Your Life Friday and she wants to know about people's everyday life. Here is our lovely schedule.


8am- Daddy and Aidan get up, eat breakfast and make mommy's iced coffee then wake me up. I love Aidan waking me up because he climbs in to our bed...whispers "Mommy, time to wake up" and then he smothers me with kisses until I get up. Most days I keep my eyes closed just to get more kisses.

The absolute first thing I do everyday is make our beds. Before I do anything else. I can't stand an unmade bed. Adam gets Aidan dressed and heads to work.

Aidan plays pretty well by himself while I do things around the house in the morning. He paints or colors or watches a movie. I shower and get dressed during this time too.

We eat lunch out with friends or with my mom EVERY DAY. It is rare that we eat lunch at home. My mom only lives 7 blocks away so we spend a lot of afternoons with her in the park or out running errands. We both help each other out tremendously around our houses so it is really nice. Aidan naps from 1-2:30.

4pm-We start getting ready for dinner time. I usually do laundry during this time because the laundry room is adjacent to our kitchen. If there is something you want to wear in the hamper, you better make sure it gets done by Friday because I don't do any laundry on the weekends.

Adam gets home somewhere in here and Aidan is attached to him like glue. He LOVES his daddy and Adam loves him right back. Without fail everyday Aidan senses when it is about time for Adam to come home and starts sitting by the door. I think it's the saddest thing. He will say to me "Mommy I miss Daddy, will he be right back?" The second Adam comes down the street Aidan starts to go crazy. When he walks in the door, Aidan hugs all over him and tells him he missed him and loves him. Adam is on cloud 9. He is well aware Aidan won't always be this in to him, so he sucks it all up. They go out in the yard and play with sticks or wrestle around or if Adam has had a hard day, they will just cuddle on the sofa and watch TV until dinner is ready.

5:30-6:30pm Dinner. I like to pretend like I cook mostly alone but Adam loves to help and he is a much better cook so we cook together. Adam just got on a better schedule so we are able to all sit at the table and eat dinner. Aidan is very weird about food right now so he basically talks to us about his day (as if I didn't already know what he did) and Adam and I laugh at him and try to get him to eat something.

7pm Bath Time. This usually results in every drop of water ending up on the floor. Adam cleans it up because he doesn't mind inches of water in the bathroom. Haha.

730pm We jump in our bed with Aidan and read books and just talk. Now that he can talk he is even more hilarious.

830pm-Adam takes him to bed. He calls me in for a kiss and five or six hugs. We tuck him in and he's usually in a dead sleep by 9.

Adam and I sit in our bed and pay bills, return emails, talk, watch movies. Whatever we have going on that night. We are serious night owls so we usually fall asleep around 2am.

T Th

Tuesdays and Thursdays are the same except Aidan goes to school from 9:15 to 1. Adam and I eat breakfast on Thursdays at the Pancake house. I typically shower while he is at school and this is the time I try to make appointments or get big things done that Aidan wouldn't want anything to do with.

So that's it. That's our life. Aren't you glad you stopped by???

This is a picture of Aidan waiting on Adam to come home from work.

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Megan said...

I'm with you on the night owl thing! My family has ALWAYS stayed up until around 2 am...all my friends thought it was SO strange that my parents stayed up so late! I guess it was inevitable for me to be a serious night owl as well!