Wednesday, March 24, 2010

H2O Heater

First I have to say...I got some feedback on saying "Amaze Balls". I had to do it because Adam and I watch Giuliana and Bill and she says that and he hates it. So, obviously I now put it in every sentence to try to annoy him and I was on a roll with it yesterday. That's where that came from.

Now on to the problem at hand...Holy Shmokes something has to be wrong with our water heater. You used to be able to shower a football team before it would get cold in there. Amanda, agree?? Well, all of a sudden, since Mariann was in town...the shower gets cold during the first shower!!! I'm not talking like at the end of a twenty minute shower it's time to get out, I have to decide if I want to condition my hair or shave my legs. There is no time for both. Tonight for instance, I tried to beat the clock and now only one leg is shaved and the other one is already growing back from goose bumps because I was shaving it under ice water.

Adam is pretty handy and as far as he could tell, the water heater was working just fine. We purchase a new one about 1.5 years after we moved in to the house but that still only makes it, 2.5 years old. I called a plumber. Well let me just tell you what that guy had to say...

Enter plumber:

"Well I see here that you twos purchased one of the those fancy shmancy Energy Saving gas water heaters. Now let me tell you somethin' bout it. I have checked it out, I mean really checked it out and she's lookin good I tell ya. Can't really see anything too wrong with her at this point. I find that people with bigger homes...up, nope your home isn't too big, ok ok ok mmm hmm. I also find that sometimes the water heater isn't wrapped...up, well someone sure did wrap this girl up real nice, she's well insulated for sure. Ok ok ok...mmm hmmm. Welp, I don't really know what else to say. She's works like a charm. Here's ya bill. You can pay me now or mail it to me. Folks, I hope she straightens up for ya. God Bless ya.

Exit Plumber.

Me: What did he just say.

Adam: That'll be a hundred and fifty bucks and you need to find a way to shower in 4 minutes or less or your ass is going to freeze.

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