Sunday, March 28, 2010

Aidan's First Sleepover

I did not expect for this to happen so fast. Yesterday, Adam went to see his friend Mike up the street and he took Aidan for the ride. When he came back he was Aidan-less. I asked him "where's the kid babe". "Oh he didn't want to come home." Mike has a son Ryland 6 months younger than Aidan and he gets him every other weekend. When he is at Mike's we always take Aidan over there or he comes down here to play. I think Aidan likes going up there because they get to play outside in the dirt and do boy things. Mike flips their tricycles over and gives them plastic screw drivers to "fix" the bikes with. I make rice krispie treats and iron their pajamas before laying them down on the sofa to watch a movie. So, Mike's might be a little more exciting.

Anyways, Adam informed me Mike said when the boys where done hanging out he would drive him home (they literally live a block away). Hours went by and then I get this text "The boys are having a really good time. I asked Aidan if he wanted to have a sleepover and he said yes. Is that cool with you." I think my heart fell out of my chest. To make it worse we had some other friends over for a cook out and they all saw me slowly fall apart. I am sure they thought I was nuts.

So I packed up some pajamas, his blankie and some clean diapers and headed up to Mike's just SURE that Aidan would come home with me. I even packed home made rice krispie treats. When I walked through the door, I got a "Hey Mommy" and that was about it. No hug, no kiss. A half wave and he was gone again.

I got his attention long enough to change his diaper and asked him 500 times if he was sure he wanted to stay. He said yes every time so I took off and cried the block home. Mike called at about 10am and he came home. I got my hug and kiss and he even said he missed his Dada. And just like that, he's spent the night at a friends and everyone knows not to ask him to do it again until he's at least 10. =)

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