Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aidan Update

We were able to get in to see the Pediatric Orthapedic Doctor today. Aidan was in pretty good spirits besides getting sick a few times this morning when we tried to get him to take his Motrin. For whatever reason, he has no appetite so I am sure the medicine isn't feeling to good on his stomach. At this point we are just trying to get him to eat anything so we can get the meds in him so he has minimal pain. We opted not to put him on any pain medication at this time. He just seems so little for all that.

As usual they asked me what happened and I explained that I wasn't exactly sure, and everyone looked at me like I abuse my child. Not the best feeling in the world. I explained that he does still seem to have some pain and we talked about switching out his cast for a lighter one. After going back and forth we decided to stick with the one he has on to prevent the trauma of having a saw cut this one off and then another one in 4 weeks. They wrapped it in a soft material that will keep him from pulling anymore of the cotton out of the top and it won't be so rough on his skin.

He was very chatty with his Dr's and with the exception of asking to hold me (aka he wants to be held) he stood up and let them look over the cast and answered some of their questions. He was able to squeeze the Dr's finger and give us a thumbs up so that is all good.

We are hoping that when goes back for x rays in two weeks the fracture will have healed and we can go in to a brace for the remaining 2 weeks and then be done. If there seems to still be some swelling around the bone, they will put another cast on at that time. At least that one would be lighter. Aidan doesn't always want to wear his sling and I catch him holding the arm above his head. I am assuming to try to redistribute the weight because it hangs down on his side.

There was brief talk about some of his ligaments being damaged due to the nurse maid's elbow (dislocated elbow that caused the break) which may result in surgery. Please, please, please pray this is not what we find when we go back in two weeks. We agree with his Dr's that he has been through enough trauma at this point (remember they moved his broken arm around all day Saturday before they knew it was broken OUCHIE) and surgery would be no fun.

I have really been torn with my time since this happened. Aidan is very needy and I have just kind of put my life on hold for a couple of days. I know it sounds silly but we are just trying to help him understand what's going on and helping him operate with the one arm. He has also had the problem eating and has a little cold that brought on a fever a few nights. He missed a play date today with his friend Kate and he was very disappointed. He knows he has school tomorrow and really wants to go. I am a little hesitant to send him and put the responsibility of the arm on his teachers. I guess we will see how he feels in the morning.

Thanks for checking in on our little man. We hope everyone had a great Monday!

I took this picture yesterday and I think it is so funny because Aidan was kind of down in the dumps and I said "Aidan can you give Mommy a big smile for the camera" and this is the face he gave me. Love that child so much.

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