Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Living Room Make Over

Ladies and...who are we kidding, no gentlemen read this blog. Except for my brother who says he occasionally gets on to scan for his name and then closes the screen. Anyways, LADIES. I need some help. I am still on the hunt for the perfect paint color for my living room. So set your eyes on this...Whatta ya think? Can you even see it? I set out to find the worst picture of it just for you. Ha.

Let me also show you what else I'm working with....

These are my pillows....

The blue one.

The Khaki one.

These are my drapes. That are on back order. Boo hiss.

My other thought is, I could just leave the rest of the room its current color (grey) and just paint the wall behind the fireplace this color. I just can't decide!!! But to be honest I am leaning towards one wall. Let me know. Thanks for the help. You guys are amaze balls.

1 comment:

Kate G. said...

I vote for one wall behind the fireplace. It's a great color, but seems a bit dark to do the entire room.