Friday, March 18, 2011

A Whole Lot To Say with Not A Whole Lot of Time

I am seriously missing my blog these days.  I apologize for the lack of posts.  Especially for those of you that depend on them to get through your slow morning at work {cough Amanda} . But you know what I am missing more? Aidan. Adam. Sleep. All of the time I had three weeks ago. 

The new job is going really well.  The adjustment part...not so much.  It took me a few days to remember that I have never worked and had a family.  I have no clue how to juggle them both.  So the fact that I drag myself out of bed exhausted every morning, almost in tears because I know I am going to miss Aidan so bad some days it hurts is probably pretty normal.  It still sucks. 

I sit at my desk some days and wonder if the person that just picked him up from school thought to ask him how his day was.  They probably don't know what was on the school's calendar and so when he says something like " I made my muscles and laid down" they don't get he has been to yoga class.  I am torturing myself. 

The really nice thing about the whole deal is, when Adam is home he takes care of the laundry and dishes and makes the beds so there is nothing for me to do but be a mom and wife when I get home.  That is the best part of my day, pulling in the driveway and seeing a 3 foot mini Harvey peering through the glass door like he's been waiting there since I left. Which is not the case because his father is the best time ever. 

I am hoping the weeks will start to fly and before I know it, I'll come in to work and it won't hurt so bad to be here and not with the kid.  Because guess what?  Quitting. NOT AN OPTION.

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Kate G. said...

I'm so sorry Ape! Haven't experienced this, obviously, but I just wanted to send some love your way... Yay for Friday!!