Monday, March 14, 2011

Natalie's Nesting Shower

This past Saturday, I hosted along with a girlfriend of mine {Moment} our girlfriend Natalie's baby shower.  The second I happily volunteered to host Natalie's shower, I knew I wanted to go with a "Nesting" theme.  I thought the idea of using nests, birds, feathers and lots of pink sounded so pretty.  I was prepared to scour the Internet to find just what I wanted but lucked out when the shelves of every craft store started filling up with Easter decor which of course included everything I needed.  Moment and I spent a late night painting mini birdhouses and hot gluing moss to every surface possible and I think she would agree, the outcome was beautiful.  

This was the invitation.  My mom was sweet enough to let me host the shower at her house.  She has a great space for entertaining.  

 Moment made a delicious pink punch that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. 
I will have to ask her for the recipe to post. 
The day before the shower I came home from work and Adam was unloading some tulips to plant in our yard. 
I immediately stole a pot of them to use and covered it in a linen fabric I had hanging around.

 I had an idea of what I wanted the centerpiece to look like but didn't know how I was going to accomplish it.  I was able to find this tall, pink metal vase and the height was perfect for what I wanted to do.  I am not a huge fan of artificial florals but since I needed to make this ahead of time, that is what I used. 

I hot glued some moss and added this bird and nest to it.

I emailed Natalie's Mother in Law and asked her if there was any way she could supply me with some pictures of Pete, Natalie's husband to use for the centerpiece.   She had pictures of Pete AND Natalie  as babies that she was going to use at their wedding so she emailed them right over to me and made my life so much easier!

I cut and hung several pictures of them both from the "tree".

I thought it was a cute way to include Pete in the shower and it kept conversation going as to what everyone thinks baby Scarlett will look like.

A few months back a friend of mine from high school had posted on Facebook some items she was selling in an upcoming yard sale.  When I saw this bird house, I knew immediately that I needed it for this shower.  I messaged her and told her to hold on to it for me.  It was the perfect addition to our gift table. 

The small bird house I bought unfinished and was one of the ones Moment and I painted and hot glued sheets of moss to.  The little birds just clip right on.  I bought the mini cake stand at Home Goods for almost nothing.  I love that I didn't realize the little bird looked like he is rolling right of the roof of the house when I snapped this picture.  Whoops!

A small bird cage.  I just couldn't resist when I saw this.   I just added a bird and nest.

Everyone has seen the clothes line done at a baby shower.  It worked perfect here to spice up my mom's fireplace mantle.

Scarlett's initials and the flowers Moment liberated from someones yard for us.   I don't think we could have purchased flowers in a more perfect color. 

Little Details...

I found this bird shaped post it note at the craft store and this idea just popped in my head.  We bought mini clay pots, painted them, an unfinished wood oval, painted it, glued half of a popsicle stick to the back, glued that to the bottom of the pot and filled it with moss.  Super simple way to label food and drinks. 

Because you know people do not have any clue what a finger sandwich is. 

For the favor I made {well really my mom made for me} pretzels covered in chocolate.  I love sweet and salty together.   She was a little slow when it came to adding sprinkles but don't worry Mom, I won't hold it against you. 

  THE CAKE.  I sent Natalie's mom a picture of a cake that I liked and she had a friend of hers make it.  Her friend is in the process of building her business and of course now I can't remember the name of her company but I can tell you her cakes are amazing and so well priced.   The cake was carrot cake and cream cheese frosting.  Soooo good!

Natalie enjoying her guests

I wanted to do something similar to a blessing ring for Scarlett and when Moment and I were brainstorming ideas for the shower we came up with the idea to ask everyone to write a letter to Scarlett and send the letter  to Moment. Then she will create a scrap book {her specialty and gift} and send it to Natalie.  Here she is showing some of our guests the scrap book.  I will have to get a picture of it when it is completed.

Natalie getting ready to cut the cake.  Isn't she gorgeous and her bump is the cutest.  She is doing some pregnancy modeling.  If she wasn't one of my closest friends I would probably hate her for looking this good. 


The story behind this little dress is so cute.  Natalie's step father Tim, grew up in a house full of boys and has two sons himself.  He is thrilled Natalie is having a little girl.  He bought this smocked dress for Scarlett and the picture doesn't do it justice.  The smocking is beautiful and look at that little collar.

Tim also insisted he buy Scarlett  her fist pair of Mary Jane's.  She will be so glad he did.  The patent leather is so cute.

Feathers and animal print.  Two of my favorite things.   This hat is so tiny and so cute.   It would be perfect for Scarlett's newborn photos.

I love this photo of Natalie. I think she  is the epitome of proud mommy to be.  She looks so happy.  And that onesie.  If that is not all girl, I don't know what is.  Pink, bows and RUFFLES! 

 I am so glad I was able to do this for Natalie. 

Natalie is one of the greatest things I got out of a previous relationship.  Her ex boyfriend was one of his friends.  We of course kicked the boys to the curb and our friendship grew.  I have a small circle of girlfriends and I am so blessed that Natalie is part of it.  She shares my love of DIY projects and we are always laughing.   I was visiting her in August when she informed me she may be pregnant.  My heart almost exploded.  A few weeks went by and she confirmed there was in fact a bun in the oven.  I traveled back to Boston in February to help her with her nursery {pics to come} and loved having the time alone to chat about all things baby.  With Natalie's brains and huge heart and Pete's ability to figure anything out on Google via his iPhone they are destined to be marvelous parents.   My family along with their families and I am sure all of their friends, cannot wait for Scarlett's arrival in May.  Adam and I specifically look forward to family vacations with the Warren's and having another couple to share hilarious parenting stories with.  

Congrats to Pete and Natalie and Cheers to the arrival of Scarlett Houston and the immense joy and love she is going to bring in to your home and in to so many hearts.  

Thank You Moment for co hosting with me & Robin for all of your help with the food.  Thank You Pam for making the diaper cake and Christy for the amazing broccoli salad.  Thank You Mom, for all of your help as usual.  I don't know what I would have done without you helping me run last minute errands and setting up the day of.  You are the best!!  And of course for letting me use your house. 


Amanda said...

All of your hard work def paid off - looks like the shower was amazing, you are just the best host :)

Diane Warren said...

What a beautiful, beautiful shower! It is obvious that a lot of love went into it. We have a big act to follow!