Thursday, March 10, 2011

Questions for me?

Recently I have seen a lot of people doing this little question and answer posts and they seem like so much fun. I am basically an open book on here so you probably don't have anything to ask me at all BUT if there is something you want to know that you haven't read here (or have and want more info on) email me at and I will post the answers.  Feel free to ask me anything. I will give you honest answers.  Just be nice. Please.

In other news...I am loving my new job!  I work side by side with another receptionist and she is the sweetest!  I even convinced her to start her own blog!  I am feeling really, really blessed to have found something that I am enjoying so much.  It is definitely helping with the sting of leaving Aidan.  I just teared up writing that.  I miss my little man but he is more than benefiting from this change. Today he is spending the day with mom and could care less about where I am.

It has been raining here for two days.  It's funny how much I loved rainy days when I was staying home. It was an excuse to watch movies and cuddle all day.  Now I just want some sunshine!  We want to be able to plant some stuff around the yard and I feel like I will be out of time if I wait too much longer! 

Thanks to those of you who wrote something on my post about Boundaries.  It's nice to know we are not the only ones in this situation.  I do wish Adam could be a little more confrontational because when he isn't I think I am the one automatically blamed.  But once in a while you have to be the one to take one for the team and where I am not the strong one in other situations, Adam makes up for it.  So there you have it, we aren't such a bad team!

I am attempting to watch American Idol for the first time EVER! Julie our Wednesday night dinner date loves it so we are trying to watch with her.  I have to tell you, Scotty is my favorite and yes it's because he is from NC! It helps that I love country music.

I hope you are having a great Thursday!!!  It's almost the weekend!

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