Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have been getting a lot of questions about my camera so I thought I would give her her own post.  This is my baby:

I THINK {but I am not positive} that Nikon came out with a new model this year and now you can get this for around $800.  

One of my favorite features is the screen on the back.  When I did all my research I didn't really think I would even appreciate this feature but with Aidan being all over the place, I find myself standing on chairs, laying in the grass, peeking around corners and using this feature often. 

This is my camera bag:
It's small.  It does the trick for now but I need to spend some time looking for a bigger one.

Nikon Starter Digital SLR Camera Case - Gadget Bag for D7000, D5000, D3100, D3000, D60, & D40
I have the standard lens that came on the camera.  It is an 18-55mm and then I have a basic zoom lens that is a 55-200mm zoom lens. Nothing fancy but I love it!  

I do use the zoom lens when I take most of my "portrait"  style photos of Aidan. 

I  have had no formal training on how to use my camera. Thank God for the Internet and You Tube videos.  There have also been instances where I have made Aidan sit still and gone through every setting on my camera until I get the look I am going for and then I take a mental note for the next time.  I don't pretend to really know anything about this camera. It does a million things I have yet to learn.  I am hoping to get in to a camera class sometime this summer.  Maybe by the time by birthday rolls around in August I will be more educated about lens options and can ask for a new one.

 As far as photo editing goes... I use Lightroom for some stuff, Picnik for fun stuff and that's it really.  You can click the Lightroom link and try it out for free for 30 days.  I had no clue how to use that so once again I just googled my questions and figured it out.   I don't have a lot of editing to do typically so I don't have any tips for you.  Sorry. 

For those of you that were curious about my camera strap from the post I did on my outfits a few weeks back, I got it from the Etsy seller August Blossoms.  I love it!  Pictured here:

The only thing I am thinking about doing is adding a piece of Velcro to the lens cover pocket because I am always worried I will loose my lens cover.  I get so many compliments on it.
See how cute they are! I may have to have a back up strap in the form of the middle one here very soon.  $29 bucks. 
Camera Strap- Black and White Damask and Dot, Reversible, Built in Lens Cap Pocket
Camera Strap, Ivory and Bubblegum Poppies, Reversible, Built in Lens Cap Pocket
Camera Strap, Wildwood- Fuschia, Green and Aqua, Reversible, Built in Lens Cap Holder

 I remember someone asking about the battery life and my answer to that is the battery life is great. I take a ton of pictures and only charge it maybe once every two weeks.  And I am one of those annoying people that scans through and looks at every picture after taking them which tends to drain the battery.

I hope that sums it up for everyone.  It's been a great started DSLR. 

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