Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back Yard Progress

It's  SPRING!!!

A couple weeks back I blogged about wanting to do a little something in our backyard.  Aidan loves to be outside and I wanted to have a space where Adam and I could relax while he ran wild just feet away in the comfort of our own backyard.  We also LOVE to cook out and have friends over when the weather is nice. Two years ago Adam installed a stone patio and we bought some furniture but I wasn't in love with it.  So this year I was determined to add to it and spend minimal amounts of money.  We have made some progress:

We purchased the IKEA "gazebo".  We LOVE it. 
Adam worked a few days last week planting flowers in the planters along the wall and in the yard. They make the space.  When we moved in I bought Adam our stainless grill as a house warming gift and last year he installed the smoker/charcoal grill. 

We acquired this Pottery Barn outdoor sofa with cushion in almost perfect condition.  The galvanized tub we used as a swimming pool for Aidan was he was a baby and now we are going to use it as a coffee table.   Adam made the base with those legs and we ordered a piece of glass.
This is not the rug I thought I wanted but when I saw it in real life, I loved it. I need new
outdoor pillows but I haven't found anything I love. Maybe I will just make them?  I could splurge and buy some of these, these and these.  Can't forget these.  What's a week with no food when you have great outdoor accessories?

We spent the majority of the weekend out here.  Lounging around on the sofa and the boys played baseball while I caught up on some sleep.  Napping outside in this weather has been the best.  Friday my brother Bobby and Julie came over for dinner and we really enjoyed ourselves.   We can't wait for more of those nights.

I still have some serious work to do out there but it's coming along.   Look for tons of future posts about nights in the backyard!

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