Monday, March 28, 2011

Aidan Get's Baptized-{Forreal this time}

I guess there was a little glitch with my Blogger yesterday. I had originally posted this Monday but the pictures did not post so I pulled it.  Here is it. Hope it works now.

This past weekend we FINALLY {better late than never} had Aidan baptized in our church.  Typically Catholics are baptized as infants but we drug our feet on this for way too long. It was a really rainy Saturday so we kept it short and sweet.  The Baptism itself was laid back and we all had lunch at a restaurant around the corner after wards.  

We had pumped Aidan up for the big day all week so when we got to church he was so well behaved and not nervous at all when it was his turn.  Deacon Mark performed the Baptism and he was great.  I got super emotional when they welcomed Aidan as the newest member of the church. 

Adam and I chose Aidan's Godparents early on.   We wanted to choose two people we knew would truly care for Aidan like he was their own if anything were to ever happen to us.  We knew we wanted one of them to be a family member so we chose my brother Bobby and we chose my best friend Candace because when Aidan was born, Candace immediately loved him like her own and she is my oldest and dear friend.  She knows everything there is to ever know about me.   I know that they would both take marvelous care of Aidan and will do their best to guide him in his spiritual upbringing.  Aidan is already crazy about his Auntie Kansas and Uncle Bobby Geeko so the fact that they are now his Godparents just sweetens the deal.  Thank You both so much for doing this for us!

Aidan patiently waiting.

Deacon Mark did such a great job. 

Here we go!

Daddy was in charge of his towel.

Looking out at Grandpa {my dad} to make sure he was paying attention. 


His white garment and I'm crying.

Candace looks so happy and pretty here.

Lighting of the Baptismal candle.

Family photo. Take 25.

Handsome Little Catholic Boy {with squinty eyes}.

Thank you so much Julie for taking these photos!  I would have no memory of this day if it weren't for you! And of course to my family for coming and supporting the little man on his big day! xoxo

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Unknown said...

what a great day! glad i could be there to share it with you guys!!!! the pics turned out great!!!