Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Got a Job

A real, full time job.  It's nothing crazy.  A receptionist position for a great family owned company.  The job became available,  Adam and I discussed it,  I interviewed, got the job and started on the 3rd.

It all happened really fast.  I never thought they would offer me the job and need me to start immediately.  Like as in the NEXT DAY.  That's a big change after being a stay at home mom for almost four years.  We have been rushing around trying to find childcare for Aidan on the days Adam has to be at work without shaking up his little life too much.   I don't want to pull him out of his preschool program and put him in full time day care so we are going through a transition period around here.

I didn't realize how sad I would immediately be about my time with Aidan being over with. I didn't really even have time to process it before I started work.  As much as I will miss our time together, I still have my evenings and every minute of the weekends.  He's going to get to spend more time with people that love him the most and I am sure he will be spoiled beyond belief.  This is a step I needed to take to help us get closer to growing our family this year.  We were in desperate need of medical benefits and this is going to solve that problem.  The extra income doesn't hurt either.

We are looking forward to the future and everything this job is going to help our family accomplish.  Say a little prayer for us.  We are so glad you all are along for the ride! xoxo

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Joanna said...

Congratulations April! That is such wonderful news! It will work out so well and the medical benefits is HUGE! I am so excited for you!