Monday, March 28, 2011

Someone Pinch Me

One night last week I was preparing dinner {who are we kidding, I don't cook} just randomly standing at the kitchen window and Aidan was riding his bike in the driveway.  I watched him ride up and down, up and down {all while wearing his safety goggles and no shoes but that's another story} and I literally looked around and thought to myself  "Is this for real?".  I am a Mommy standing in the kitchen of  my home that I share with my family watching my amazingly cute son ride his bike in my driveway.  Five feet past him is my sweet, handsome husband watering flowers with a smile on his face.  Seriously, all of my dreams have come true.  I am so so so so so BLESSED.

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Jenny H said...

Girl where is the post about Aiden's baptism? I can't find it. I wanted to see the sweet pics and read about it. Hope your doing well! Love the back yard! I'm comin' over when this crazy weather warms back up ;)