Monday, March 7, 2011

Design DayDreams-Aidan's Bedroom

I feel like so many rooms in our house I had a vision for and either it didn't turn out quite like I would have liked or I just have yet to finish it.  When I set out to do Aidan's big boy room I wanted it to be youthful, bright and cozy. I wanted it to also be a room that would grow with him.  

I painted his dresser.  Bought him some new bedding, drapes, a new lamp and nighstand.  We painted his name and hung it.  I had intended to make some pillow covers, add a chair for us to read in, buy him a new rug and paint an accent wall.  Other projects came up or the money wasn't available.  Finally, I am getting my motivation back to get his room DONE!

Remember the post about my Nana's wing back chair? Well it's here {at our house} in all it's Waverly floral fabric glory and I am watchin You Tube Videos and reading blogs on how to slipcover it. I may chicken out and use a guy a friend recommended to just reupholster it.  I decided on an white twill fabric that way I can use it anywhere in the future. For now, it's new home is in Aidan's reading corner in his room.  Ottoman included. Hopefully it will end up looking similar to this...{I have no clue where this image came from}
For those of you that have never seen it, this is his dresser that I painted.

I want to add some new knobs for some pop.  I love both of these from Anthro.

This is his nightstand.

It is getting three new knobs as well.  Also found here.

His room is not set up like this anymore but I wanted you to see his bed.  The wingback chair is caddy corner where his bed is in this picture.  The brown drapes will stay.  For now.

We are going to paint his ceiling orange, add some chunky crown moulding and add a ceiling medallion with a new chandelier in the middle.  I use the word chandelier lightly because I think people automatically think of a girlier room. 

I am thinking I will buy this Ikea chandelier and either spray paint it matte red or white. 

and put these light bulbs in it.
I want to find two white Euro shams {these are Ikea} and have them monogrammed in kelly green or a blue.
He needs a new rug.  We have this seagrass one in our dining room and love it.  The price is right and it hides everything.  I want a rug big enough to cover most of his floor.

I love this as well but it might be a little much with all the other patterns going on.  Plus all the reviews on line say it's so hard to vacuum and y'all know I love to vacuum.

These are the fabrics I want to use to make a bolster for his bed and a throw pillow for the wingback chair. 
Ideally I would like to make this fabric the center of the pillow {think big square}...

and edge it in this.  But we will have to test the sewing skills to get that done.
I will most likely use this fabric for the bolster and add a little red pom pom trim.  Or not. We'll see.

I love this hook for his closet door. 

My Dad's nickname of Aidan is Hap. Which is short for Happy.  Instead of his name on his wall in his room {since his pillow will be mono} I thought it would be cute to use these zinc letters to spell out Happy above a gallery wall above his bed.

Also going on the gallery wall would be the two large photos of him currently in there {you can see one in the pic of his room above} a few black frames with pictures of him, smaller colored frames with some cute quotes in them and if I am really lucky...
8x10 abstract
If I had to I could split it up into two gallery walls across from eachother.

Lastly, even though we have those shelves on the wall in his room I am thinking they may need to be moved and repurposed and we could buy one of the Lack shelves from {you'll never guess} IKEA!  Aidan has so many books we need some more storage. 

I know it seems like there is so much going on but in my head it looks amazing!! And as so many of you know things can change as I am moving along with this project.  I will update when I have made some progress!

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