Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pray for Baby Cohen

If you aren't already, I really, really need y'all to start praying for sweet Cohen! He was born on Aidan's birthday and has had several surgeries to try and fix some issues with his heart.  His kidney's are having some trouble keeping up and therefore he is retaining a lot of fluid.  He really could use some prayers for his kidney's to start working! His mom Megan is posting about him here and he has his very own website here.    You can grab a button for you blog on his website and I am sure his parents would love some encouraging emails. 

So many of us take for granted how lucky we are to have healthy babies born to us.  I cannot imagine what Megan and her husband Brent are going through.  Megan has only held Cohen once.  That brings tears to my eyes thinking about it.  Let's please all try our best to surround them with some love and prayer so that she can get to hold him as much and as often as she wants when they get through this!   Thanks y'all!

A Sweet Slideshow of Cohen

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