Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Is it seriously Tuesday already?

Our weekend was a whirlwind of great times and I can't believe Monday has already come and gone!!!  I can tell this week is going to just fly by!

I wanted to apologize to Megan and Amanda about your comments on Aidan's bday post.   There was something wrong with my comments all day and when they showed up, it showed both your comments like ten times. I thought I was doing a nice thing and deleted a few of them and they all disappeared! I don't even want to pretend like I know how to get them back.  BUT thank you for the sweet words. I know they were there even if no one else does! Haha.

We are leaving for Massachusetts on Thursday and I have so much to do! You don't even know how much goes in to traveling with a toddler.  Did I mention we are driving 12 hours instead of flying.  Insert anxiety attack.  I better start my list of things to pack.  Hope everyone is enjoying their week! xoxo

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